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Tax paradise

Is there a country where taxes aren’t an issue? Just as in many other countries, if you want to get the Dutch interested (and angry) about politics, propose a tax raise. 768 mots de plus

Why Do I Wear a Cross?

I bought the cross I wear on a retreat to Holy Cross Monastery in April, 2014. It was a spontaneous decision made while browsing through their bookstore. 1 249 mots de plus


How To Form Habits And Make Them Stick in 4 Easy Steps

We all know habits are hard to form, so here’s a 4-step guide on how to form those habits that will help you reach where you want to be. 517 mots de plus



Part of my bible college degree is « Spiritual Formation ». It’s 3 year long subjects that cover a variety of topics, mostly centered around finding wholeness. 557 mots de plus


The Mission of Scouting - Handout

The Mission of Scouting – Handout


For the first time, the World Scout Conference, meeting in Durban in July 1999, adopted a mission… 1 220 mots de plus



    It is never really
    if the pain, loss, hurt,
    or grief come,
    but when.

  It is not just
  "What will you do?"
  or "Where will you turn?"
  but also, most significantly,
  "Who will you be?";

not just… 47 mots de plus