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'Isle of Dogs': The Pack Survives

As with any movie whose protagonists are animals, Wes Anderson’s Isle of Dogs makes a strong case against human beings. We’ve more than earned our reputation as the cruelest of creatures. 561 mots de plus


Movie Review: Aeon Flux (2005)

Starring: Charlize Theron, Marton Csokas and Frances McDormand

Directed by: Kayrn Kusama

After a virus had destroyed most of the world and with only 1% of the population surviving, a new safe haven was created for the survivors known as Bregna. 515 mots de plus


Darkman (1990, Sam Raimi)

The last twenty or so minutes of Darkman are when director Raimi finally lets loose. He’s been building to it, hinting at how wacky the movie’s going to get, but it doesn’t all come together until the end. 1 075 mots de plus


Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

Frances McDormand

Sam Rockwell

reviewed by Tom-Tom

I always keep an eye out for Academy Award nominated films. More often than not, there are some true originals which almost never actually win any of the big prizes. 487 mots de plus



With already two Best Picture awards this year (Golden Globes and Baftas) tucked neatly under it’s belt, Three Billboards… seems poised to take home the Oscar tomorrow. 299 mots de plus


Flashback Friday-Fargo (1996)

The game of cat and mouse between the police and those committing a crime has been a standard narrative for years. The question is, how can a writer or writers make their narrative unique and different? 135 mots de plus