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Microblog Monday: Fortune

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While playing at the park yesterday with Evelyn & Henry, I looked down and found this on the ground: 25 mots de plus

Single Mom

Reading 21

Row 1 – Clover, Heart and Garden.

My love is true (Clover/Heart) OR individually, luck and love in a positive social setting.

Row 2 – Stork, Dog and Ship. 187 mots de plus


Do You Buy Your Friends?

On Instagram, you can buy followers. But why would you? Who are these people??? It’s like being in a mirror maze fun house, taking selfies with zombies. 143 mots de plus


Thought of the Day: Your Heart

How far would we go for success and fortune? What are we willing to gain and what are we willing give up? Sometimes the idea of success and fortune begins to consume us, and not always in a good way. 97 mots de plus


Quote of the day, May 22

Virgil, from The Aeneid

« Audaces fortuna iuvat. » (« Fortune favours the bold. »)


This Day In Album History 05/21/1976 - Blue Öyster Cult "Agents Of Fortune"

Today in 1976, Blue Öyster Cult released their fourth studio album « Agents Of Fortune » which featured the single « Don’t Fear The Reaper ». 16 mots de plus