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Haitian Skies

The colors beckoned us forward and called us to know them. Eyes twinkled through the bushes, and we found two little boys giggling as they hid from the newcomers. 413 mots de plus

Haiti update 

According to our fundraising page there are only 53 days until our medical mission leaves for Haiti. Today our team held the first of two packing events. 508 mots de plus

Random Ramblings

five years ago i witnessed michelle martelly's inauguration in haiti, it was a disturbing sight

five years ago i was in haiti and witnessed michelle martelly’s inauguration
it was a disturbing sight
and i never thought he would make it to a full term… 1 107 mots de plus


Haiti installs interim government amid crisis

Haitian leaders have signed an agreement to install a caretaker government as President Michel Martelly steps down amid violent protests and no successor in sight. 109 mots de plus

Haitian Politicians Vote to Institute an Interim Government.

In a last-minute agreement, politicians in Haiti have agreed to institute a temporary government in an effort to prevent the country from falling into a power vacuum. 175 mots de plus


Miss Congeniality

In my last post, I talked about some wisdom that a guest-friend, Bob, brought into a conversation. Well, here’s a thought-provoking question that a different guest-friend named Bob threw out there at breakfast this morning. 476 mots de plus