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Multi personalities

Don’t change who you are to satisfy other people.

Just be as you are, so people will like you.

So Don’t make of yourself multiple copies, as per psychological diagnoses could reflect that you suffer from a certain disease which it is mutli-personalties. 9 mots de plus

Life on a Pedestal

I don’t mind praise, I really don’t. Just like many, I get a certain amount of affirmation when people tell me I’m doing a good job or that I’m pretty neat. 1 112 mots de plus



Do to others what you love doing to yourself. Because they will love that and love you too.

If you hate a thing, then acknowledge to yourself for not doing it to others, because they will hate it too. 19 mots de plus

Fame And Fortune 

Sound advice from Navitas

« Everyone will be famous for 15 minutes », so said Andy Warhol, and Carppuzzle wonders how many anglers have thought their fame would lead to fortune.  303 mots de plus

Thinking Out Loud

Boots made for walking

Accusations, three arrests, a week of silence, a denial and attempts to distance itself from accusations. That was the state of affairs regarding Ivanka Trump’s shoes, boots, fashion Brand – a couple of weeks ago. 558 mots de plus


Its back 

Don’t say and complain that life is always giving you its back, but be sure you may sit in the wrong place.

So turn around and get back to your direction, it must be there something wrong, go and check it out deeply until you find it. 11 mots de plus