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« In the long run, we find what we expect. We shall be fortunate then, if we expect great things. » — Henry David Thoreau

On Writing

Dazzle Of Silver

The weak, slanting sunlight
of midday does not carry enough heat
for us to shrug off overcoats
nor to put a blush on this pale season. 79 mots de plus


Out Of Tune Hands

Dazed for the past 7 years
Waking up from this nightmare
Drowning in debt
Alone in a apartment
Confused as to how it all happened… 153 mots de plus



I probably live in
the incisions of my palms.
my actions predetermined,
my thoughts preconceived,
in the dust of the dead star
that I am made out of. 41 mots de plus


Exclusive: The TRUTH behind his fortune

(Source: www.breakynews.net)

Ever wondered how internet celebrity with over 10 Million Facebook fans – Dan Bilzerian supports his lifestyle? Supercars, different supermodels each day and private jet trips without the “regular” 24/7 hustle of millionaires. 753 mots de plus

Money Matters

What Do You Really Want in Life?

When we finally get the things we want in life, we will suddenly realize that we really didn’t needed these things. You may have everything you wanted in life but you will still feel emptiness inside. 304 mots de plus


So I'm not the only attorney turned network marketer, huh?

Why in the world would an #RN and an #attorney in their 50’s quit their « real » jobs to join a network marketing company? Shouldn’t they be smart enough not to get involved in a pyramid scheme?! 718 mots de plus