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Thrifting Abroad: Guerrisol

Paris may be known for their flea markets, but truth be told, some of these places are closer to overpriced antique stores than a place to find a good bargain. 175 mots de plus

Used clothing shopping

So, not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Paris is expensive. WHAT!

When I still lived in the US, I shopped at used-clothing stores all the time to save money. 201 mots de plus


Let's get ready to rummage!

There are a few things I miss about life back in old Blighty. A fluffy loaf of sliced bread. Readily available kale. Customer service… But one of the things I most lament is the complete absence of charity shops in Paris, probably a controversial opinion if you’re a reader from the UK, sick of seeing them popping up on your high streets like an unfortunate disease. 548 mots de plus