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What I thought of The Umbrella Academy

I’ve been a massive fan of Gerard Way for most of my life, both as the frontman of my favourite band, and as a comic book writer. 538 mots de plus


The Umbrella Academy Review

Gerard Way is a bastard. Seriously, no one’s life should be this whimsical.

I’ve listened to a few interviews with him. He always wanted to write comics, but couldn’t break in. 772 mots de plus


But soft what light through yonder thesis breaks

It is the me, and I am fuckin’ tired.

Pardon my reference to Romeo and Juliet, but that’s what I’ve been slamming my brain against for the past three straight days in order to get my thesis rough draft ready by the end of the month. 444 mots de plus


Cool As Hell - Gerard Way :

Check out this week’s Kerrang for free G art prints and an interview with the man himself.


you know
when you told me you had cheated
it was like
turning to the final page.
it was like
March 21st.
it was like… 29 mots de plus

'The Umbrella Academy' Review

Superhero children raised by a millionaire – what could possibly go wrong?

Netflix’s adaptation of Gerard Way’s ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is really something to behold. 317 mots de plus

Tantalising Television

The Umbrella Academy, A Review

Super dysfunctional family.

Based on the graphic novel by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá, Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy takes place in a fantasy type version of Earth where a number of unthinkable things are possible. 898 mots de plus