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Boxed Water, Greenwashing and the DeVos Family support for racist water policies in Michigan

More and more corporations are trying to present themselves as caring about the environment. These corporations use slick advertising campaigns and try to deceive us into thinking that we can consume our way out of the environmental crisis we have made. 610 mots de plus

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We have all heard the term « whitewashing ».  Whitewashing is defined as « a deliberate concealment of someone’s mistakes or faults in order to clear their name. 538 mots de plus

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Maui Moisture: le pire greenwashing jamais vu !

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive cannabiniod compound found in industrial hemp and cannabis. Medically, CBD has been shown to have great medicinal value. Benefits are but not limited to: Alleviates Anxiety, Strengthen immune system, Therapeutic, All Natural, Anti-Oxidant, Promotes Glucose Read More

What Is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing. I had never heard of the term until I started reading into ethical and sustainable fashion. I had never experienced it until I started questioning brands about their ethical stance. 341 mots de plus


The Spanda Cycle #3 - Banking human rights

Co-written with Irene Del Vecchio, « Banking human rights » is the third article of The Spanda Cycle, published on the 19th of June 2014. It analyses the dodgy investments many famous banks and consider the potential of a wider green-banking attitude. 1 846 mots de plus

The Spanda Cycle

When 'going green' isn't really green

This is a short blog post inspired by Unit 8 of the CM8001 course; Impact of Chemistry on Society. Unit 8 is all about plastic and polymers and the content of this lecture has inspired this blog post. 635 mots de plus