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Inilah bukti dan fakta nyata jika semua aparat penegak dan pejabat hukum dinegeri ini saling berlomba lomba untuk bisa mengkriminalisasi para pengguna dan penyalah guna serta pecandu narkoba yang sudah mereka tangkap dan diadili kemudian dihukum dzalim. 1 213 mots de plus


Yemen: Islamic State claims Aden suicide car bombing that kills seven near president's residence

Fighters loyal to Yemen’s exiled President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi pose for a picture in front of the presidential palace following clashes in Aden’s Al-Maashiq neighbourhood on July 22, 2015. 418 mots de plus

U.N. Yemen envoy suggests Geneva location for peace talks



U.N. Secretary-General Special Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed speaks to the media after the Yemen peace talks in Switzerland in Bern December 20, 2015. 250 mots de plus

Sydney Circular Quay & Opera House

Circular Quay is the hub of Sydney Harbour, situated at a small inlet called Sydney Cove, the founding site for Sydney and Australia. It is a stepping-off point for most attractions based around the harbour and an exciting place to be on a warm summer’s day. 41 mots de plus

Queenstown Sunset, NZ

Took this photo of this awesome sunset in Queenstown, NZ back in DEC 2015

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Top south Yemen officials 'survive bombing'


Fighters loyal to Yemen’s President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi celebrate after seizing control of the southern port city of Aden, on January 4, 2016

ADEN (AFP) – Three senior south Yemeni officials survived a car bombing that targeted their convoy in the port city of Aden Tuesday and killed one of their guards, security sources said.Eight other guards were wounded when the bomb-laden vehicle exploded in the Inmaa district, the sources told AFP. 447 mots de plus