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Sustainable or Superficial?

Fashion’s failure to move beyond the most easily achievable — and easily marketable — sustainability issues puts it behind other sectors, argues Lucy Siegle.

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A Different Look at Greenwashing

Most companies greenwash their products, from claiming to sell eco friendly diapers to natural skincare – when they’re actually not. But greenwashing doesn’t only happen in personal care, so we’re looking at other common greenwashers. 421 mots de plus


Is H&M misleading customers with all its talk of sustainability?

Marc Bain 

April 16, 2016

H&M probably talks about sustainability more than any other fast-fashion brand. It produces a Conscious collection made using sustainable and recycled materials, 1 161 mots de plus



Fashion Revolution Week has come to an end and I can’t really say whether it was a success or not.  I noticed a few more « Haulternative » YouTube posts from girls who normally don’t get involved in ‘ethical fashion’.  516 mots de plus

Celebrating Earth Day (sans "green washing")

When I first became involved with capital-« E » Environmental world, I was quickly overwhelmed with the dire state of pretty much everything. Satellite images of melting ice, flashing videos of burning rain forests, sound bites about the polluted state of our air, water and land. 1 120 mots de plus


Coca-Cola Life (Or: A Study in Greenwashing)

« Sweetened from natural sources », the commercial proclaims triumphantly, as a model raises a signature Coca Cola bottle, dripping with condensation, to his lips, fading away in the glare of a lens flare as tasteful as the product advertised – but wait! 445 mots de plus