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Israel, Palestine and ‘Greenwashing’ by Robert Fantina

In the past few decades, at least 280,000 olive trees have been intentionally destroyed in Palestine by Israel; an estimated 250,000,000 pine trees have been planted, some financed by well-meaning but uninformed people, but most by the Israeli government.

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Israel Genocide

Starbucks and Sustainability: The True Cost of Your Morning Latte.

If you drink coffee, you have most likely had a coffee from Starbucks. Even if Starbucks is not your go-to, or you can’t answer the question « what is  378 mots de plus

Prompt 6- Find An Org For P2

Efficient only in silencing society...

Interest on built environment and its effect on natural ecosystems, has come a long way these past years; escaping the trap of becoming a mere fashion (even if not completely free from this influence) the number of practitioners and schools boarding said matters has definitely witnessed a boom. 754 mots de plus


Tips: Avoid Greenwashing

If you are concerned about greenwashing, you might want to review a recent article from Two Sides North America:  Five Tips to Avoid « Greenwashing » When Marketing Paper Products.  197 mots de plus


How Adrian Grenier plans to hold Dell to its green goals

Adrian Grenier needs to keep computer maker Dell honest.

The star of HBO’s hit series « Entourage » recently became Dell’s first “Social Good Advocate,” making his debut in the role this week at the South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. 1 004 mots de plus


Harper's Bazaar #BeautySchool

As an rms beauty fan, you are probably already aware of the industry’s « green washing » of beauty products and the toxic ingredients that may be lurking in seemingly harmless bottles.  113 mots de plus


Organic Milk Really Isn't Organic

Greenwashing is right under our noses throughout our whole life, we just rarely pay attention. We are constantly trying to find more efficient and more sustainable ways to do everything, but sometimes thats not always the outcome. 254 mots de plus