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Too "Considerate" to Friends?

Often times, we are asked to be considerate of others feelings. While it is indeed true that some people are too insensitive, some people are too considerate of others. 592 mots de plus

Meet the Nelsons and Fishers

Friends make the world go round–and these guys were nothing but the best during our photo shoot!

Couples Photography

5 awesome football cards to get

Do you want to get rare Football cards. If you are extending your collection, getting cards to extend other peoples collection or any other reason. These cards are hands down expensive. 99 mots de plus


Valleys with Mona

« Good Morning. »

« Uh huh. »

« How many days has it been? »

« Since what? »

« You’ve slept. »

« Three. 1 551 mots de plus


Things I Wish Someone has Told Me

Things I wish someone had told me about growing up:

You won’t always like your parents, but you will always love them.

Not all adults are adults. 105 mots de plus


On the Wall

                           A fly on the wall

                          We’d all like to be

                          A different perspective

                         On the world we would see.

No one would know

That we were so near… 45 mots de plus


5 Minutes from the Heart: Pause

As we rush from work, to home, to school, to multiple events and practices for our children, how often do we pause? Seriously, how long has it been since you just stopped and processed your environment; taken in the events of the day, the goings on in your life, and appreciated everything that you have been given. 322 mots de plus

Rhonda Crowdis Hardisty