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Bumbling Hadi is vulnerable within his party

May 17, 2015

Bumbling Hadi is vulnerable within his party

by Terence

COMMENT: Like washing hung out to dry on a wet day,  Islamic party (PAS0 President Abdul Hadi Awang is… 1 096 mots de plus


Yemen - Proxy Battles

Yemen, already the poorest country in the Middle East, is falling to pieces.

Its most recent troubles intensified last year, when the Houthis, a movement composed of Zaydi Shias, a minority sect within the predominantly Sunni Muslim country, captured the capital, Sanaa. 1 068 mots de plus


Yemen: The Human Story

On the 26th March citizens of the capital of Yemen, Sanaa, woke up to a series of air strikes by a coalition of forces led by the biggest neighboring country, Saudi Arabia. 886 mots de plus


Protests in Iran against Saudi-led air war on Yemen -- Protesters thronged the city centre chanting "Death to America", "Death to Israel" and "Death to the Saudi (royal) family"

Iranian protesters hold placards during a demonstration in Tehran on May 8, 2015, to denounce the strikes by the Saudi led coalition against the Shiite rebellion in Yemen, where Iran is accused of meddling by Riyadh (AFP Photo/Behrouz Mehri) 646 mots de plus

John Kerry Meets Yemen's Exiled President Hadi in Saudi Arabia

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Yemen’s exiled president met Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday, his first meeting with a top-level U.S. official since fleeing his country amid an advance by Iran-linked rebels. 209 mots de plus

Daily News

International humanitarian assistance groups urge end of air attacks on Yemen's airports

Wreckage of a Yemeni air force military transport aircraft at rebel-controlled Sanaa airport on May 5, 2015, after it was destroyed by an air strike of the Saudi-led coalition. 400 mots de plus

Neighbor Cut Down His Trees

Hadi Aboukhater’s Family Updates

When Sandy came through in 2012 it partially knocked several trees out between our house and our neighbor’s house. The trees were on the neighbor’s property. 73 mots de plus

Hadi Aboukhater