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Greenwashing ili krečenje u zeleno

U mom rodnom gradu postoji jedna stara firma koja začudo još uvek funkcioniše. Ta firma ima zid koji odvaja fabrički krug od ulice i koji se ispostavio kao jako pogodan za uličnu umetnost. 669 mots de plus


Weekend Wanderings: Cobblestone Playground

In an attempt to fight the city’s pollution, Paris’ most famous boulevard — the Champs-Élysées — is closed for cars every first Sunday of the month… 138 mots de plus


Emission Reductions through Words? A Critical View on Corporate Carbon Disclosure

Have you ever wondered what large multi-national companies are doing in terms of climate change mitigation? There is an easy way to find out. H&M… 1 205 mots de plus

Climate Policy

Greenwashing the European Union

The Ecology Party originated in Coventry in 1973 with four people involved in the ‘survivalist’ movement, not exactly a bastion of left-wing thought for ‘watermelons’.  This group put up candidates under the title of ‘PEOPLE’ at the two general elections in 1974, picking up about four and a half thousand votes the first time and just under two thousand the second time, between the candidates which they fielded.  1 597 mots de plus

European Union

The favela chair by the Campana brothers.

Tommy Papaioannou 11/6/2016

Brazilian designers Fernando and Humberto Campana created the Favela chair for the Italian company Edra. As the company says: « The beauty of Favela lies in the choice of natural materials combined with the apparent simplicity of construction. 162 mots de plus


A Window into a Credible Approach to Sustainability

At the biggest Earth Day celebration in the world, Earth Day Texas 2016, two sustainability leaders—a nonprofit ecolabel and a windows manufacturer, discussed why consumers rely on them to make smart purchasing decisions. 397 mots de plus

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