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Predictions and Form Guide for the 2016 Grammy Awards Nominations

One of the esoteric thought bubbles I like to share on Twitter is whether music award ceremonies count. There are so many of them, and then so many different award categories inherent, that surely not all of them can possibly count. 1 839 mots de plus


Adele's 25 blows past expectations

By Liam McGurl  @Liiiammm1996

It was starting to feel like a “Million Years Ago” since we last heard from London native Adele, but her powerful new installment, … 611 mots de plus

Here Are The Realities Hip-Hop Might Have To Accept For The 2016 Grammys

Words By Jameel Raeburn

In hip-hop, the awards don’t matter. It’s all about speaking to the people (maybe even to the streets) and being culturally and socially relevant in doing so. 1 491 mots de plus


Trending N'at: First Photos of The Cast of "Grease Live" Revealed

First it was « The Sound of Music », then « Peter Pan », and now the classic musical « Grease » is making it’s way to the big screen as the next live show production. 297 mots de plus


58th Annual Grammy Nomination Predictions

As you all may know, Grammy season is creeping upon us and the nominations will be out before you know it. Before the nominations are announced Dec. 594 mots de plus


Adele is the Best Adele There Is

With a world full of impersonators, many really, incredibly close impersonators make a ton of money pretending to be the star. In a recent stunt pulled by BBC’s Graham Norton, the legendary Adele, puts on a prosthetic nose, chin and concealing makeup and took the stage against other impersonators. 17 mots de plus


Latin Grammys - "Don't Vote for Racists"

Lat two elections, about 73% of Hispanics voted for Obama…With the latest round of « We hate brown folks » by the right…That ought to be up to 95% next election. 412 mots de plus

Stupid Republican Tricks