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A Lover Boy's Day

Two of my best friends were getting married this month. Not to each other, mind you, but to their respective partners. And I couldn’t be happier this moment thinking about both couples and how they proved that fairy tales still happened. 162 mots de plus

It's A Short Life

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Until recently I had no idea that Gus Van Sant’s films Elephant and Last Days, both of which I liked, formed part of a loose ‘Death Trilogy’ with a third leftfield drama from the early 2000’s. 700 mots de plus


Why Are We So Afraid to Walk?

Developers who craft first-person walker games certainly have intended consumers, a demographic I would imagine as the equivalent of cineastes that venerate arthouse films—like Gus Van Sant’s audience, for example. 104 mots de plus

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Gerry Keegan / Orientation Talk - Personal and social development.

The lecture began with an introduction of the work that Jerry had done prior. Following this he told us stories of when he worked in lourds whilst interviewing educational morals such as ‘being forced into uncomfortable situations by peer pressure. 80 mots de plus

Small Gerry Day Pack

Neat little late 70s early 80s Gerry day pack. Single main top zip compartment with leather pull-stays. Front zip bellowed compartment. Single contrasting blue seat belt webbing shoulder strap with gold nylon lower strap. 57 mots de plus


Methods Danita Delimont Helicopters USA California Fire Helicopter US05

RC (radio managed) helicopters are rapidly starting to be a single of the most well-known hobbies for « boys. » By « boys » of course we suggest grown ups. 328 mots de plus