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When is it Life? Part 3. Final Part: “Life Presents Itself”

Something is wrong with Henry Miller, as he wanders Broadway, lost, unable to write. This is what we’re really seeing when Miller gives us his picture of impersonal Broadway. 554 mots de plus


When is it Life? Part 2: Miller at Epidaurus

A day for relaxation, spent reading The Colossus of Maroussi by Henry Miller. I’m in a pleasant, empty bar where I can drink wheat beer as I sink into a comfortable chair, absorbed. 930 mots de plus


Perempuan, Predestinasi dan Kapitalisme 

​Pernah dalam sebuah diskusi seseorang mengatakan bahwa dalam situasi ekonomi saat ini, di mana uang menentukan struktur pemaknaan dan tindakan, yang bisa kita lakukan dan mau tidak mau, adalah menerimanya lalu berjuang untuk bertahan. 783 mots de plus


Serendipity - Kraków style

Bearing in mind quite how many miles we have wandered on foot through Kraków – some tourist locations but more often in between and beyond them, and only occasionally guided through our semi-random, off-the-map perambulations by Kung Fu Elvis – it was a thing of beauty to end up our final full day at the oldest Jewish restaurant in the city for dinner and to find that pretty much the only BDS option on the wine list was a bottle of this:


#2 L'internationale situationniste

« Poetry is always somewhere. Its recent abandonment of the arts makes it easier to see that it resides primarily in individual acts, in a lifestyle and in a  search.

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"Faces of the Avant-Garde” - Lettrist International

This first post consists of the first English translation of an important early document which gives an account of the first 5 years of Letterist history. 174 mots de plus

10 Point Profile: Brad Woodfin

Our weekly artist profile. This week we feature social realist painter Brad Woodfin.


Artist Profile