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Yahoo, Verizon and AT&T New Favourites to Stream Thursday Night Football

A few weeks ago, we posted a story about negotiations that the NFL was having with Apple and Google to be digital stream partners for the league’s Thursday Night Football package. 251 mots de plus


To Judge of Great and Lofty Things

« Each man is as well or as badly off as he thinks he is. Not the man of whom it is thought, but the one who thinks it of himself, is happy. 179 mots de plus


Women who played sports are more successful

Here is a great article from Fortune written by Beth Brooke-Marciniak about the correlation between girls and women who played sports and success in later life. 11 mots de plus

Sports World

God's providence urges sinners to repentance

He shakes off their lethargy, and urges them to repentance.

9. Meditation continued.
10. The right use of inferior causes explained.
11. When the godly become negligent or imprudent in the discharge of duty, Providence reminds them of their fault. 684 mots de plus

John Calvin

Fortune Cookie

for thirty three years
she had folded cookies,
slipping slivers of fortune
into their sweet pockets,
now she sighed,
folded her apron for the last time, 234 mots de plus


Words and Dream Stealers

The mastermind continues to discuss the Money Making Secrets audio training and focuses on the subject of « dream stealers » and the « words you speak”.   110 mots de plus

The Law Of Success

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year or as the Vietnamese say, “Chuc Mung Nam Moi!” It’s 2016, the year of the monkey. After the Super Bowl last night, my parents went to a Budhist temple at midnight to celebrate the New Year and to pray for good fortune for our family. 113 mots de plus

Chuc Mung Nam Moi