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What are we scared of?

Why are people scared to tell someone that they love them? I believe it’s because they are afraid of the other person’s response. Of course, if the object of their affection immediately returns the sentiment, then it’s one of the happiest moment of their lives. 542 mots de plus

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Quotes about Inclusion

Following on from my post yesterday on the subject of Inclusion, I found so many inspirational quotes on that subject that I just have to share them with you. 241 mots de plus

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Everything in Black and White

Notice I didn’t say « Everything IS Black and White », because nothing really is. There are always Shades of Grey, and I’m not talking just 50 either. 186 mots de plus

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Dr Steve Maraboli

This is what Dr Steve Maraboli‘s website says about him:

Dr. Steve Maraboli is a life-changing Speaker, bestselling Author, and Behavioral Science Academic. His empowering words, strategic insights, and social philosophies have been shared and published throughout the world in more than 25 languages.
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Jacki K’s Free Writing Prompt—What Makes You Grateful?

A Free Writing Prompt for You: What makes you grateful? How do you say, « Thanks »?

from Jacki K

response and illustration

Is that free writing or freewriting? 314 mots de plus

Make Love, Not War

Yesterday, I wrote about War, from the angle of the film The Hunger Games, and also speculating on the mentality behind the recent terrorist attacks in Paris, Lebanon and Syria. 264 mots de plus

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Heartbreak Hotel

A friend recently celebrated her news of not being single anymore. She followed this with a series of photos of happy dates with her handsome young man, holding hands, smooching, walking on the beach, hanging out at bars, walking the dog etc etc. 316 mots de plus

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