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To our foreign readers: Yes, it was good news. But temper your hopes.

One of the things that marks me as a Democrat and not a Republican is that I actually care about how my country appears to the outside world. 690 mots de plus

Learning from experience

Experience is one thing you can’t get for nothing

 Science, my lad, is made up of mistakes, but they are mistakes which it is useful to make, because they lead little by little to the truth. 347 mots de plus


Sunday 06 August 2017: Rouen to Forêt Domaniale de la Londe-Rouvray

11:19. Rouen. Chill morning after a beautiful day and evening. Rested, relaxed and ready for a pretty chill day’s riding, with no goal except finding a nice place to camp on our way to our next Warmshowers’ hosts, who we plan to make our way to some time tomorrow afternoon. 7 mots de plus

Volume II (TH2017)

Alternative to fuel tax

Fuel tax may not be the thing to do just now….

The concern of the Duterte administration regarding moves in Congress to scrap the additional tax on fuel is understandable. 667 mots de plus


This essay, on the gilets jaunes protests, was my Observer column this week.   (The column included also a short piece on MSF being forced to end its rescue operations in the Mediterranean) 789 mots de plus


France: Macron to hold crisis meeting on Yellow Vest protests

French President Emmanuel Macron is set to meet trade unions and employers’ organisations, in a bid to defuse weeks of unrest in Paris and other cities. 643 mots de plus

Top low-key spots in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is a lovely city that can become victim of its own succes, especially around the time of the very, very touristy Christmas Market. This is why we have listed our all-time low-key favourites of Strasbourg in terms bars, restaurants and coffee shops. 625 mots de plus