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Athlete Cameos From Nickelback's "Rockstar" Music Video, Ranked

Kirk Cousins made this possible. Cousins and his Washington teammates lifted weights while listening to Creed’s Greatest Hits on Thursday. This resulted in me clicking on various tracks on YouTube because, honestly, My Own Prison was an album which I owned and greatly enjoyed as a teenager.* While listening to One (The best song on that album in my opinion.) I saw this: 1 180 mots de plus


Charles Barkley and Tracy McGrady Are Wrong: The NBA is Far Better Now Than it Was in the Old Man 90s

Charles Barkley: « The NBA is watered down, worst I’ve seen it. » – TNT

Tracy McGrady: « For  to be the first player to be unanimously MVP – it just tells you how watered down our league is. 622 mots de plus


Duke finally inducts these ballers into athletics Hall of Fame

Shane Battier and Grant Hill will be inducted into Duke’s Athletic Hall of Fame this year and it was really only a matter of time. The basketball team honored the two with personalized Instagram posts. 142 mots de plus


Thoroughly Modern at CCAS: After Arkley - a reflection on post-war Australian dreams

The status of the aspirational dreams sold to middle class Australians after the Second World War is the subject of a new exhibition, Thoroughly Modern… 541 mots de plus

“Thoroughly Modern” @ Canberra Contemporary Art Space -Braddon

1 Apr 2016 to 7 May 2016

I love the Gorman House rooms used by Canberra Contemporary Art Space. It is large, well-lit and high ceilinged. 246 mots de plus


Grant Hill was Confused by Bill Raftery's "Little Bit of a Chub" Comment

Bill Raftery referred to Villanova’s Kris Jenkins as « a little bit of a chub » after the forward knotted things up at 27-27 with a baseline floater. 48 mots de plus


'We Had Arrived': Grant Hill Looks Back On Duke's First Championship 25 Years Later

Looking back on it now, 1991 brought us one of the most unforgettable Final Fours of all time. From the immovable object that was UNLV being stopped in its tracks by Duke, to Kansas’ Roy Williams facing his former mentor Dean Smith in a game that saw UNC’s coach ejected under questionable circumstances, there was plenty of intrigue to go around. 1 593 mots de plus