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Elegant Surroundings

« Elegant surroundings will soon be yours, » the fortuneteller said.

« What’s that mean? » James asked. « I don’t get it. »

« It is not for me to explain your fortune, merely to relay it to you. 249 mots de plus

Short Story

Do or do not.

I got this fortune in my fortune cookie just the other day and it is too good not to share.

Sometimes fortune cookies really do give good advice.

Especially when they channel Yoda.

Star Wars

more urban teaching things that you're probably tired of reading about

I’m feeling more confident about my urban teaching than ever! Last night I attended a lecture series with three admins from the Columbus Public School System who spoke about what they look for when they hire and what it’s like to teach in an urban area like Columbus. 213 mots de plus


Prime minister Narendra Modi's 'Pimpdaddy' suit makes a fortune

The Indian Prime minister’s two piece suit that he wore for his Summit meeting with the US President Barack Obama was sold for 690,000 dollars after an intense 3 day auction to a Diamond trader. 7 mots de plus


a million wonderful things #2

After walking in the freezing cold for just half an hour, I could barely feel my face. I did not expect the wind as it blew on me like a blade trying to cut through every layer I got, and perhaps just straight up cut my nose and ears off if I stayed out long enough. 26 mots de plus


Look at how quickly the values of multi-billion-dollar startups have multiplied | The Verge

Once upon a time in Silicon Valley, a billion dollars was a big deal. These days, companies can catch multi-billion-dollar valuations on the fly. Take, for instance, the big numbers bandied about this week.

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Business News

Wood Block Print - Fu Shou Xi

W370 X H650mm, China

The recent generations of the Chinese are familiar with the Gods – Fu Lu Shou, the trio that stood in the prime location of the living room almost like an alter piece.   127 mots de plus