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Terracycle - terribly good, or terribly bad?

Who is
this creature with terrible claws, and terrible teeth in its terrible jaws? Oh
help, oh no…. it’s a Facebook eco group sniping at people for trying their… 1 027 mots de plus

#PlasticBandWagon part 3 - get rid of all your Tupperware?

Please note – this is NOT my Tupperware drawer. This is a borrowed image from this very funny article after a Google image search of « messy Tupperware drawer », because all my Tupperware is stored very neatly with (almost) no missing lids. 872 mots de plus

Mass movement now revealed as sham

Hundreds of you told us that you want action on plastic pollution. And we listened. From tomorrow, plastic bags will officially be a thing of the past!

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How Denim Manufacturer Saitex Became The First B Corp Factory In Asia — Forbes

Read more at Forbes

— by Esha Chhabra: This week, Saitex, a denim factory, became the first certified B Corp factory in Asia and the only large scale manufacturer of denim to adopt the standards set forth by B Lab, a Philly-based organization looking to redefine business with an emphasis on people and planet… 18 mots de plus


Have you been Greenwashed? And does it really matter if your products are Natural, Organic or Certified Organic?

On my quest for natural wellness, I have been looking into the chemicals used in my beauty products (amongst other things), and to be honest, I have been quite shocked by what I have found. 954 mots de plus

Non Toxic Living

Seventh Generation: Green for Profit or the Environment?

When I think of brands that embody corporate social responsibility, or CSR, Seventh Generation makes the top of the list.

Founded in 1988 as an eco-friendly, mail-order catalog in Burlington, Vermont, Seventh Generation got its name from an Iroquois saying: 580 mots de plus


Greenwashing, What Is It?

I am sure you have heard of it, maybe you haven’t but what
EXACTLY is greenwashing?

Well, in basic terms it is when a company/brand falsely… 1 134 mots de plus

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