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Fashion as a Facet of Strategic Communication Theory

Fashion isn’t just clothing anymore; with each season come new designs that challenge social norms, political ideology, and the extent that one can express a persona through woven fabric. 841 mots de plus

Beauty And Style

Where do the deposits for the world's largest bike share program go? Do you believe they don't make money?

Cover photo: Mobike

Mobike is currently the world’s largest bike share program. You may not hear about it. I can fully understand. It expanded so quickly! 1 521 mots de plus


H&M’s recycling programme

H&M has a great initiative whereby you can take a full shopping bag full of old clothing or linen or towels (or a mixture of all three) to any of its stores in SA, to be recycled. 969 mots de plus


Greenwashing:  Being an Informed Consumer

We all know that “going green” is trendy, and while I’m happy many companies are truly becoming eco-friendly, many more are jumping on the bandwagon and claiming to be “sustainable” without any proof to actually back up their claims.  401 mots de plus

Eco-Friendly Tips

I Wish I Knew How It Would Feel to be Free...of the Car

I’ve seen the Ford Company’s Super Bowl commercial a few times now–Google has determined that I’m part of Ford’s target demographic when I choose a Philip Glass or Gerald Finzi piece to listen to on YouTube. 604 mots de plus