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Thrifting Abroad: Guerrisol

Paris may be known for their flea markets, but truth be told, some of these places are closer to overpriced antique stores than a place to find a good bargain. 175 mots de plus

Used clothing shopping

So, not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but Paris is expensive. WHAT!

When I still lived in the US, I shopped at used-clothing stores all the time to save money. 201 mots de plus


Let's get ready to rummage!

There are a few things I miss about life back in old Blighty. A fluffy loaf of sliced bread. Readily available kale. Customer service… But one of the things I most lament is the complete absence of charity shops in Paris, probably a controversial opinion if you’re a reader from the UK, sick of seeing them popping up on your high streets like an unfortunate disease. 548 mots de plus


Guerrisol: cheap & cheerful

You might have to dig and you definitely need to wash your hands after, but sometimes you have to get a little dirty to get something really good. 126 mots de plus


Board Style #27

From ELLE, August 9th 2013 :

. Food : recipe for micro-wave : egg + red pepper !
. Fashion : French icon, Inès de la Fressange – cover girl… 120 mots de plus


Affordable Shopping in Paris

Walking around Saint-Germain-des-Prés on a warm spring afternoon with barely 10€ in my wallet, dozens of boutiques tempt me with their superfluous indulgences: chocolates, wines, cheeses, spices, olive oils, shoes, books, hats, scarves, antiques…almost anything conceivable has a boutique dedicated to it in Paris. 636 mots de plus


Friday Favorite: Thrift Shopping: Guerrisol Paris

Like most people, I am on always on the look for nice things on a shoe string budget. I haven’t started thrift shopping in New York yet but if there is one store that comes to mind that offers bargain prices for some of the hottest fashion items is… 90 mots de plus