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Haiti marks 100th anniversary of U.S. occupation | Miami Herald

While many in this struggling nation are too young to remember the years, 1915 to 1934, that marked the first U.S. invasion of Haiti, the occupation remains a complex, and for some, a vexing period in Haitian history. 226 mots de plus


Tent cities sprouting in Haiti as migrants return -

Concerns of a humanitarian emergency in Haiti are mounting as a growing number of Haitians returning to their country from neighboring Dominican Republic are living in rapidly growing tent cities with little resources. 115 mots de plus


Haiti Mission Team says "Thank you"

Local Mission Team thanks the Seward United Methodist Church for helping sponsor their return to Haiti
by Jeanne Gee

“Mesi” ~ “di ou mesi!”
(‘Thank you ~Thank you very much !’ in Haitian Creole)

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Cap-Haïtien, Haiti

Haiti needs, well, a lot of things. Political stability and infrastructure to start. Safe drinking water, doctors, and police would help, too. Then, after all the basics are handled, the Caribbean nation could use some hope. 392 mots de plus

North America

An Untamed State

This novel was intense. Really intense. But also really really good. I love anything Roxane Gay writes–and she writes a lot! Her website is a slew of online and print publications along with books she has published. 187 mots de plus


International Crisis Looms as Dominican Republic Prepares to Deport Thousands

The nations of Haiti and the Dominican Republic are both located on the island of Hispaniola. The two nations have much in common, but are also different in several important ways. 769 mots de plus

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The Rise of an Innovation to Radio in HMI

In our society today, radio has become such a popular aspect in our lives that we begin to rely on it. Radio has gotten so far as providing us with not only music but also keeping us up to date on the latest news, trends, and much more. 357 mots de plus