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The Fear Virus and the Pause

Last night was the first night that I slept the whole way through without waking in a week.

The few other nights before that, ever since we were all told that schools, colleges, events and public gatherings were to cease for at least a fortnight, I was waking early due to the… 525 mots de plus

Greg Canty

Taking away the fear and Positive PR the KLM way

I just received a very clever piece of personalised email correspondence from the President and CEO of KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Pieter Elbers, which was designed to reassure anyone contemplating a flight with them that they are to be trusted during these worrying… 1 001 mots de plus

Greg Canty

Waiting for your "Purpose" to reveal itself

Once again you find yourself having this conversation quietly in your head.

« I want to make a huge difference on this earth, I want to live a life with… 238 mots de plus

Greg Canty

2020 - Time to Experience the "real thing"

When it comes to trends in Marketing to look out for in 2020 and beyond I think it will be all about ‘Experiential’ getting closer to the customer allowing them to touch and feel the products and services and to meet the people behind them. 607 mots de plus

Greg Canty

When 'How About' and 'Why Not' come together

A really talented musician said « How about » to a bunch of talented musicians who answered « Why not » to an idea about performing classic Irish songs together… 161 mots de plus

Greg Canty

Life and knowing what really matters

At one point the Dwyer family employed thousands of people in Cork city, manufacturing clothing and footwear in Dwyer and Co, the Lee Boot Company and in Sunbeam Wolsley. 267 mots de plus

Greg Canty

Special Saturday nights..

The Irish Times morning update popped into my inbox with a powerful image of one of Ireland’s iconic figures.

Without having to read anything the moment when I see that image of… 195 mots de plus

Greg Canty