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Shaped and Worn

My head is spinning today with a million different things.

I received news of a dear friend’s passing as I walked into my office this morning. 485 mots de plus


Poetry, like parable,
  is a powerful strain
   of subversive resistance.

        In parable, most often,
      by the powers
    of familiarity and comfort,
  we are lulled into sidling up
to prophetic truth
  with no more hesitation
    or anxiety than a carefree child
      lounging in the autumn grass
        with a magnifying glass
      or a beloved, snoozing family pet. 91 mots de plus

Learning the Clay

« That wheel is too slow. It makes you work too hard – you use all your strength to control the clay. »

I sit up out of my hunched position, and look at the mound of wet clay on the center of the pottery wheel. 1 368 mots de plus




Right about now

in music classrooms in high schools up and down the land

four piece bands are being formed and

fret boards are taking a hammering… 46 mots de plus


The First Milestone done!

Go, and your light shine!!

The   Missionary Formation Centre(MFC), came to a closure more than a week ago, since it launch in Kenya early this year. 613 mots de plus

Missionary Life

You Are Enough

The most powerful message I’ve heard this year was « you are enough »! It was said in the context of leadership in Catholic Education by Dr Jill Gowdie at a course about prophetic leadership for the 21st Century. 344 mots de plus