Are we a couple ?

Everywhere, everyone

The idea of this album came up after a recent, long and painful heartbreak. Beyond pain and tears, this life experience actually taught me a lot about what love really is.

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La Tête d'or | The Golden Head

Lyon, France

« La Tête d’Or » (Golden Head) is one of Europe’s largest zoological urban parks. It is also the favorite park of the inhabitants of Lyon.

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In Moscow museums, people look like...

Moscow, Russia

Ты ничего не понимаешь в искусстве! (You don’t know anything about art!)

Ah l’amour ! Женщины мечтающие о любви… (Women dreaming about love)

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Vysotka | Высотка

Moscow, Russia (Kotelnicheskaya Embankment Building)

Высотка на Котельнической набережной

All rights reserved © Elpis Agape

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It is forbidden to talk to strangers

Moscow (Patriarch’s Ponds – Патриаршие пруды), Russia

All rights reserved © Elpis Agape

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