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French Corner Bakery & Patisserie review

Yesterday was my first visit to French Corner Bakery & Patisserie. I am now planning many more visits.  ^^

French Corner is located at 1224 Dundas Street West, Unit 114, Mississauga, ON, L5C 4G7.   311 mots de plus


Un spot drôle mais efficace dénonce les clichés sexistes dans la publicité

Le réseau Toutes femmes, toutes communicantes a créé et diffusé un spot dénonçant les clichés misogynes toujours présents dans les publicités aujourd’hui.

Sur un ton de bande-annonce, une voix grave et masculine nous déclame « 245 mots de plus

Societal Issues

Mais où est passé Charlie ?

I originally posted this article on my tumblr since I got an ask about it, but decided to share it here too.

Yesterday was the first round of France’s regional elections. 826 mots de plus

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Don't say a prayer for me now 

« … Save it till the morning after »

Funny how one song’s meaning can utterly change in a second. Eagles of Death Metal made a cover of a (goldie but oldie) Duran Duran song about a one night stand. 343 mots de plus

French Corner

Fluctuat Nec Mergitur

I’ve been quite out of it these past couple of days but now I feel more like myself and I need to put everything down. So here it goes, The Paris Attacks. 2 031 mots de plus

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Votre bagage "technophile": 4 applications libanaises à trimballer partout

Si vous êtes touriste au Liban ou citoyen Libanais du 21ème siècle, vous êtes éventuellement conscient que votre smartphone est plus essentiel que les clés de votre maison. 466 mots de plus

French Corner

Pears, Blue Cheese & Walnut Tarte

Sometimes inspiration strikes at the most random moment. I was checking out what was in the fridge when I noticed some ready made pastry that was getting pretty close to expiration date, the stilton jar was nearly empty and I was planning to make some pear compote. 467 mots de plus

Food, Glorious Food