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Correspondence with a former deportee (1)

Correspondence between a former deportee and Pierre Guillaume (1979)

Paris, July 2d 1979

To Pierre Guillaume

If I didn’t send you earlier this letter in reply it is first because I have many more serious things to do than to discuss whether there was six millions or only a few thousand Jews gassed and also because I thought it useful to first ask the friends of Alfred Rosmer’s opinion. 2 839 mots de plus

Black Mirror 1x02 y la Sociedad del Espectáculo

Sí, obviamente “alerta spoiler”.

Hace un par de noches, cerveza en mano, decidí volver a ver algún episodio de Black Mirror. Una serie que, desde luego, no deja indiferente. 1 936 mots de plus


'Hencetaking tides we haply return': a stone labyrinth on Mudeford Sandspit

Years ago I made a circular labyrinth, composed of seven circuits of pebbles, on the beach at Mudeford Sandspit, near Hengistbury Head. It took a few hours to gather the large pebbles and arrange them according to the classical design, but I enjoyed the process and the short-lived result. 218 mots de plus

Critique of Separation

Guy Debord

We don’t know what to say. Sequences of words are repeated; gestures are recognized. Outside us. Of course some methods are mastered, some results are verified. 1 429 mots de plus

The death of a design hotel


If you occasionally flick through glossy magazines or travel brochures (even the dog-eared versions in doctors waiting rooms) you’ll know that the images and descriptions of far-flung destinations are meant to take you away from the banality of the everyday. 784 mots de plus


"Fernando de Bentley", Guy Debord e a edição portuguesa de "A Sociedade do Espectáculo"

O texto deste post é um excerto de Editor Contra: Fernando Ribeiro de Mello e a Afrodite, a monografia « in progress » que tenho vindo a compor e que – figas – espero poder publicar este ano. 2 992 mots de plus