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Grammy Celebration

Every February, the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences hosts the Grammy Celebration for 5000 guests.  This marquee of the Awards Season in Los Angeles, has maintained a consistent production team for over 15 years.   121 mots de plus


Macklemore: Fame Found in a Thrift Shop

Let’s all take a moment to appreciate Macklemore not only for his musicality, but for a side noticed only some of the time: his ever-important wardrobe. 430 mots de plus

Arts & Life

Opinion: The Legitmacy of Awards in Hollywood (Intro)

Following the recent Primetime and Creative Arts Emmy Awards last month and with award season beginning, I thought it would be timely to look at how Film, TV and Music awards are perceived, and whether they continue to have any legitimacy or authority in Hollywood. 61 mots de plus


Rule #102: Music programs for prisoners

Some band I’ve never heard of – Godspeed you! won some award I’ve never heard of – PolarisPretty interesting so far eh? It’s not surprising I haven’t heard of this award as I hate award shows. 297 mots de plus



So its been a while since I posted anything.  Not because I couldn’t.. because of time.  With the release of FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM, I’ve been extremely busy.In July, FIRE IN THE RAINSTORM hit number two on the… 153 mots de plus

Roman Rojas' First Grammy Nomination

I’m honored to be part of the production team as a recording engineer for the Grammy nominated kids album « Chino Y Nacho For Babies » by Latin American superstars Chino Y Nacho. 11 mots de plus