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Feminist Quotes

Following on from my post yesterday about being a Feminist, here are some quotes I found on Google Images.

Some will make you laugh. Others will make you think. 18 mots de plus

AlyZen Moonshadow

Cubicle Madness

Wonder if you can actually go insane because of the basic construct of the cubicle environment? The incessant, relentless sight of GRAY. Gray walls, gray carpet, gray brain.   228 mots de plus


The Beast Rears It's Head...

…and I don’t mean Beauty and the Beast style. This Beast of mine, is not going to transform into my Disney fairytale prince charming. Sitting in the Drs office earlier this afternoon, the Dr uttered words I had hoped I would never hear again. 296 mots de plus


March's Featured Pod: The Gravy Age

Boy do I have a podcast for you! Please read this article and then quickly jump on your computer, tablet or phone and grab the featured podcast, you know you want too! 858 mots de plus