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Gotham Season One

Naturally when I learned that fox was going to start a new show called Gotham I was hoping for the best but in the back of my mind fearing for the worst, we know how certain shows on fox sometimes end up *ahem* but with that being said I am beyond ecstatic that this show came to fruition! 483 mots de plus

Value deals: Groupon? Daddy deals? Use them, don't let them use you!

This is specially looking at travel deals: nights away, game drives, activities etc., but you can apply the same principles to any deal.

I’m writing this because I’ve been burnt too many times. 904 mots de plus


Hide and Seek

HAIKU is a traditional form of Japanese poetry, three lines, no rhyme, with five syllables, then seven syllables and lastly five more syllables. The first line goes with the second and the second line reads with the last. 120 mots de plus

Setting: How to write about a place you've never been

Technically, I have been to Los Angeles. I changed planes at LAX once. But the inside of one airport looks pretty much like the next, and it was a redeye from Honolulu and I was somewhat less than fully alert. 698 mots de plus


Inspirational Quotes about Changing Your Thoughts

This is a spillover from my post yesterday, where I talked about some examples of people being brave enough to change their thoughts, and reaping the benefits. 68 mots de plus

AlyZen Moonshadow

Augusts Album: Saint Asonia

Welcome to a brand new segment! Well truthfully it’s just a revision to my old song of the day/month postings! I decided that I would rather pick an album I am currently obsessed with, and then each month I will try my hardest to pick one and share it with you. 693 mots de plus

Shocked Patrick

Recently I was searching online for an image of a shocked animal for a point I wanted to make on Sunday worship. I wanted the animal to be cute and people must like it. 237 mots de plus

Christian Life