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Have Today's Rehearsals Changed the Betting Odds at Eurovision 2016?

We have had the first set of rehearsals in Stockholm today and social media have been ablaze with comments – including those from our own team.  162 mots de plus


Photo of the Day 123

When in France…

#escargot #paris #creepedmeoutafterarainfallwheniwasachild #garlic #wineandbaguette
Paris, France

May 2, 2016

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France and some plans

Oh I’m trying so hard to convince Elin to go with me to France. After all, we’re celebrating ten years as best friends this year. And I really want to go to France with her 😔 but I don’t think she can 😢 ugh I wish really much tho! 50 mots de plus


Opération Bubbolitas, merci à tous !

Sincere gratitude to everyone, especially the sunshine, for making an appearance yesterday at our friend Fabio and Rosario’s place Bubbolitas.

Sincères remerciements à tous, et plus particulièrement au soleil, pour… 815 mots de plus