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Person of Interest: Elizabeth Bennett

Elizabeth Bennett is the founder of Fruitcycle, a social enterprise that makes delicious, healthy and locally sourced snacks with ingredients that would otherwise go to waste. 524 mots de plus

The real world's magic system

I don’t spend very much time in the office in the course of my job–something I love about it, as the scenery is always different. Case in point: yesterday, three of us spent the entire day bushwhacking around a thirty-acre forest, looking for policeman’s helmet (an invasive  738 mots de plus


The Swedish Cancer Society, a controversial professor and Exponent

In a new article in NewsVoice, Mona Nilsson (scientific journalist) continues to review a controversial professor at KI and Harvard and his affiliations with industry. 90 mots de plus


Jumping on the "green bonds" bandwagon?

This is somewhat old news (announced in early March), but let’s look at it again. What should we fear when oil companies start issuing green bonds… 798 mots de plus

Non Classé

Wellness Wednesday: Greenwashing

Ever heard of greenwashing? This term has been something that’s made me stand up and pay attention as of late. One of the reasons I love this blog so much is that it gives me an outlet to bring awareness to things that aren’t mainstream so others can stand up and pay attention as well. 339 mots de plus


Case Solution for FIJI Water and Corporate Social Responsibility - Green Makeover or "Greenwashing"?

Complete Case details are given below :

Case Name :      FIJI Water and Corporate Social Responsibility – Green Makeover or « Greenwashing »?

Authors :           James McMaster, Jan Nowak… 255 mots de plus


Tips Tuesday - Thank You!

Tips Tuesday – Thank You!

Well I feel the need to thank you all for your support and perseverance through a tough weather week and still assisting us with removing over 60 bags from our community streets, parks and walking trails! 475 mots de plus