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Madeline (1998)
★ / ★★★★

Twelve young girls live in a house in Paris whose matron, Lady Covington (Stéphane Audran), has gotten sick. When she dies, Lord Covington (Nigel Hawthorne) tells Miss Clavel (Frances McDormand), a nun and a teacher, that he intends to sell the house by the end of the school year, which means that the students will have to find education elsewhere. 420 mots de plus

Well, I'm Certainly Not Going Through Life With One Hand Tied Behind My Back. -- James Dean

Coen Marathon: "Blood Simple"

The first time I encountered a Coen Bros movie was in high school when my friend, Jake, recommended we check out « Fargo » from our local movie rental store « Video Update » (remember when we had movie rental stores?).    824 mots de plus

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Blood Simple

On the dark, twisted brilliance of the Coen Brothers’ riveting neo-noir debut.

« Gimme a call whenever you wanna cut off my head. I can always crawl around without it.”

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32 Performances

This is a variation of the previous 32 Films as Birthday Candles post.

2016 Viggo Mortensen (Captain Fantastic)
2015 Mark Rylance (Bridge of Spies… 218 mots de plus

Movie Meme

Lurgy Diaries, Volume One...

…or, what I’ve achieved in the last 48 hours, when all I should have been doing was manuscript edits, but have been too ill to manage. 809 mots de plus


Almost Famous

Almost Famous (2000)

Dir. Cameron Crowe

Written by: Cameron Crowe

Starring: Patrick Fugit, Kate Hudson, Billy Crudup, Jason Lee, Frances McDormand

I was introduced to… 1 993 mots de plus