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Discussion Group: Hot Girls Wanted

For our latest group meeting we watched and discussed Hot Girls Wanted – a look at young females in the porn industry.

Some of us felt sorry for the girls. 266 mots de plus


arrival: XXXVI

Melt the ore and forge the steel, construct the tracks that cross the plain toward western lands. With dreams of fortune and the journey long, a promise availed in railways ribbon to explore a world otherwise reserved for the native skin found where buffalo roam upon their dream.

Fortune Cookie 97

Maybe it’s time for a little delegation…


Fortune Hijacked By Miss

Parts of the city will wait longer to get a fortune,an anonymous source privy to matters fortune has revealed.

This is after fortune was hijacked by a miss. 16 mots de plus


The Brave & Bold; The Timid & Cowardly

The brave and bold persist even against fortune; the timid and cowardly rush to despair through fear alone.


Commonplace Book

Official Dating

June, don’t you tempt me. Tuck those strands of hairs that the breeze is playing with in place.
You jealous. I won’t.
I’ll have to kiss you, then. 606 mots de plus


So, about the Chinese stock market...

Does the statistical noise from Chinese financial reporting allow for ANY fundamental analysis?

Fortune published a neat article, citing Warren Buffet’s favourite metric, total market cap to GDP ratio, as an indication that the Chinese stock market may not be overvalued. 227 mots de plus