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Pedestrian Semiotics

I do some work canvassing, collecting signatures. I use some demographics to my vantage, albeit a lot of them feel very stereotypical. I’ve been trying to break myself of this by viewing the passing crowds by breaking down semiotic categories (loosely). 292 mots de plus

Guy Debord

The psycho-geographist, the lovers, and me.

Guy Debord, a French dude part of the Situationist International back in the 60’s, maybe 50’s, came-up w/ the idea of psycho-geography as a means of « reclaiming » a city, breaking away old ideas of certain locations in order to establish new… 360 mots de plus

Guy Debord

Monarchy and the Fight for Freedom

by Guy Walker

Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are leading the fight for the banality of encore. And news broadcasters are already discussing with what seems to be a real interest in the bromidic agony of it all, sitting around their florescent roundtables, candidly sipping their coffee in between the great points they make on whether or not Hillary’s blue suit was an intenerate attempt of the spectacle to attract the male subconscious, or if it was just something she put on. 1 864 mots de plus

Current Events

The Beach Beneath the Street

If anyone can rescue the Situationist International from a descent into artistic inconsequentiality, it is McKenzie Wark. I always saw amongst their work sparks of interest, but limited sparks. 3 223 mots de plus


Dérive Guidée

L’artiste mexicaine Amanda Gutierrez revisite la pratique situationniste version 2.0  

La dérive, cette pratique artistique héritière du flâneur fin-de-siècle adoptée par les situationnistes dans les années 50 séduit et inspire encore de nombreux artistes aujourd’hui. 1 000 mots de plus

Amanda Gutierrez

Monthly Selection: From Society of the Spectacle by Guy Debord

Chapter 2 “Commodity as Spectacle”

The commodity can only be understood in its undistorted essence when it becomes the universal category of society as a whole. 2 096 mots de plus

Radical Theory

A Dubai-dérive on Damien Flood's Infinite Plane


It’s difficult to get purchase on Damien Flood’s Infinite Plane. A frustration compounded when you understand the works are the fruits of a strategically conceived research trip. 1 289 mots de plus