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"And Happy to Have it"

If anyone could make you believe in the merits of mental illness it’s Olive Kitteridge, a fictional character first brought to life by Elizabeth Stout in the novel  570 mots de plus


Darkman (1990)

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Darkman is a film about transitions. Mild-mannered scientist Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson, showing early promise of the unlikely action hero he would later become) is trying to develop a synthetic skin to help burn victims, but has not quite achieved the breakthrough that will allow the engineered dermal cells to stay coherent for more than 99 minutes. 912 mots de plus

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Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day — Winifred Watson

Miss Pettigrew is a down-on-her-luck, middle-aged governess sent by her employment agency to work for a nightclub singer rather than a household of unruly children. Over a period of 24 hours her life is changed — forever.
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Let's Discover... Burn After Reading

A dark comedy that is certainly twisted but genuinely hilarious. 556 mots de plus

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Wonder Boys (2000)

As a writer, there’s nothing in the world worse than the infamous “writer’s block”. Whether you believe in this debilitation or not, it has provided some good cinematic depictions, from Billy Wilder’s THE LOST WEEKEND (1945) to Spike Jonze’s ADAPTATION (2002). 462 mots de plus


Wes Anderson, Joel Coen, Frances McDormand and Paolo Sorrentino Booked For Rome Fest Talks

ROME — Wes Anderson, Joel Coen, Frances McDormand, William Friedkin, Paolo Sorrentino and Italian star architect Renzo Piano are among onstage speakers recruited by new artistic topper Antonio Monda for the 10th edition of the recently reconfigured Rome Film Festival. 294 mots de plus