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Notes on "[Notes] Guy Debord: Society of the Spectacle"

From the blog Avoiding the Void

From a panel debate on The Society of the Spectacle:
« Man in audience: -When I listen to you it’s like a Bible reading. 161 mots de plus

Social Morphology in Relation to Physchogeography and Derive

Social Morpholagy

Social morphology With the concept of social morphology Durkheim classified the ‘substratum’ of society according to how human populations are distributed and organized across space. 208 mots de plus


A Conflict Between Debord vs. Baudrillard

Goldsmith’s poetics still need to respond to the lame-duck status of recent Baudrillard writing. Maybe not a wholesale return to Marx, but since labor can trigger both boredom and events, Goldsmith’s intuitive understanding of how work is being redistributed in the 21st Century (via copying, archiving, moving information, plundering, etc.) will be of help for a new challenge to the ongoing disenfranchisement of labor. 194 mots de plus

Voto no Brasil: direito ou privilégio?

Como poderia ser o voto um privilégio, se nenhum sentimento de felicidade emerge do ato de votar? Nem mesmo alegria é o sentimento que surge ao saber do resultado das eleições, com a vitória de seu « representante ». 905 mots de plus


An online dérive

The concept of the dérive was developed by Guy Debord (1956) and is a situationist practice of rapidly transitioning through fields of varied ambiances and atmospheres. 187 mots de plus


Nina Cvar: Zapuščeno telo

SND predavanje v Živko skvotcu (Rog), 11.2.2015.

« Že vsaj desetletje, začenši z besedilom Necropolitics Achillea Mbembeja, ki je bilo objavljenoleta 2003, se sodobna teorija sprašuje, kako je navkljub ti. 134 mots de plus