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Of Nomads, Emperors and cakes instead of bread.

I have never seen so many people reading a book during a flight. In a matter of fact I have never seen so many people reading a book even in a library. 320 mots de plus


Macro | Azuré

LG G4 Rated as the Best Camera Phone for Pictures @ Searchy.One Search

Description From Photographer if Any:

Couple d’azuré

By Rucher



Michel Audebert's Latest Updates 2015

I present my latest series of images published on

my website.

The Forest of Brocéliande

In these images that can be described as landscapes,

I have especially wanted to capture the atmosphere a little mysterious… 57 mots de plus

The Cottages: From the start to now and our future plans..

The three, two and one bedroom cottages/barn conversions:

In total we have Six houses, four of which have been houses in the past and two big barns, which we are transforming into houses, these are for personal use only…. 756 mots de plus


Outdoor Wedding venues in France - Travel Wiki

France offers you a number of options in choosing your wedding venues. Decide your background setting such as the seaside venue, chateaux, mountain settings to make your big day a true fairy tale wedding.



Since my return from France in January, life has sped by so fiercely that now I find myself at the tail-end of August. I left the sluggish (but beautiful) French Alps, I returned to the rat race of the U.S., and I dove in headfirst. 629 mots de plus


Août à Paris

It’s officially been a week since my first night in Paris. It’s crazy how quickly time has flown by and how comfortable I am already beginning to feel in this city. 683 mots de plus