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Patrick Modiano: Young Once & In the Café of Lost Youth

Terry Pitts of the excellent blog Vertigo weighs in on two novels by the French Nobel Prize laureate

Patrick Modiano, Young Once

Patrick Modiano, In the Café of Lost Youth… 90 mots de plus


crime combine

I have a daily reminder of an ongoing crime against nature right outside my window, with over a dozen construction vehicles adding noise pollution among others. 282 mots de plus


Γκυ Ντεμπόρ - Παρουσίαση του Potlatch (1985)

Παρουσίαση [1]

Το δελτίο Potlatch εμφανίστηκε είκοσι επτά φορές μεταξύ 22 Ιουνίου 1954 και 5 Νοεμβρίου 1957. Είναι αριθμημένο από το 1 έως το 29, ενώ το δελτίο της 17ης Αυγούστου 1954 ήταν τριπλό (9-10-11). 18 mots de plus

Λετριστική Διεθνής (Potlatch)

MASHup at the Vancouver Art Gallery; excerpts


Video clips taken from recent (first) visit to the MASHup exhibit at the VAG.

This one: wall installation in The Situationists section. Guy Debord. Videos. 7 mots de plus


Ask a Psychogeographer: Interview on Prehistories

I recently tried to answer a few questions about psychogeography for the wonderful Prehistories website.  Here is an extract:

Ask a… psychogeographer

Interview with Murdo Eason, The Fife Psychogeographical Collective. 752 mots de plus

Fife Psychogeography

The Capitalist Exit Strategy

Does there exist a possibility for us to think outside the premises of capitalist ideology? And if so, how do we reach that? How do we convince others to transition from the world mediated by commodity fetishism into the social relations of Marx, and the Situationists? 914 mots de plus