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Happy National Poetry Month! (and a micropoem)

I simply had to find a way to pull myself from my Haitian paradise (of course I came back) in order to honour this month of poetry – particularly as I missed most of March and February’s honours (women and blacks, respectively). 51 mots de plus


Shoes & Superglue

In Texas, March is the month where spring reintroduces itself to winter, warmer temperatures start to show themselves (sometimes in the middle of snowstorms, but we’ll take what we can get, am I right?), basketball – so much basketball, & if you’re really lucky, you’ll find a sno-cone stand that opened early. 796 mots de plus

Rachel Durban

diSip of Songs & Numbers

25 songs

7 videos

2 albums

5 years of existence

1 voice

Countless melodies


Transposing Vodou: Haitian Spirits in the (Virtual?) Diaspora

Alexandra Boutros, in her article, « Virtual Vodou, Actual Practice: Transfiguring the Technological, » examines the intersection between virtual interaction and Vodou practice, and how practitioners navigate technology and popular depictions. 1 517 mots de plus

The Religious Studies

• Sa kap pase bò lakay

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• Écoutons Wilton!

Je songe à ta grace

Malgré la distance qui s’est installée
L’angoissant silence parfois imposé
Mes songes ne se sont pas envolés
Tu habites au fond de mes pensées…
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