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All Paws On Deck

Insomnia should be embraced, is what I say, as the stars and I giggle on Google like girls at a sleepover.

Haven’t done one of these in a while forgetting what fun it is and let’s face it, animals are the best medicine for whatever ails you on a sleepless, Saturday night. 204 mots de plus


Google Images and Royalty Free Images

When I am designing a website if the client has not provided me with images, I will use creative commons or open source images to display in the website mock-up.   152 mots de plus


How Google Images samples this blog

When I did a Google images search on « monkeymoonmachine, » this is what I saw.

I kinda like how random this assortment of pics is. 32 mots de plus


How to Find High Resolution Photos Online

Finding high resolution photos on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines is simple. If you’re not using search terms and search tools, then it’s time to start.   282 mots de plus


Post 8- Explore definitions of Gusto di Vivere and San Pell: PartyTIME!

Googling « zest » automatically I see a pic of lemons and I start think of food that are zesty like maybe cilantro. A little goes a long way with this herb but it does have a powerful taste. 471 mots de plus

The Not-So-Distant Past

Image I

One of the main areas of focus in my studies has been the image of Japanese women in shin-hanga (new prints) from the pre-war period in Japan. 523 mots de plus

Image searches in Korean have vastly different results, might need to reconfigure the algorithm

Pro-tip! If you are a Korean-spaker looking for non-sexual images on Google, search in English. 444 mots de plus