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Some of you would know from an older piece that my Federal MP is everyone’s favourite “leftie masher” (a popular nickname after he spent a weekend arguing with a meme page on Facebook), Andrew Laming (LNP). 869 mots de plus


A Trade Deal with China will require a more comprehensive approach, based on a fundamental shift in mindset say, Andrew Sheng and Xiao

February 23, 2019

A Trade Deal with China will require a more comprehensive approach, based on a fundamental shift in mindset, say Andrew Sheng and Xiao… 879 mots de plus

Foreign Policy

On to Caracas and Tehran! by Patrick J. Buchanan

In Washington, nothing succeeds quite like failure, which is why the Trump administration is pressing for regime change in Venezuela and Iran, the same policy that has led to a string of US failures around the globe stretching back to the 1950s. 855 mots de plus


Chinese Stocks Reach Technical Resistance Zone; Chinese Foreign Minister Says Australian Coal Not Banned; GBP Best Currency Performance This Week

It’s Saturday afternoon in East Asia and time for a few updates on some market-moving developments that came out yesterday. US equities were up from trade war negotiations since its pretty much a foregone conclusion that Trump will extend the tariff deadline beyond March 1st. 689 mots de plus


The War on Venezuela is Built on Lies

by John Pilger Consortium News Feb 22, 2019

Travelling with Hugo Chavez, I soon understood the threat of Venezuela.  At a farming co-operative in Lara state, people waited patiently and with good humor in the heat. 2 075 mots de plus


From the Comments: who is the conservative or libertarian equivalent of Nancy MacLean?

Rick posed a great question about Nancy MacLean awhile back. I haven’t been neglecting it. I’ve been thinking about it. Here it is:

Question for those more abreast than me: do conservatives or libertarians have an equivalent of Nancy MacLean?

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The Arms Trade Is Intensifying Under Trump, by Peter Castagno

The State Department’s updated Conventional Arms Transfer (CAT) Policy Implementation Plan was released in November 2018 and detailed loosened restrictions on the sale of drones and other weapons, new financing options for countries who can’t afford U.S. 1 634 mots de plus