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What to do? / Que faire?

The world is divided in 2 categories: people who know what they want to be and people who have no clue. I belong to the latter category. 756 mots de plus


Writing Prompt No.2

Here is another writing prompt from Reddit. If you enjoy these, let me know, and make sure to go give some love to the other amazing stories under… 3 190 mots de plus

Short Stories

Ready Set Stay


I’m sitting on the kitchen counter with my feet up waiting for my banana ice cream to freeze while messaging my trusty mate, and I feel relaxed. 69 mots de plus


2025 // v.o.f

Comme tout produit, laitier ou autre, j’ai une date d’expiration. Et non, je ne parle pas de mon futur décès. Je parle du jour où mes parents vont me mettre dehors. 557 mots de plus


Dream the day away


Just kissed my mother good night -crying. Everything’s okay for now, like any parent and kid we fight sometimes. This time we’re arguing about the futur -my futur- and the independence that comes with it. 87 mots de plus


The futur is present 


There’s 10 minutes left before the end of today’s classes and I’ve honestly been playing solitaire for the last 20 minutes -at least. Finding the motivation to do anything in this hell hole they call school is probably the hardest thing I’ve been asked to do for 13 years. 131 mots de plus