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Libya's rivals to meet. Any progress?

Libyan Prime Minister Fayez al-Serraj and commander Khalifa Haftar are going to meet this in Paris. Do you think such discussions (if it happened)  might lead to some solution for Libya, what both sides want to gain out of  such talks? 226 mots de plus


An Alsace Day.

Today was a very Alsace day.

Firstly we went to a very small and a very strange museum called the museum of love in the nearby village of Werentzhouse In a tiny renovated Alsace house there is an astonishingly rich collection of vintage post cards in albums neatly stacked on wooden shelves. 292 mots de plus


Flash Movie Review: Dunkirk

THOUGH I had made my way to the front I was nervous by the amount of people that were filling up the train station platform. I had not reached the start of the yellow warning strip at the edge of the platform, but one big surge or push could have detrimental results for someone. 539 mots de plus


Vale do Loire - Abadia de Fontevraud

Fundada em 1101 pelo visionário sacerdote Roberto d’Arbrissel, fundador da ordem Fontevrault, a Abadia de Fontevraud é considerada uma das maiores cidades monásticas da Europa, sendo também a necrópole real da mítica dinastia dos Plantagenetas, descendentes diretos de Guilherme, o conquistador, o primeiro rei inglês. 696 mots de plus

Quand Je T'aime

Quand le jour a fait la tête au loin

Et le soleil reste comme une enfante dormie

La nuit va ouvrir avec des voix éclairés et clairs; 8 mots de plus


The Rajah's Dream (1900)

Georges Méliès is on familiar ground with this fantasy tale of the nighttime adventures of an exotic aristocrat. I doubt if his viewers learned much about… 511 mots de plus


Chateau Montet Bordeaux 2014

Winery: Chateau Montet
Varietal: Bordeaux

Date Purchased: 5/13/2017
Location Purchased: Total Wine
Cost: $8.65
Date Consumed: 7/24/17

Review/Notes: This one got uncorked with some pasta. 61 mots de plus

Red Wine