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Flash Movie Review: The Good Dinosaur

I always assumed as we got older we would have fewer things to frighten us. It seems that is not the case, we just trade them in for other ones. 465 mots de plus


Review: The Good Dinosaur

You know when you see those young children that have an iPad or iPhone shoved into their hands at an airport or department store while their mother or father bobbles four items, audibly cusses under their breath, and tries to get through the next 10 minutes without messing everything up? 712 mots de plus


The Good Dinosaur (2015): A Creation With No Evolution

In what is perhaps the single most inventive and intriguing opening in any film of recent memory, The Good Dinosaur starts with an inspiring idea. Sixty-five million years ago, a monstrous asteroid is bumped out of its orbit and sent straight for earth in what is at once a familiar (and theoretically valid) image. 845 mots de plus

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Reviews of "The Good Dinosaur" and "Creed"

This week, I saw two very different movies; however, if you look at them a bit more closely, it becomes clear these two films have a fairly similar theme: Sons trying to live up to the example and expectations of their fathers. 1 876 mots de plus


Review: The Good Dinosaur

« A pony! »

It’s not a pony.

« A pony! »

It’s not a fucking pony.

« A green pony, mummy! »

It’s not a fucking pony. 1 088 mots de plus


Aniston of the week: Friends with Money

After the horror of last weeks’ Horrible Bosses, rather than dive right back into that misogynistic pit for the sequel, we look back to one of those ‘serious’ roles where Aniston shows that less is more. 511 mots de plus

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'The Good Dinosaur' Movie Review

I was really excited about this animated film coming to theatres and overall I liked it. I will say that’s it’s slow for an animated film because there are scenes with little talking. 49 mots de plus

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