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Google may shut down Hangouts for consumers in 2020

Hangouts Chat and Hangouts Meet, the enterprise focused products introduced last year, will continue to exist as part of the G Suite. 251 mots de plus


The twin force and the unarmed mother – we are truly Indian

At home we take “being secular” to another level, thanks to my daughter who is in every way a true Indian. Not like we are not, but she likes to translate that into actions and hence this month we have been busy researching and celebrating each and every festival right from independence day, to Parsi new year to Eid and finally Raksha Bandhan. 344 mots de plus


AM Roundup: Aretha Franklin Died with No Will?, Lamar Odom Talks 2015 Coma, Facebook Bans Kremlin and Iran-Linked Accounts

Aretha Franklin Died with No Will?

TMZ says court documents show that Franklin died « intestate, » which is a fancy way to say she had no will at the time of her passing. 858 mots de plus