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Lirik Lagu Dangdut Pasasti Cinta - Gerry Mahesa dan Tasya Rosmala

Lirik Lagu Dangdut Pasasti Cinta – Gerry Mahesa dan Tasya Rosmala

Penyanyi : Gerry Mahesa dan Tasya Rosmala
Judul lagu : Prasati Cinta
Pencipta : – 336 mots de plus

Lirik Dangdut

Gerry Adams: Face of IRA who helped cement Northern Ireland peace

DUBLIN (Reuters) – As the public face of the Irish Republican Army during its bombing campaigns, then peacemaker and mainstream politician, Gerry Adams has been a defining figure of Northern Ireland’s 50-year journey from sectarian torment to relative stability.

Gerry Adams to step down as Sinn Fein leader after 34 years

DUBLIN (Reuters) – Sinn Fein’s Gerry Adams is to step down next year as party leader after 34 years in a move that will complete a generational shift in the former political wing of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), he told his party on Saturday.

Gerry Altman (from John)

1933 – 2017

My dear friend of over 60 years, Gerry Altman, has gone gently into that good night. (I paraphrase Dylan Thomas because I disagree with his position that we should “rage against the light”). 718 mots de plus


My Friend, Gerry Altman (from Lesley)

Gerry was a genial, easy-going, social personality but this wasn’t why I loved him. In fact, there was something about his charm that initially distanced me from him. 638 mots de plus


Pets of Sean Quinn (The Gerbil)

Hello, so this post is about my little pet gerbil.  This follows my 2 blog previous entries about my other pets, my dog Kiya and my 2 budgies Bella & Jinky.  342 mots de plus

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Gerry *** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “Gerry” is a film that I believe was made as sort of a cinematic joke. It is a film created to inspire discussion about it’s underlying meaning. 23 mots de plus