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Metonymy in Motion

HOMMAGE A GUY, Bruno Neiva: Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2017

Bruno Neiva’s most recent text work, HOMMAGE A GUY, is a book encapsulating images of the homonymous art installation created by Neiva as an homage to Guy Debord. 588 mots de plus

Small Presses

mostra sui situazionisti a genova: 19 luglio - 6 settembre 2017

La galleria Entr’acte di via Sant’Agnese 19r a Genova (zona Carmine), presenta a cura di Sandro Ricaldone una esposizione che raccoglie volumi, riviste, volantini e altri materiali concernenti l’Internazionale Situazionista nonché lavori grafici e pittorici di Guy Debord, Jacqueline de Jong, Ansgar Elde, Pinot Gallizio, Asger Jorn, Piero Simondo. 41 mots de plus

Segnali E Azioni

A Palinode for the Bureau

A little over two years ago I applauded Eric-John Russell’s review of Ken Knabb’s revised translation of The Society of the Spectacle, saying:

Knabb’s attempt to make Debord’s work more accessible seems to have ossified it – perhaps inadvertently. 903 mots de plus


Propaganda in the Age of Fascism

« In the absence of an equally compelling counter-narrative, a significant portion of the masses will also embrace fascism, and history will be left to repeat itself.

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Guy Debord writes in the 64th thesis of The Society of the Spectacle « If every Chinese must learn Mao, and thus be Mao, it is because he can be nothing else. 416 mots de plus

Donald Trump

Week 7: Day 1

Assignment 7: Dérive – drift
Due: W 10:D 2
What to Turn In: When you’ve completed your drift, you both write down what your “authentic” experience produced. 281 mots de plus