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Monopoly greenwashing: Earth Day

The event is, at best, merely window dressing that does little to effect long-lasting positive change, and at worst, provides an ideal platform for corporate greenwashing and dirty fuel propaganda.  637 mots de plus

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Long time no see…er…write…read? I had some unexpected business to take care of last week, so my little blog time dropped to negative twenty. Speaking of negatives–why is it so freakin’ cold all of a sudden? 1 517 mots de plus


For those who think it’s all just a bunch of greenwashing…

At the heart of our mission here at Sustainable Slopes is the belief that people and corporations are inherently good, and want to make decisions that make the world a better place, not just grow their bottom line. 728 mots de plus


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Inspiration for Life

‘Precies waar jij bent, daar is het gehele potentie van ons universe’

‘Right where you are, the potential of the universe is.’ 1 253 mots de plus


Sustainability in Fashion: A Forgotten Conversation?

« Second to oil, fashion and textiles is the most polluting industry in the world. » – Dr Linda Greer in her article Remove Toxic Chemicals and Fabrics from Fashion’s Supply Chain. 191 mots de plus


in swamps
long ago
out of water
and soil.
sweet sweet honey
Oh honey,
my sweet honey, 134 mots de plus


Israel, Palestine and ‘Greenwashing’ by Robert Fantina

In the past few decades, at least 280,000 olive trees have been intentionally destroyed in Palestine by Israel; an estimated 250,000,000 pine trees have been planted, some financed by well-meaning but uninformed people, but most by the Israeli government.

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Israel Genocide