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Howdy Ho Hadi

Hadi was Vice President of Yemen pre 2011 « Youth » uprising.

Howling at top of their voices youth explained/demanded removal of whole « regime »…whole darn regime including « political parties/forces » long partnered/in bed with/and at root of it are essentially part of regime. 417 mots de plus


Iran sends aid to Yemen's rebels amid Saudi-led airstrikes -- And nuclear talks with the world

SANAA, Yemen (AP) — Iran’s official news agency says Tehran has sent aid to Yemen, its first such shipment since a Saudi-led coalition of Sunni Arab states launched airstrikes last week to halt the advance of the country’s Shiite rebels known as the Houthis. 91 mots de plus

An update on dearest Yemen...

Further to last week…

What a week it’s been for Yemen! SOme of my predictions have been born out and others not, so I thought it prudent to update on the latest and discuss what could happen next in this episode of the Arab winter. 1 310 mots de plus


Arab Air Attacks Hit Yemen Base Holding Long-Range Missiles


SHARM EL-SHEIKH, Egypt — A Saudi-led military operation has targeted a base where Iranian-backed Houthi fighters had set up long-range missiles and pointed them towards the southern Yemeni city of Aden and neighboring countries, a Yemeni official said on Saturday. 220 mots de plus

Front line aggressor or the Middleman?

So today the world faces with yet another conflict, yet again in the middle east. As Saudi Arabia allied with the United States dives into Yemen to take total control and ‘save’ the people of Yemen, one cant help but think of so many other points in history where the United States was committed to saving states from collapsing into total chaos, Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan being prime examples, Afghanistan to a lesser extent. 1 015 mots de plus


Arab foreign ministers agree on unified military force

CAIRO Thu Mar 26, 2015 2:01pm EDT

(Reuters) – Arab foreign ministers agreed a draft resolution on Thursday to form a unified military force, the Arab League’s secretary general said at a meeting in… 296 mots de plus

Why the U.S. Is Fighting Beside Iran in Iraq and Against It in Yemen

Just to set the scene: In Iraq on Wednesday, U.S. warplanes began providing air cover to Iranian-backed militias in Tikrit, in a joint effort against the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) coordinated through the Iraqi government. 1 118 mots de plus