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What a Non-Denominational Christian Has to Say About Fortune in the Modern World

I mean, it’s Sunday, so why not?

So this one isn’t going to have much of an intro, which I apologize for, but that’s because the title kind of explains all that needs to be said — and also because I finally don’t have any background story to explain that has sparked my want to write about this topic, either. 1 906 mots de plus


So, It Begins

Abundance is in the house and guess what, I’d invited her to stay for breakfast, lunch, and dinner! C’mon, details of her visit will be posted tomorrow, be patient.  189 mots de plus


Ethan Chronos

“ Open the Gate.  Turn the Wheel.  Change Time.”

Quiet and observant, Ethan is responsible for the Gate – a wormhole-like passage that allows the Hunters instant access to the surface and the Desolace beyond.  21 mots de plus


Reading 26


Row 1 – Man, Sun and Bird.

I’m experiencing fears and alarms with a man, however the Sun, which heralds optimistic outcomes, ends the long night. 244 mots de plus


Fortune Cookie Friday - 26 june 2015

« You will be fortunate in everything you put your hands to. »

Each step made the ground creak, as if the entire world were a dry-rotted ship.  992 mots de plus