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Shalom! MFHR is back

Music for Human Rights is back and this time in Jerusalem. More than 40 young people from Bosnia-Herzegovina, Germany, Italy, Israel, Portugal and Serbia have settled at the Goldstein Youth Village to talk about human rights with a specific focus on the European vision on this topic. 201 mots de plus


Arthritis friendly shoes?

Wapmaxi Time To Change 2015
Arthritis friendly shoes?
I’m shopping for a client in his mid 50s with chronic arthritis that manifests specifically in his feet. 116 mots de plus


The little food company - A journey close to my heart: By Shubham Chopra

We always love to go to a fest with our loved ones and enjoy the vibes, India has a huge population which loves exploring and try out new things. 2 114 mots de plus


Predicting G.O.T. final tv episode

Now I will admit, I’ve not yet read George R R Martin’s book/s Song of Ice and Fire.
And I haven’t followed all the character arcs as portrayed in the tele series. 285 mots de plus