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How to spot greenwashing

Def: Greenwash is modeled on the word whitewash, and means to promote the idea that something (a company, product, policy, etc) is environmentally friendly, when in fact it is not. 474 mots de plus

Ethical Marketing

The Six Reasons Why Companies Actually Wind Up Embracing CSR

Awhile back I wrote an article titled “The Six Reasons Why Companies Should Embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).”  In fact, it was one of my most popular posts, thank you very much all you readers out there. 855 mots de plus


Greenwashing plastic

A student’s parent shared the greenwashed images below with me a few days ago. They come from a northern edition of The Hindu (I’m not sure if it came in the version sold down south where I live). 436 mots de plus


Maine's Pristine Public Lands In Statutory Limbo: Large Scale Metallic Mining On Public Lands Presently Authorized Under Relaxed Environmental Law

Mining, including Metallic Mining, has been allowed by Statute  in Maine back to 1977 under Title 12, the statute that protects and conserves public lands.  Referred to as the « Mining on Public Lands Statute »,  it designates  « Director of Survey ( Sate Geologist Dr. 2 024 mots de plus

Is Social Enterprise a Con?

That’s the argument is made by David Groshoff, a Harvard educated law professor and business executive. In his treatise “Contrepeneurship? Examining social enterprise legislation’s feel-good governance giveaways” … 889 mots de plus



The last decade has seen an increase in consumers who are more conscious of environmental issues affecting the world today (Marciniak, 2009).  These trends were quickly identified by large companies who were willing to modify their operations in order to meet consumers’ new social expectations; and so green washing emerged as a new marketing tool that companies were able to use (Marciniak, 2009). 520 mots de plus

Alternative Investments – The Regulatory Landscape in India, Future of Hedge Funds, New Products and the road ahead

Contributed by: Mohit Moradiya, CFA

Ahmedabad chapter of the Indian Association of Investment Professionals (IAIP) organized an event titled “Alternative Investments – The Regulatory Landscape in India, Future of Hedge Funds, New Products and the road ahead”. 1 293 mots de plus