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Assignment 3. The Decisive Moment

“The sectors of a city are decipherable, but the personal meaning they have for us is incommunicable, as is the secrecy of private life in general, regarding which we possess nothing but pitiful documents …” 1 013 mots de plus


The Map as Art

The mapping of our world has long been a significant scientific undertaking, which has influenced how we think about the world and our place within it. 1 770 mots de plus

Creative Cartographies


A video documentary combining exhibition footage of the Situationist International exhibitions with film footage of the 1968 Paris student uprising, and graffiti and slogans based on the ideas of Guy Debord (one of the foremost spokesmen of the Situationist International movement). 507 mots de plus

A World Between the Words and Reader

Spectacles are events or scenes regarded in terms of their visual impact and these could be everyday situations or something which has caused more of a scene but either way, it has had an impact on the person who has viewed it. 535 mots de plus

Spectacles And Simulacra

The Matrix, The Media And Postmodern Politics

I often use the film,  The Matrix (Wachowski Bros., 1999), as a way to introduce students to postmodernist ideas and how they dominate contemporary political thinking, and also to illustrate the hyper-reality that permeates the social space. 2 502 mots de plus


Consume your Art Like a Snickers Bar?

Consumerism is such a buzzword these days, isn’t it?

When you think about it, there’s not much that can’t be commodified or broken down into simpler parts for distribution and eventual sale to a market. 1 467 mots de plus

Modern And Contemporary Asian Art