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Recipe - Tteokguk (떡국)

We who Gerry and I prepared Tteokguk when Lunar New Year.

Cooking Tteokguk is easy so everyone can prepare it easly.

Food Item

Tteok (slice rice cake) – 400g (200g per person)

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Seollal - 설날

This last 15th February was the New Luna’s Year, in Korea is 설날 (Seollal), and Sunny  and me we celebrated together with the traditional soup for this day,  123 mots de plus

Sunny and Gerry

Our love is currently unerdway and won’t be finished!!

Finally we were together!! But very short time :(

We will be together soon and we won’t part company!


Spice World/Parks and Rec crossover.

— Sam Jarvis (@whoisSamJarvis) February 13, 2018

Girl Talk

1960s Moncler Lionel Terray Duvet Down Coat

While Gerry Cunningham lead the « warmth without the weight » down movement here in the states,  the Moncler company followed suit on the other side of the Atlantic. 290 mots de plus



Hello, my name is Gerard and I am the boyfriend of Sunhwa, and here I will share the quotidian things of a mix couple.

I am a Catalan living in Switzerland.

Gerry Vagabond Back Pack

Late 1960s early 70s model Gerry Vagabond Pack. This is the pack that help solidified Gerry’s role in the outdoor sports manufacturing industry. The design was applied to frame packs and became an icon and a signature style. 171 mots de plus