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Formation en Français de communication

Notre centre de formation ERASME organise une session en Français de communication le 21 mai  pour l’intérêt  des étudiants qui ont un moyen ou un bon niveau en Français mais ils affrontent des  difficultés d’expression . 100 mots de plus

Can Aubameyang and Lacazette fit into the same side?

Arsene Wenger, toward the end of his tenure, mentioned on more than a few occasions that Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang likes to play on the left – and how it opens up possibilities of playing two up front with Alexandre Lacazette. 682 mots de plus


Schools (Nearly) Out . . . for the Summer

With the end of a school year rapidly approaching, I want to pause and reflect on what has transpired over the last nine months. Students across the country have been sitting in lectures, participating in action learning, writing papers, and taking exams. 521 mots de plus


A moment of clarity.

My academic roots are in communication. I’ve spent years trying to clarify and illustrate and explain and mediate. At my best, I’m only partially successful. Of course, most of us aren’t much better. 285 mots de plus


Look to the Rock from which You were Hewn: There is no Artist like our God!

“Rabbi Simlai expounded: What does an embryo resemble when it is in the belly of its mother? Folded writing tablets. Its hands rest on its two temples, its two elbows on its two legs and its two heels against its buttocks. 1 742 mots de plus


Their numbers are growing though not so remarkable the past several years now. The Jesuits in Timor Leste received two new scholastics among their ranks as Jesuits as they pronounced their first and perpetual vows on the 27th of April, 2018. 232 mots de plus