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A Flash of Scarlet Part VI

Being implicated in the coup Marie de Medici had attempted against her son, things did not look favorable for Richelieu. No one, not even the Capuchin friar, Tremblay, could persuade Louis to allow him back at court. 439 mots de plus


Félix Mayol Performs “The Trottins Polka” (1905)

This is another of the short sound-on-disc phonoscènes that Alice Guy shot with Félix Mayol. It fits in neatly with the others I’ve looked at this week, but has some distinctions from… 242 mots de plus


paris in the rearview.

life happens. before the hands can transcribe thought to script, the moment is gone. you keep on living. the details fade, and you can’t remember why you wrote that note about the ________. 756 mots de plus


Cantona claims ethnicity played role in Benzema, Ben Arfa France snubs

Eric Cantona has made the headlines again, this time making some bold claims against France national team manager Didier Deschamps.

Cantona, a former Manchester United legend and French international, questioned whether Deschamps excluded Karim Benzema and Hatem Ben Arfa from the team due to their North African origins. 293 mots de plus


Cannes 2009

In January 2009 I moved to Nice, France to do a semester of exchange with the Erasmus programme. This May (2016) our Erasmus group decided to have a reunion in that same place. 126 mots de plus



Places where Van Gogh painted his paintings in Arles.