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Yemen forces prepare assault on rebels near key strait


© AFP | More than 7,000 people have been killed and nearly 37,000 wounded since the Yemen conflict escalated after the Saudi-led military coalition intervened in March 2015… 408 mots de plus

Wahyuni Hadi

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As Executive Director of the Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF), Wahyuni Hadi and her team go through about 15000 films from around the world annually before narrowing down the selection to about ten per cent of those submissions. 964 mots de plus

Money Matters

Saudi-Led Coalition Declares 48-Hour-Ceasefire in Yemen -- The Arab world's poorest nation "is on the brink of famine."


NOV. 19, 2016, 4:48 A.M. E.S.T.

CAIRO — The Saudi-led military coalition declared a 48-hour ceasefire in Yemen on Saturday, on the condition that Shiite rebels abide by it and allow humanitarian assistance into besieged cities, particularly the city of Taiz. 1 071 mots de plus

[REVIEW] Hadi Girl


Hadi Girl


Embarrassed Girl




6.5 / 10


  • girl has extreme shyness-syndrome
  • girl gets a fairy godmother
  • fairy godmother and the « power of the heavens » make girl do extremely embarrassing tasks… or else…
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#INBOUND16 Breaking news - Fashion month may be almost over, but our love for Gigi Hadi...

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Supplanting informal institutions

Following the previous post, it may be worthwhile to examine a part of the world where institutions are not simply failing – as is the case in Iraq (although there may be an uptick in momentum following a successful completion of… 508 mots de plus

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