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Games have space. This is one of the core components of game design, and something that every designer must consider. What is the space of your game? 303 mots de plus

Game Review (In progress): Kingdom Come: Deliverance

02/25/18 Update Four

Here I am, about 20 hours further into Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and against all odds things are beginning to look up. Yes, the game is still a janky mess. 4 220 mots de plus

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Monster Hunter World Review

Written by Josh See

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Released On: PS4, Xbox One (PC late 2018)
Played On: PS4 1 388 mots de plus

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Civilization VI: the Rise After the Fall

Recently Civilization VI has released its first major expansion: Rise & Fall.  This pack introduces nine new leaders to the game, eight of them bringing new civilizations to the world.  985 mots de plus

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The OST of Undertale

Just as how gameplay and narration are major aspects of a game, soundtracks and music are also an integral part of games. With the slightest change in key, a light hearted, gentle atmosphere can become ominous and depressing. 367 mots de plus

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Cute But Not So Kid Friendly Dress Up Game… An App/Game Review of Love Nikki-Dress UP Queen

Love Nikki-Dress Up Queen by Elex

Type: Dress Up

Basic Game Setup: Nikki ends up on accident in a magical land that is ruled by who’s wearing what. 1 159 mots de plus


Call of Duty: Ghosts


Despite major the personnel change following the release of Modern Warfare 2, few franchises could claim to have moved the sheer number of units as… 5 004 mots de plus

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