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Dear Adam, on your 4th birthday

28 November 2016 – 4 years old

Favourite colour: Red

Favourite food: Chicken nuggets, mash, broccoli and soup

Favourite drink: Chocolate milk, apple juice

Favourite movie: 191 mots de plus

Pregnancy And Parenting

A Good Story

A good story? I don’t have a good good story. I do know a story though one about the love of two broken pieces. They kept trying to find their missing piece, but just ended up more broken. 68 mots de plus

I Should

I should do more.
Two legs – four walls.
I should do more.

What can I do?
Useless hands.
Useless feet.
What can I do? 16 mots de plus


Four: End of the Innocence

As Joe ordered, they remained in their home to try to avoid whatever was infecting people all over the world.  Sam strove to keep the same routine for Joey as happy as possible, but even he was quieter than usual as if he could sense that something was not quite right. 1 016 mots de plus


Fantastic Four (1994)-Ep 005

Fantastic Four (1994)-Ep 005


The adventures of Marvel Comic’s greatest superhero team.