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Netanyahu’s Ceasefire Is Meant to Keep Gaza Imprisoned

Palestinians in Gaza should have been able to breathe a sigh of relief last week, as precarious ceasefire talks survived a two-day-long, heavy exchange of strikes that threatened to unleash yet another large-scale military assault by Israel. 1 020 mots de plus


Israeli minister says Trump peace plan a ‘waste of time’ -- 'the gap between the Israelis and Palestinians is much too big to be bridged'

A senior Israeli minister said Wednesday that US President Donald Trump’s long-awaited plan for peace with the Palestinians was “a waste of time.”

“I think that the gap between the Israelis and Palestinians is much too big to be bridged,” Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked said at a conference organized by the Jerusalem Post newspaper. 292 mots de plus

Ceasefire puts Qatar's role in Gaza back in spotlight

At the end of a dirt track, an imposing new court complex stands as a symbol of Qatar’s investment in the Gaza Strip — back in the spotlight after a controversial ceasefire with Israel. 834 mots de plus

Israeli Cabinet minister threatens to kill Hamas leader in Gaza

JERUSALEM — A senior Israeli Cabinet minister on Wednesday threatened to kill the leader of the militant Hamas movement ruling Gaza, vowing that another « large campaign » looms in which Israel will hit the militants hard. 628 mots de plus



BLOG 411 November 19, 2018

WISE ON THE MIDDLE EAST ~ Each week Robert L. Wise, PhD, explores the Middle Eastern situation,  ranging from Egypt through Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Israel and the surrounding area. 402 mots de plus

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Heroism, unsung: Lt. Col M.

Is it possible to mourn a man you don’t know?

A wave of sadness hit me and, with a sigh, I sat down next to the grave of Lt. 702 mots de plus