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10 Songs That Give Thanks

Yes, Christmas music is already taking over the radio. And no, ‘Thanksgiving music’ is not really a genre. But here are a few sweet songs that express thankfulness in their own way. 95 mots de plus


Ellen Page To Star In Gerard Way's Netflix Adaptation 'The Umbrella Academy'

Comic book geeks can rejoice in this news as it’s been announced that casting for the lead roles for Gerard Way’s The Umbrella Academy Netflix… 163 mots de plus


Ellen Page Cast as White Violin

The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Ellen Page (X-Men: Days of Future Past, Juno) has joined the cast of Netflix’ upcoming 10-episode adaptation for Gerard Way’s… 73 mots de plus


Masculinity isn't for everyone

This is a bit of a post on The cultural assumption that all men should be stereotypically masculine and I used one of my favorite icons Gerard Way as a disruptor of this cultural assumption. 1 369 mots de plus

Going Back to the Beginning

If you discover an artist somewhere in the middle of their career, going back to their earliest release can be disorienting, in my experience.  Some artists start off in a place that I love and never stray, but with others I’ll find that I could speak endlessly in favor of every single one of their later albums, but then their earliest release is drastically different in a way that doesn’t precisely click with me.   563 mots de plus



Well, hello everybody. I’m Samantha, but I go by Sam. Born on May 4th, but without the force (you get a cookie if you get this reference). 236 mots de plus