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London today

Not my usual type of blogpost today, but as I am currently living in London, I couldn’t not address the terrible event that has happened today. 141 mots de plus

Opportunity of a Lifetime 2017 Tour

I’m relatively new to Plexus so while I have been faithful about sharing the impact the products can have on your life, I am learning new ways to share with you how the opportunity can be a blessing also. 230 mots de plus


If you don’t who will?


A Little Luck

Most of us have, at one time or another, collected 4-leaf clovers, put a lucky troll on our keychain, or followed some superstitious ritual that seemed to bring us good fortune. 295 mots de plus

Wisdom Crafts

Boethius on Happiness Part II: Happiness and Love

Boethius presents us with a picture of happiness in which it is entirely a matter of choice and personal responsibility whether one attains it. If we are unhappy, it is a product of our own culpable ignorance—a failure to know ourselves, and thus a failure to take the means necessary to secure our ultimate, highest end. 906 mots de plus


If you think you can you will. If you think you cant you right.


Worldly success not a guarantee for happiness

By all accounts he was a successful, popular, and notable plastic surgeon and the head of the plastic surgery department at his hospital in Bengaluru, India, but for some reason Dr.  607 mots de plus