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see hope

i saw the place.

i saw where they say all is downcast

and hope is in the hands of men;

of those who travel

to labor for a time… 54 mots de plus

A Million Reasons

Goodbyes are inevitable. All things come to an end and for this I am grateful because sorrows make joy sweeter. Endings make us treasure the journey and hold on to moments that live forever in our hearts, but that doesn’t make saying goodbye any easier. 1 618 mots de plus


Idea for Mission E4 Non-Profit Grew from Long’s Ministry in Haiti

Scott and Tanya Long’s Mission E4 non-profit outreach ministry may have been informed by their time in Haiti, whose challenges would have been made to order for these impassioned missionaries.  230 mots de plus

Mission E4

Letter from Alex's Pastor

I received this letter earlier in the summer from the pastor of Alex’s center. It’s a lovely letter!

Alex attends HA266

« Dear Alisa, My name is Ostiné Emile, I am the pastor of the Wesleyan church of Mango. 495 mots de plus

Taking a Step Back in Time in Cap-Haïtien

« Sonja Lapli Ki Leve Mayi Ou » – Haitian Proverb meaning « Remember the Rain that Made your Corn Grow » 

After an eight and a half hour treacherous drive, our van finally arrived into the outskirts of Cap-Haïtien. 939 mots de plus


Love, Leadership, Land

Written by Natalie & Brad Rockwell, August 15, 2017

Waking up after a night of showers, the sun was up, and the heat was on the rise…. 531 mots de plus

Faith Adventure

New York City councillor visits Montreal to report back to Haitian constituents

As a Haitian-American city councillor, New York City Councillor Dr. Mathieu Eugene has been a champion for immigrants in the United States for a decade. 433 mots de plus