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A Weekend in Paris

Check out a little snapshot of the weekend I spent with my sister in Paris! Don’t forget to click the settings icon to watch in full HD…

Writing & My Life

dancing in the glitter, Paris

I am not sure what they’re really called, or even if they actually have names.    I saw these glittery confetti women dancing on a number of walls in Paris last spring.  27 mots de plus

Street Art

Our new issue is out!

A Diabolical Trade of Fortune Tellers

In 1676, Paris was abuzz with one of its most fashionable trials. The marquise de Brinvilliers, Marie-Madeleine d’Aubrey,had joined forces with a French cavalry captain named Jean-Baptiste Gaudin Sainte-Croix. 38 mots de plus

Geneva, Switzerland and surrounding towns

November was a big month for us in terms of travel, and our last trip of the month didn’t disappoint. Any excuse to travel is good enough for me, and this one was a celebration of Diego’s brother’s birthday, as well as Diego and I’s anniversary. 895 mots de plus


Sunday Teaser

Another Sunday Teaser for you all, this one might be a little harder to usual, so here is a clue for you; A garden within a garden, to the south-east of Paris. 15 mots de plus


Jean-Paul Sartre: The Age of Reason

With its existential themes and mission to examine and expose the nature of personal autonomy, Sartre’s epic Roads to Freedom trilogy was completed in a mighty flurry of activity, with the Age of Reason published in September 1945 shortly after the Nazi occupation of France and World War II ended. 7 726 mots de plus


Carte de séjour (CDS) or titre de séjour

A carte de séjour (CDS) or titre de séjour is the official residency card in France. You must have a long-stay visa (Type D) in order to receive a CDS. 1 323 mots de plus