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Trust Without Borders

One of the greatest lessons of the last decade has without a doubt been to hear the voice of the Lord and TRUST that His plan is ALWAYS greater than my wildest dreams. 637 mots de plus

Take Your Toddler To Carnaval

Take your toddler. Take your infant. There are few extraordinarily unique cultural experiences quite like Carnaval. Traveling as a family can be difficult and frustrating at times, but experiencing new things with our kids makes it all worth it. 348 mots de plus

Haiti is calling; We will answer.

It has been said home is where your heart is. If this is true, Haiti is becoming our home. Over the past several months, there isn’t a day, perhaps even an hour, that has passed in which our hearts haven’t wondered down the streets and up the mountains of Haiti. 1 046 mots de plus


Community Organizations of Northern Haiti Reject Mining


Centre for Human Rights and Justice | May 17, 2018

Today, residents of Morne Pele in the North of Haiti and members of the Kolektif Jistis Min (Mining Justice Collective or KJM) held a press conference to share their message, Wi ak Lavi, NON ak eksplwatasyon min (yes to life, no to mining). 234 mots de plus

Environmental Impact

Week One in Haiti!

It’s been a week since I arrived in Haiti and I am l o v i n g it!!! I was so nervous hopping off the plane and making my way through the airport in Port-Au-Prince…A million and 3 things were going through my head, like what the… 1 308 mots de plus