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WATCH: Marion Le Pen Tells CPAC That France is Becoming The ‘Little Niece of Islam’

Marion Maréchal-Le Pen addressed the American Conservative Union’s CPAC conference Thursday afternoon, and discussed the place of France in Europe and the world and the rise of Islam in her home nation. 161 mots de plus

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Public transport in Chartres

Bathed in more than a thousand years of history, Chartres has been built around a hill. While many medieval cities had to shed a part of their appearance in favor of modern buildings, Chartres has retained its wooden houses. 339 mots de plus


Saint-Romain and Roasted Chicken

I love shopping for wine in France, especially finding wines from smaller appellations or villages that aren’t so readily available in the UK. On Tuesday I ventured to Ruffec, in the Charente… 192 mots de plus


Is Tariq Ramadan going to get a fair trial in France?


The French justice system’s handling of the pre-trial conditions case has been dogged by controversy, allegations of denial of justice, and violation of due process… 505 mots de plus


Bienvenue à Paris!

I have been fortunate enough to spend the last few days in Paris. I’d never been before and I had such a wonderful time! Of course, I can’t really go anywhere without taking pictures so here’s a few that I took. 753 mots de plus