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Macron announces crackdown on anti-Semitism in France

Source: BBC News

French President Emmanuel Macron has announced new measures to tackle anti-Semitism, following a spate of attacks.

He told Jewish leaders that France would recognise anti-Zionism – the denial of Israel’s right to exist – as a form of anti-Semitism. 52 mots de plus


'Custody' wins big at French film awards

‘Custody’, a film about domestic violence and a divorced couple’s battle over their son, was the big winner at the « French Oscars » — the Cesars — on Friday, where veteran US actor and director Robert Redford was presented with an honorary award. 11 mots de plus


Cathedral St Etienne , Saint Brieuc

So I am back in my beloved Brittany,and why not keep you in the north of the peninsula! We have visited Saint Brieuc, can be considered an off the beaten path here, but worth the visit for its Cathedral at least me think. 740 mots de plus


French 'Isis bride' recalls Islamic state 'chaos'

Clutching her young son, a Frenchwoman was among those fleeing the last holdout of Islamic State group jihadists. But she told waiting aid workers that her husband, dubbed ‘a death machine’ by French prosecutors, has vanished. 8 mots de plus


Exploring Poetry as a Response to Literature


City of promises
The world makes no sense
If I ask you what a rose is
Will the answer be nonsense?

I have no home anymore… 340 mots de plus

Literature Speaks

Paris Region Tourism Board wants ASEAN travellers

According to tourism board data received by The Jakarta Post on Thursday, 420,000 people from Southeast Asia visited the region in 2017 and generated 358 million euro (US$406 million) in revenues, making ASEAN travelers among the key targets for marketing the destination.

Source : Travelandtourworld.


French forces kill top Al-Qaeda commander in Sahel

French armed forces have killed a top jihadist leader in an air and ground ambush in Mali, the government said on Friday, ending a years-long hunt for a man accused of masterminding the kidnapping of Westerners in the Sahel region. 8 mots de plus