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Alain Tourret défend Henri Guaino à l’Assemblé Nationale

Alain Tourret, député PRG, tient à défendre son collègue UMP Henri Guaino « au nom des principes, de la défense du statut de député et de la liberté de critiquer ». 236 mots de plus

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Guaino demande l'immunité parlementaire... Pour lui même

Henri Guaino a déposé une proposition de résolution à l’Assemblée nationale. Il demande la « suspension des poursuites engagées par le parquet de Paris » contre lui. 320 mots de plus

L'actu à Chaud


It would appear that shame is an emotion that is not in sufficient quantity in some quarters of French politics.  In a stunning turn of events, the rising star of the Socialist government, Jerome Cahuzac, who resigned from his Budget portfolio last month over allegations that he had hidden money from the tax authorities in a foreign bank account, who had spent months denying the allegations, on radio, television and even in the National Assembly, who had begun libel proceedings against the news organisation that led with the accusations, has… 1 301 mots de plus

The French now questioning election

Reuters is reporting that one of Sarkozy’s top advisors, Henri Guaido, and Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner are openly questioning the Iranian election. Moreover, they are calling out the brutal repression of supporters of Ahmadinejad’s opponents, suggesting that all of these events are closing the door to dialogue.