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What about the light switches?

What happened to the light switches? And the TV controller? And how about closing the blinds. Come to mention it, where’s the proper alarm clock that goes… 617 mots de plus


Local Produce

Eating Local

One of the great things about living in France is there is always so much going on & the French love to socialise as a community. 251 mots de plus

Relocation To France

The Best World Cup Ever..... FIFA World Cup 2018 review (PART 2)

Round of 16

France 4-3 Argentina

Another contender for game of the tournament and was one that sort of epitomised this World Cup as a whole. 1 560 mots de plus



Singapore represent!

It was looking like it was going to sprinkle so I took my SG50 umbrella it ended up as a sun umbrella ;-) 7 mots de plus

Life In Singapore

Histoire des déchets dans l'Art

À TerraCycle, nous avons pour ambition « d’éliminer la notion de déchet » : nous considérons les déchets comme une ressource et pensons que tout ce que nous jetons peut être transformé. 918 mots de plus



“Français moyens regardant le Tour de France”

Average joe waiting for the Tour de France 😂

This year it was passing by our village (literally 100 m from our backyard). 31 mots de plus

Life In Singapore