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On This Day In History - February 9

France and Venice sign a treaty against Milan in 1499.

In 1554, Sir Thomas Wyatt was defeated in the Battle of London and his rebellion against Queen Mary was crushed. 109 mots de plus

International Travel

Brave Romanian Police Kinda Sorta Stop Some Pickpockets

I was minding my own business this morning, reading through this French report about the police breaking up a ring of pickpockets when I noticed something odd. 341 mots de plus


Book Review: Mishima A Vision of the Void by Marguerite Yourcenar

On November 25, 1970, Yukio Mishima, one of the most acclaimed Japanese writers of all time, was part of a group that stormed a military facility and held a prominent officer hostage. 463 mots de plus



Deutschebank’s exposure to toxic derivatives in the form of credit default swaps is now estimated to be around $60,000,000,000,000… that’s sixty trillion dollars, more than the gross domestic product of the United States, and a few other large economies to boot. 1 153 mots de plus

The International Reporter

Episode 10: Porn Part I, or The Fleshly Joys of Political Erotica

This weeks episode is on pornography and we had a lot to say about it. So, we give you volume 1 of pornography and we’ll be back in two weeks with the thrilling conclusion! 342 mots de plus

Podcast Episode

Resuming Hostilities with the '68ers

‘Resumption of Hostilities – The 68ers’ is the latest offering from a very talented, very entertaining and very enterprising group of French Catholics working under the stage name of Les Brigandes. 114 mots de plus

Chez Moi? Chez Vous? Chez Nous?

Living with a Host Family 101

Le deuxième petit croissant

Depending on what type of program you enroll in and in what city you will study plays a huge factor in your housing situation. 467 mots de plus