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The current system's logic reduces all of us into a money delivery system

As it is right now, the current system’s logic reduces all of us into a money delivery system. People and with us, all living beings are incidental to our self-imposed relentless pursuit of capital, wealth and prestige. 297 mots de plus

Michael de Courcy: journeys through Vancouver's urban wilderness


Why was Michael de Courcy going out late at night on the streets of Vancouver in June, 1975? De Courcy, and assistants Sheeri Waisman and Scott Plear, were painting stencilled arrows on the street for an exhibition called Urban Wilderness. 557 mots de plus


The Origin of the Spectacle

From merriam webster: « Middle English, from Anglo-French, from Latin spectaculum, from spectareto watch, frequentative of specere to look, look at — more at  191 mots de plus

Cartographic Destabilisation in the Weird

Men can see nothing around them that is not their own image; everything speaks to them of themselves. Their very landscape is alive.

-Guy Debord masquerading as Karl Marx: ‘Theory of the Dérive’ in 

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The Weird

The Spectacle vs The Marginal

Artistic labor as counter hegemonic politics can change the relations of cultural production. Thinking through a context, critiquing prevailing circumstances, unquestioned lifestyles, contested ideologies and ill repeated events allows the practitioner to work between the marginal and the mainstream by creating a discourse that acknowledges the differences within a Post Fordism climate. 1 907 mots de plus

Notes on Society of the Spectacle: Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Organization of Territory

#165 The globalization of capitalism under the spectacle is also a process of banalization. The extensive banalization takes place as the spectacle invades all countries no matter how far away they may be, and destroys their autonomy and quality. 1 967 mots de plus


Society of the Spectacle

French author, film maker, social and political: theorist, commentator, and provocateur; artist at the forefront of the Parisian revolutionary scene of the sixties, and leader of the radical Situationist International (SI) movement – Guy Ernest Debord took his life in 1994, by gunshot to the heart. 1 589 mots de plus