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Chanel HC16: Going green or simply greenwashing?

Haute Couture Spring-Summer 2016

Chanel previewed the Spring 2016 Haute Couture collection in the Grand Palais in Paris on Tuesday. It collection oozed luxury, with gorgeous bouclé two-pieces, beautiful midnight blues, neutral embellishment and pleats, and elegant silks and beading. 533 mots de plus

Sustainable Fashion

IKEA Wants Change (In Their Market Share)

Did you know that IKEA thinks we’ve hit « peak stuff »? Did you know that the consumerist mother of all consumerist mothers thinks that we have too much crap? 644 mots de plus

Cruelty Free: Neutrogena (not so) Naturals

For years I’ve been using Neutrogena skincare products; they’ve been my go-to brand ever since high school when I struggled with acne like most teenage girls do. 578 mots de plus

Animal Testing

LECTURE: Sustainability, Globalisation & Greenwashing

(With reference to fashion and textile design)


The term sustainability highlights how renewable and available something is. In reference to fashion and textiles, we are not very resourceful In producing garments and as consumers we cultural and social changes persuade us to be materialistic. 273 mots de plus

Lecture Response

Sustainability Greenwashing and Globalisation

Continuous cycle of buying and throwing, sales

Can online shop now too, don’t need to go out the house

Do we have responsibility for the environment? 336 mots de plus

Colchester Institute

Tourism sector gears up to reduce carbon footprint

For most people, staying in a hotel is usually a pampered experience. Who doesn’t like having someone else to make the bed and getting freshly laundered towels every day, even for just a few days of hotel stay? 92 mots de plus

Visitor Economy

Sighting. New & improved greenwash

A group of artists have replaced Paris ads with a campaign called “Brandalizing” to decry attempts by the monopolies to “greenwash” their environmentally destructive practices.