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Monte Carlo

Ah, Monaco.

Synonymous with all things luxurious, this small yet insanely wealthy tax haven of a country often conquers up images of royalty with the modern day fairytale (and tragedy) of American actress turned Princess Grace Kelly, the yearly Grand Prix and its hairpin road in addition to the iconic Monte Carlo casino. 208 mots de plus


French government really doesn't want you comparing its new surveillance bill to the Patriot Act

France insists it’s not working on a French version of the U.S. Patriot Act that would give the government massive additional surveillance powers, The Verge… 378 mots de plus


Greg Pths - A Game of Light

Greg Ponthus is a French photographer who works a lot in his studio in Brussels creating surreal portraits that blend together with other portraits or with landscapes with mystical reality. 9 mots de plus


Tune Of The Day

On Est Là by Matt Pokora

La victoire n’attend plus que toi et moi.