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Animals...We Just Look Different

These made me smile.

Where the fuck’s the bus.

Didn’t ya hear me knockin?

I own Boardwalk and all the hotels.

And then Babar said, we’re off to go shopping, and he and Mrs. 165 mots de plus


No.324 Right under his nose...

A full fledged…

Newbie…For sure!

First trip…to a casino!

Packed full of people..

constant flow of cash…

I wondered …

How could you have two… 150 mots de plus

Lazy Searches Stop Short of theTruth

A few times in the past I wanted to know what people say about me and do the Google search. There are images of my work with other references from this blog, etc. 697 mots de plus

My Life As An Artist

SEO Roundtable: Google Image Search Exact Size Filter To Be Fixed

SEO Roundtable: Google Image Search Exact Size Filter To Be Fixed. « If you go to Google Image search and search for any image, let’s say flowers, and then go to the search tools and select the size option. 49 mots de plus

Tweaks & Updates

Publish and Perish

Earlier today I once again I accidentally published a post before it was fully baked. I hate when that happens. When I realized that I published the post prematurely, which was within seconds of my mistake, I went into the WordPress app and reverted the status of the post back from published to draft. 237 mots de plus