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Show #3: FEB 20, 2015

Live on February 20, 2015

Artist ——————————- Title

Avicii, Sweet Dreams
Chic, I Want Your Love (Stonebridge)
Gwen Guthrie, Ain’t Nothin’ Goin’ On But The Rent… 114 mots de plus

Powell River

Dance it up

What makes a good club mix?

1) Upbeat, uncomplicated rhythm

2) Buildup & release of tension, both through chord progression and tempo

3) A balance of newness and familiarity.   99 mots de plus


Motivate Me! Jogging Playlist

Now that the sun is out down here in Texas, the young and the lively are venturing out to the jogging trails.  When I have a good upbeat playlist, I not only enjoy the workout more, I also run harder.   117 mots de plus


Una locura justificada, Atlanta 2: Tomorrowworld

Nos remontamos al pasado 28 de Septiembre, un grupo de Cast Members viaja a Atlanta con un objetivo, EL OBJETIVO: desfasar en el gran Tomorrowworld. 981 mots de plus

It's Trip-time