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Full Circle

Adric – teen genius?
Spends all day handling melons,
yet makes no rude jokes…

Doctor Who

Connect Four

You know what sucks?

That kid game where you have to drop those disc-shaped things into a grid and get four of them in a row. 469 mots de plus


Gold Silver Ratio - Currently at 74.63 - Silver Price at Four Year Low - Is a 729% ROI Possible?

Welcome – My goal is to discuss topics such as the Zimbabwe Dollar, Iraqi Dinar, Vietnamese …
Why I prefer buying silver right now based on the GSR. 20 mots de plus

Memorial Day with the Loves!

Two of my favorite people in the world!

One special birthday!

Some cousins swinging in the front forty.

A talented son makes a graphic gift for a 4-year-old. 35 mots de plus

Four Kids, Two Parents, One RV

This is a road.  It’s composed of pavement and asphalt, and it may as well be composed of my tears because it’s what I’m going to be driving around on for the next three weeks. 239 mots de plus


#TeenCon2015 Recap

Many of the BTC team headed along to TeenCon2015 on Sunday to cheer on Amanda (aka @HarperCollinsYA) as she presented upcoming titles and battled it out ‘Book Boyfriend style’ with all the other Aussie YA publishers . 555 mots de plus