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French Wars of Religion: Battle of Arques, Henry IV attacks his enemies.

Huguenot Gendarmes 1567

The Battle of Ivry was fought on 14 March 1590, during the French Wars of Religion. 3 019 mots de plus


How to Make Friends in France (Or Elsewhere)

I’m currently in the process of packing up my life in France, saying goodbyes, and getting nostalgic. It’s a bittersweet time. On the one hand, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen my family and friends in the US. 2 160 mots de plus

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An American in Paris! (Part 10)


Considering that I lived in the Normandy these past two years for teaching English, it made for convenient trips to Paris on the weekend and the holidays, as means of getting away from work and enjoying my time in the French capital. 1 584 mots de plus


The history of British involvement in the Middle-East

The Manchester attack has stirred resentment from those who don’t fully understand the issues of radicalisation. 22 people died after Salman Abedi detonated an explosive device at an Ariande Grande concert at the MEN arena Monday night. 717 mots de plus

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Indian Summer bathes

Bordelais bounty ablaze

Ground luxuriantly carpeted

In autumnal opulence

Deciduous canopies gold-leafed

Foliage regally russet-robed

Plush claret drapes

Fringed with bronze tassels… 157 mots de plus


#297 Au hasard Balthazar (1966)

Robert Bresson, The Sublime Minimalist Part 8

#297 Au hasard Balthazar

1966 // France // Robert Bresson

Criterion Collection (LINK)

The Faith of Suffering… 827 mots de plus

Criterion Collection

A Still World is Where we will Be and Long.

In my late teen years I decided upon making a number of pointless, and permanent vows. Never to marry, never to father, and to one day complete my ‘masterplan’. 1 692 mots de plus