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Chapter 4

I was hoping for a nice snowman picture, but someone went through and smashed them all.  Oh well. 1 294 mots de plus

Baby Boomer Challenge

Bookoutlet Haul #4

As the title suggest, I will be discussing the books I bought during my fourth Bookoutlet haul. In total, I bought ten books for $35.90. This was only possible due to a five dollar off deal, so all in all, it was a sweet deal. 676 mots de plus


Times Four

Well, so, let’s see.  Where to begin?  I’ve delivered cookies as a “child slave”; washed and scrubbed toilets and plates and bread bowl forms; cared for and sweated over the condition of books I will likely be the last person to touch; and become an indentured translator for a Russian bank.   861 mots de plus


Talking from experience yoga is a really fun activity with your friends. It is so relaxing, and at some points really challenging. I think part of my workout was laughing so hard. 152 mots de plus


Movie Marathon

One thing that most everyone enjoys is movies. Who doesn’t want to sit around all day with their best friends and do nothing. It is pretty simple to find movies that are a series. 127 mots de plus



You can go stargazing no matter what city you are in. It might be harder in New York than it is in Montana, but you can still try. 186 mots de plus