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Istanbul Panorama

A handheld panorama of Istanbul’s Skyline

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Yemen: Houthis lose Shabwa province, 15-16 August 2015

The Sunni coalition in Yemen, consisting of the government forces, supporting tribes and militias, and forces of Saudi Arabia and UAE, has made advances against the Iranian-supported Houthis. 109 mots de plus


Yemen: Sunni coalition takes several districts from the Houthis, early August 2015

The Yemeni government forces, together with allied Sunni groups and supported by Saudi Arabia and UAE, have inflicted another series of defeats on the Houthis in the south of Yemen. 130 mots de plus


Middle East: Yemen's Aden Taken by Hadi's Loyalists

Something is trending in Arabic today, and apparently there’s big news in the Middle East! Aden, a large port city in Yemen, has been captured today by forces loyal to President Hadi from the Houthi rebels currently occupying the regime. 36 mots de plus

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Yemen's Houthis in deadly clashes with Hadi loyalists

Yemen's Houthis in deadly clashes with Hadi loyalists
At least five Iranian-backed Houthis were killed Saturday in Yemen's central province of al-Bayda during heavy clashes with the Popular Resistance Front loyal to President Abdrabbu Mansout Hadi, Al Arabiya News Channel reported. Other…

When Fanaticism Supercedes Common Sense

So, now we have to worry about athletes being condemned by clerics and clergy because of their performance attire?  Farah Ann Abdul Hadi, a 21 year old Malaysian gymnast and a Muslim, has been condemned and chastised by many in the Muslim community because she wore a leotard, just as most every other female gymnast wears. 229 mots de plus


Yemen rebels seize provincial capital near Saudi border

Supporters of the Shiite Huthi movement brandish their weapons as they take part in a demonstration in the capital Sanaa on April 22, 2015, against the Saudi-led military « Decisive Storm » air campaign targeting Huthi rebels and their allies in Yemen… 346 mots de plus