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Who is Really Responsible for the Situation in Gaza?

While most of the Arab population at large (and the world, in general) tend to point a finger at « Israeli aggression » in the Gaza Strip, some Arabs are beginning to realize where the true problem lies in regard to oppression of the Palestinian people. 31 mots de plus

Current Events

What makes political achievement elusive for Gazans


The Arab regimes fear the Palestinian resistance, as it may inspire their own people and eventually threaten their thrones
At least 27 Palestinians were killed and more than a hundred injured in the latest escalation the Israeli army carried out against the Gaza Strip. 625 mots de plus


Eurovision, music and politics: boycotting the boycott

Last week the long-awaited Eurovision 2019 came to Tel Aviv and the city turned itself into a hub of tourists, music and -unmissable in these occasions – street food. 544 mots de plus

Did Israeli bombs stopped ravaging Gaza? What of the recurring deaths, handicap, and suffering of Palestinians?

In Gaza, the Bombs Have Stopped, but Our Suffering Continues

As long as Israel maintains its siege, Palestinians will remain prisoners in our own land. 728 mots de plus


During Protests in Commemoration of 71st Anniversary of Palestinian Nakbah: Israeli Forces Wound 144 Civilians

16 May 2019 — Internationalist 360°

On Wednesday, 15 May 2019, Israeli forces wounded 144 Palestinian civilians, including 49 children, 4 women, and 1 paramedic, in excessive use of force against the peaceful participants in the protests organized in commemoration of the 71st anniversary of the Palestinian Nakbah. 816 mots de plus


EUROVISION SONG CONTEST after Tel Aviv: a contest of coexisting regions, instead of a platform for competing nations

– contest not in Jerusalem as some were hoping in 2018 but in Tel Aviv (*) –

All selected artists/groups for Tel Aviv Eurovision Song Contest – which is it’s original name – have been invited to produce before the contest a short video-clip (video post-cards), clips used in the live broadcats of the event. 1 363 mots de plus

National Propaganda

Stories from the Homeland – A Palestinian Film by Zarefah Baroud

Stories of the Homeland from Zarefah Baroud on Vimeo.

Palestinian-American young filmmaker, Zarefah Baroud talks to her aunt in Gaza, Dr. Suma Baroud and her father, Palestinian author and journalist, Dr. 54 mots de plus

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