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Hello, fellow viewers!

So, the creator is closing in on the « me shoppe » page for buying and selling. Calculating and setting up pieces to sell is rather complicated. 40 mots de plus


I Love You But I've Chosen Sátántangó

By: Scott Alic

I’m waiting for one of those bleak February Sundays, the colour of a pile of snow pushed to the curb days ago. The kind Morrissey sang about.  2 296 mots de plus



Last weekend, the wife and I decided to check out this new theater in town.  It’s one of those fancy theaters with a bar and restaurant in the theater.   399 mots de plus

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Gerry & David's Allotment in April

Gerry & David’s Allotment in April

I have spend some time there during the last couple of weeks & things are beginning to look better. … 375 mots de plus

Allotment Growing

Gerry & David's allotment

Gerry & David’s allotment

My balcony has at last become to small to keep me in check & I’ve now got half an allotment.

As you will remember from my blog… 882 mots de plus

Allotment Growing

A Beautiful Day at South Padre Island.....

Today is Saturday….Day of Play…lol…Guess that’s every day though isn’t it.   We decided to go to South Padre Island with Cici and Larry, our neighbors.  We’ve heard so many people talk about the island so we have been anxious to go.  899 mots de plus


She lay there in the hospital bed with the monitors beeping, the hospital stench making her feel nauseous, the nurses crowding around trying to do something useful and a team of doctors discussing their options. 1 144 mots de plus