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Man Utd, LVG & Jose Mourinho.

Since SAF has left United, they’ve never been the same even though they had a very poor squad in that season & won the league. Man United in my opinion are one of if not the biggest club in the world in terms of fan base due to their huge popularity in Asia and other continents, even people who don’t like football know who they are and they should be playing Champions League football every year and competing for the Premier League. 364 mots de plus


The Four Fact Survey TAG

I wasn’t actually tagged in this, but I’m doing this anyway, as usual. I saw this tag on hideawaygirl’s blog so check hers out too. 463 mots de plus


Poor Jacob 

My buddy has been under the weather. Look at this sweet face. 😇

Daily Baby

Four Facts Survey


I found this tag floating around the blogosphere. Well, technically here, but yay!

The Rules:

– Answer the questions

– Nominate 4 people to answer the same questions 240 mots de plus


Four by Four

Just starting a 4×4 run. It’s 4 minutes of walking then 4 minutes of running, repeated 4 times. I guess you could call it a 4x4x4.