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Study eyes hotel industry 'greenwashing'

Consumers catching on to self-serving industry practices

Staff Report

Environmentally savvy travelers aren’t necessarily buying the hotel industry’s green claims, according to a trio of Washington State University researchers, who said there’s growing skepticism that towel re-use programs and other superficial measures are truly a sign of sustainable hotel operations. 616 mots de plus


As Corporations Go Green, a System for Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) Still Lacks Verification 

Original source: As Corporations Go Green, a System for Clean Energy Certificates (RECs or credits) Still Lacks Verification | MIT Technology Review |

This week nine large corporations including Starbucks, Walmart, Procter & Gamble, and Johnson & Johnson said they have joined the RE100, a registry of companies that have pledged to obtain 100 percent of the energy they consume from renewable sources. 706 mots de plus

Climate Change

Can We Save The Ski Industry?

The Greatest Snow on Earth could be the first casualty of global warming. If Temperatures increase according to projections, the ski industry is toast!

The resorts are rallying round to fight the good fight, raise awareness, and bring down CO2 emissions. 360 mots de plus


Climate Change: Why Don't People Care?

The general population doesn’t care about the environment. Look at the gap between attitudes of sustainability and behaviors of sustainability. People claim environmental consciousness. They adopt green practices well below the mean. 361 mots de plus


Coca Cola Corp

In the 80s as I backpacked through Nepal I saw that Coke was being delivered to every remote outpost along the Himalaya trekking route, presumably to service the travelers and hikers. 157 mots de plus


What suing The Honest Company really means

News about the lawsuit against The Honest Company  shocked many parents who are devoted users of the celebrity-owned line—but for some, it comes as no surprise.  917 mots de plus


#COP21 green circus coming soon in Paris, France !

The (real) question is : « Where will all the expensive eco-bureaucrats, self-declared organic politicians, and other subsidized greenwashers go next year, for their (Christmas purchases ?) #COP22 jamboree with first class Champagne and Business-Club sandwiches ? 11 mots de plus