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Milkaut - "Mucho gusto" (2019)

Excelente comercial que pone a la marca láctea como embajadora de Franck, ciudad 30 kilómetros al oeste de Santa Fe Capital.


What I've been listening to...; Stonewall 50, redux

Here’s another quick rundown of what’s crossed my CD transport and my turntable lately. If that doesn’t interest you, scroll down for an announcement of the next Stonewall Chorale performance, two days from now. 835 mots de plus


Losing My Religion with Jordan Franck

Jordan Franck is an educator and a professional photographer. We discuss his departure from Christianity, what led to that, and what he holds to now. … 27 mots de plus


Father of the Bride: Part II

I have already talked about Father of the Bride: Part I, but the sequel is just as exciting. My usual opinions on sequels is that they aren’t as enjoyable, but not this one.  623 mots de plus


Father of the Bride

One of my favorite old movies of all time is Father of the Bride. As you can tell from the title, it is about a father of the bride. 405 mots de plus