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I Have a Feeling 61 Is Gonna Be a Good Year

I have to leave in an hour and a half and I haven’t started getting ready. This will be a short edition of Wise Madness. My apologies to Gen and Tomoko who deserve more words. 786 mots de plus

"By choosing our path, We chose our Destination."

-Thomas S. Monson

When I was young(er), I believed that someone who was 19 had their life figured out. By 19, my grandparents were married and gave birth to my Uncle. 544 mots de plus

Dos semanas en España

Tomorrow morning I will be heading off to Spain for a relaxing two week holiday!

Flying into Barcelona Reus airport and then a train ride to Benicarlo-Peñiscola station, I will be staying in a villa with my parents and a few of their friends in Peñiscola. 202 mots de plus


Disney Friday

Last Friday, I took a day off to visit Tokyo Disney Resort to celebrate its 35th Anniversary with the theme: 35 Happiest Celebration.

We met at Hotel Dean Gate Maihama which is conveniently located at JR Maihama Station. 360 mots de plus



I spend a lot of time by my bedroom window these days. I catch myself wondering why. It’s today that I came to the profound realisation that when I’m looking out the window at all the greenery stretching for miles; till I see the gleam upon the horizon that is the sun, that it is almost as though all time comes to an absolute standstill. 885 mots de plus


4TH OF JULY was fireworks.

4TH OF JULY was Esther’s independence day ;)

4TH OF JULY was litttt!!!

To fans of my blog i hope you can all understand my quietness in posting as I was busy acquiring my BA in Media broadcast production. 330 mots de plus

The Other Side

What happens to the human mind when it is set alone for a long period of time? The conversations, the hugs, laughter, tears, everything that makes us human is pushed away. 695 mots de plus