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"How Did You Not Notice Your Eye Isn't Working?"

My body going wrong is something I have become rather used to over the last four years. Each time something starts functioning abnormally I find myself less and less surprised. 407 mots de plus


Google's Image Search is Getting Ads

Bleh: Google’s image search is going to get ads. « Google is launching its shopping ads on Images. They will be displayed at the very top of the results. 30 mots de plus


Gln's Digest (Day 1)

(Woman walks in shops, Aguas Calientes, Peru 2015)


…that’s me.. in the title. An introductory.

I am 24 years old. Occupation: Homeless. 443 mots de plus


The Awkward Moment when your Blisters are Famous

Blisters used to be my thing. When I was in my middle teens I would regularly wreck my feet beyond recognition. To me, it was all in the name of a good long walk. 921 mots de plus

Adventure Is A Way Of Life

Defeat Is Fine...

This evenings blog is going to be a short one as my body is being slightly temperamental. With this in mind, I want to focus on knowing when to hold your hands up and admit defeat. 135 mots de plus


Google Image Search and the Misappropriation of Copyrighted Images

From the Center for Protection of Intellectual Property: Google Image Search and the Misappropriation of Copyrighted Images. « According to a study by Define Media Group, in the first year after the changes to Google Image search, image search referrals to original source websites were reduced by up to 80%. 93 mots de plus


Manteca Man Still Troubled by Thing on His Arm

Manteca, CA — A systems analyst from Manteca, California has let friends, relatives, and coworkers know he’s still concerned about that thing on his arm. Less than a week has passed since Wayne Feders noticed a small red blotch on the inside of his right forearm. 607 mots de plus