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“The Same Mountaintop”: Louisiana and Haiti

In Issue 100, Spring 2018 of Oxford American, Laine Kaplan-Levenson writes about New Orleans—“the northernmost Caribbean city”—and its ties to Haitian history. Here are excerpts of “ 1 199 mots de plus


Haiti: "Haiti - Japan : New Cooperation Policy (2018-2022)"

In order to support the commitments included in the « Strategic Development Plan for Haiti » (PSDH) developed in 2012, which plans to make Haiti an emerging country in 2030, which is a vision of long-term development, the Japan is cooperating mainly in strengthening basic social services, which is the prerequisite for a strong social base. 354 mots de plus


Haiti and Recent US International Relations Developments

Sustainability focused, Marie Altagrace Astride Nazaire is a member of the Permanent Mission of Haiti to the United Nations and has served as Minister Counsellor since 2005. 226 mots de plus

Astride Nazaire

Orevwa Haiti! Goodbye USA! Hola Panama!

The project in Haiti went really well!

Thirty new students were trained in goat care and gifted a female goat to raise their new herds. The students are getting better each year! 656 mots de plus


Empathy as Language

10/27/92          9:10 p.m.   Today, the group broke into two subgroups: One, with John, Beth, Gary, and Mev, is leaving for Cap Haitien, today; the other, with Gail and me, will be traveling to Verrettes (in the Artibonite Valley), tomorrow. 814 mots de plus


Last summer I was blessed with the opportunity to go to Haiti. I had never been out of the country and the (jam packed) one week trip was the perfect first out-of-country mission trip experience. 894 mots de plus

3D house printer bound for El Salvador

In the Times, Will Pavia reported that a small white house which appeared recently in a pleasant neighbourhood of Austin, Texas was built without bricklayers. 256 mots de plus