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I Love Lucy Still

I’m in a summer swoon attempting to rise above the clouds, minus a silo of alcohol.

It’s hard competing with vodka on the rocks, but Lucille Ball is indeed a contender, her classic reruns beating Prozac in the antidepressant department. 510 mots de plus


Social media vs. copyright implications

Here’s an important tip I learnt earlier this term regarding posting any images that aren’t your own on a social media site.

  • When posting images taken from a Google Images search you can very easily check in the ‘search tools’ function what the ‘usage rights’ associated with a particular image is.
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Social Media 2


All stats and facts borrowed from Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land On The Moon?

All images courtesy of google images.


Copyright and images from the world wide web

Whoops, learnt my lesson today about posting images on my blog that aren’t authorised for reuse! I have posted a few images on my blog that I have no idea whether or not they were given rights to be used … I just went on ahead and picked any ol’ picture that tickled my fancy from Google images to add a visual element on my blog posts. 353 mots de plus

(ICAWEB417A) Integrate Social Web Technologies

2016 US Elections (11): Dinosaur-era Walmart board guys, where are you now that Hilllary is on her way ...?


Credit: yahoonews.com

In the 1990s, this snazzy Tee was initially pulled from Walmart racks – wait for it – because it “goes against Walmart’s family values”! 452 mots de plus


We All Have A Wonder Women Inside Of Us

The novel, Wild by Cheryl Strayed demonstrates the term essentialism in a feminist perspective. Meaning, that it is opposed to the idea that women and men have different qualities, it conveys that women are just as strong as men. 422 mots de plus


i hope we can figure out,

Connections for the route…


Riding AMTRAK’S,

Trains…a round trip to boot!

–Jonathan Caswell

(The woman above….from GOOGLE IMAGES..is enjoying an AMTRAK train ride, herself!)