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Fuck Cruises

I kind of like cruises, but everything has negatives. First and foremost the fucking muster drills. Every fucking cruise is the same shit. No matter how many you go on, you can’t skip any of it. 427 mots de plus

Fuck Animals Too

People who have dogs without their own goddamn yard to shit in, OR worse, the ones who do and STILL walk them around town are fucking assholes. 473 mots de plus

Fuck Elections - 2020 Edition

I’m 38. I don’t vote. I’m not registered, and I don’t give a fuck. People who put out signs and bumper stickers are fucking idiots. Every fucking time people think shit is going to change or be different. 828 mots de plus

Spot of Painting in the Garden

Was a nice evening here in Bath and having recently sustained a knee injury I decided to head out into the garden for a spot of painting. 28 mots de plus


very close to ears ..💋💓

I was very embarrassed to ask Pierre to » give me cunnilingus over an hour ..♥️ » very close to Pierre’s ear while clinging to Pierre’s hot thick manly neck ….💋💓💕♥️🌹 249 mots de plus

Love, Romance, Sex

Fuck Hollywood

I’m glad the theaters are fucked right now. Netflix makes movies like Polar without them. That alone proves they’re not necessary anymore. Home theaters are big. 484 mots de plus

Fuck "Boots on the Ground"

It’s the 21st century. We don’t need boots on the ground. Bomb them into next week or send in black ops to deal with certain assholes quietly. 208 mots de plus