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Steffen Reinbothe: duplications planted on PNAS contributed track

This is a story of a plant scientist in France. No, not Olivier Voinnet or any of his Strasbourg associates. This time it is about  2 636 mots de plus

Research Integrity

Was Justice Really Served?

Money can’t buy happiness, but can it buy privilege? Looking at Bill Cosby’s 3-10 year prison sentence for the sexual assault of several women, apparently, and unfortunately, it can. 70 mots de plus


The Dordogne

I have never before given much thought to my lack of interest in foie gras. It’s not exactly something that comes up often in everyday life. 975 mots de plus


1950: Seascape

A seascape by mid-20th-century French artist Edouard Mandon; title and date unknown. I haven’t been able to find out much about him.