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i hope we can figure out,

Connections for the route…


Riding AMTRAK’S,

Trains…a round trip to boot!

–Jonathan Caswell

(The woman above….from GOOGLE IMAGES..is enjoying an AMTRAK train ride, herself!)

Did you ever Google yourself?

Every now and then I Google myself, just to see what’s ‘out there’ about me. Not that I am so special that Google would make a fuss over me, but I do have a blog and I did write a book. 476 mots de plus

Novel Update

As you may be aware at the end of May I signed a preliminary contract with Britain’s Next Bestseller. Publication was completely reliant on fulfilling a contracted requirement of 250 preorders minimum. 145 mots de plus


The Ocean, Always


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THIS is carefree.


Daily Prompt

Royalty Free Images? Beat Getty Images!

Embed from Getty Images

Pictures! I’ve touched on the subject before when I posted regarding Flickr and Creative Commons some time ago. The photo on the left above was embedded from Getty Images, and although Creative Commons has a wealth of public domain or free images to tap, Getty Images is getting my attention because of the ease with which their royalty free images can be embedded to your blog. 422 mots de plus

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