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Nueva Ley Impide Obtener Registro De Auto Si No Se Paga La Manutención

Entra en vigor nueva legislación que le impedirá obtener su registro de auto a las personas que no paguen la manutención de sus hijos con retrasos de 6 meses. 422 mots de plus


Assignment: Getting Lost in a Movie ... Getting Lost in a Videogame

Ian here—

The following is the assignment description for a three-page comparative gameplay experience reflection that I assigned students at about the halfway point of my course « … 1 678 mots de plus

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Rescue Me: Cookie Is Looking For Their Forever Homes

Welcome to the next installment of Rescue Me in which we feature pets waiting for adoption at the Vancouver SPCA. Today we would like to introduce you to a couple of animals who’ve been patiently waiting for their forever homes. 353 mots de plus


Smoking Kills

*smoking in the living room*

Gerry: « when will you stop smoking? »

Me: « when you stop buying cigars »

Gerry: « smoking kills » 17 mots de plus

My Hubby


*while driving*

Me: « i want to have a baby »

Gerry: « okay honey »

Me: « but i dont want to get pregnant. They say its painful to give birth » 68 mots de plus

My Hubby

Chapter 2.2- Romance in the Air.

Amber becomes a Teenager

Lily wishes to have frist romance so meets old friend Delvin at the salon and they hit it off chatting and watching the stars together. 45 mots de plus

Sims 3

Bedtime Conversation With Hispanic Bear

Me: « dont touch me. Im mad at you. Im witholding sex »

Gerry: « i would give you all the sex you want if you can withold sex more than 24 hours » 12 mots de plus

My Hubby