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Letter to my Future Self

Hello you, you Beautiful Soul

How is life in the future? Has Trump resigned or has he been impeached?

I am writing you these words to make sure you are alright; to not forget all the beauty you have in your life. 578 mots de plus


TED Talk - How Africa can keep rising / Comment l'Afrique peut continuer à croître / Cómo África puede seguir creciendo

TED Talks are most of the time inspiring and eye-openers. I chose this video as the first one, because it illustrates how I want Africa to be seen, knowing that there is still a lot to be done to be the prosperous continent that it can be, but that’s what makes Africa this interesting. 363 mots de plus


Jangan mudah lemah... nanti Futur


Selamat hari Kamis :)

Alhamdulillah masih bisa menulis disini…

Lemah, apa itu? Ada beberapa hal yang membuat manusia lemah, salah satunya adalah Setan… Bukan  573 mots de plus

Rindu Majelis Ilmu

Terlalu larut dalam kesibukan dunia jelas menyebabkan lalai dengan urusan akhirat. Padahal, lalai dengan akhirat akan mencerai-beraikan seluruh urusan dunia kita. Sebaliknya, jika kita lebih memperhatikan akhirat dibanding dunia, persoalan-persoalan kita yang sifatnya duniawi seolah dimudahkan. 285 mots de plus


Aku Lelah :"(

vy : »
kadang aku merasa lelah (astaghfirullaah) atau bosan (astaghfirullaah T_T) memiliki rasa peduli : »

saat lagi buruknya,
sempat aja gitu kepikiran, 757 mots de plus


Looking forward

   You know that saying ‘in a room full of people, i’ve never felt more alone’ ? well, that’s kind of how i’ve been feeling lately. My friends are great but they have they’re own lives, they’re busy and who am i to be needy or moan about everything that’s wrong in my life when theirs are seemingly good? 291 mots de plus

La montre connectée : le futur du suivi santé ?

Quand on pense à la montre intelligente, montre connectée ou encore smart watch on a, pour la plupart d’entre nous, l’image en tête du produit que commercialise la firme de Cupertino depuis 2015, l’apple watch. 1 110 mots de plus