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Becoming a 'green' Grinch

It was a slow but gradual descent into cynicism and jadedness, starting probably after I finished junior college back in 2010. I had decided that conservation of the environment was my calling, to be a voice for the environment because nature can’t speak for itself, and ecology was my chosen field (as opposed to ‘environmental sciences’) because I wanted to stick with biology as a core. 835 mots de plus


Glossary Post 5

For this week’s topic, I was excited to learn more about greenwashing because anything that can help me to be more environmentally friendly is a benefit. 442 mots de plus


Scotland’s green watchdog wined and dined by polluters

Rob Edwards | The Ferret

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (Sepa) has been repeatedly wined and dined by the fish farming, whisky and power industries, prompting questions to be raised about its impartiality. 422 mots de plus


Greenwashing Post

Prompt: What does it mean to be green? What does sustainability mean and why is it important? How does being « green » help us and the environment? 153 mots de plus

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Peer Review

The post that I chose to peer review was Greenwashing by mwalker92. I chose to do this post because they had mentioned many questions in their initial prompt that I am constantly discussing with my friends and people I work with who are very conscious about what they put into their bodies. 405 mots de plus


Prompt: Everyone at some point has wanted to lose weight for one reason or another, but what is the best way to go about this process? 318 mots de plus

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