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Before there were fingerprints, scripts were a lot easier to write.

That’s no disrespect to current screenwriters; on the contrary, setting your crime story in the olden times is a smart move, one that maybe lets you play down the special effects mumbo-jumbo (that’s the technical term for it) and play up the plot development. 376 mots de plus


Rambling About Moonrise Kingdom (2012)

Nutshell Ramble

A sweet and smart story about the age of innocence and the growing up one needs to go through to step into adulthood. 544 mots de plus


Wes Anderson Announces Title and Full Cast of His Upcoming Stop-Motion Feature About Dogs

Wes Anderson is returning to stop-motion animation. (His previous project working in the painstaking — but charming! — medium was Fantastic Mr. Fox.) Today, he announced in a video that his follow-up to  212 mots de plus


Hail, Caesar

Eddie Mannix (Josh Brolin) is a Hollywood studio fixer in the early 1950s; a man who oils the wheels of production and makes things happen. Or, more usually, makes them unhappen, when they involve his stars’ sexual indiscretions. 173 mots de plus

Short Movie Review

Wonder Boys (2000)

Michael Douglas plays Professor Grady Tripp, who is grappling with his difficult second novel when an enigmatic student and his drug-addled publisher take him on a journey of self discovery over one surreal weekend. 146 mots de plus



Plot: Jerry Lundergaard is desperate for some cash, struggling with crippling debt he decides to hire kidnappers to kidnap his wife and take her hostage. He intends on getting the ransom money that her father will pay out however, things go awry when the thugs shoot a police officer. 336 mots de plus