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Row 1 – House, Anchor and Bird.

Stay in the House that you are living and stand your ground in relation to any fears and alarms. 217 mots de plus


SLEEPY SAM ( 2015 )

When I was small I had this toy

Of cotton cloth, it was a boy

And when I went to bed at night

I’d hug my Sammy oh so tight. 138 mots de plus


damon & naomi at the emp

I visited the Experience Music Project today to hear Damon & Naomi. They played for a tiny crowd of about 30 people plus passersby who stopped by to listen and then move on. 203 mots de plus


Pope Francis: The Best

Early this semester, I was asked who 3 people that I find most inspiring to me are and why. This is something that, believe it or not, I don’t really think about or keep tallies on so I had to do some thinking. 248 mots de plus


Our Uphill Chace

If you knew that he was a poet, you probably forgot. « BF » died on this date in 1790. Here is one by which you may remember him. 73 mots de plus