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Part 1 - done

My home-study is officially complete.  My PRIDE classes and assigned homework is done.  My psych evaluation has been written up – and I am not crazy!  270 mots de plus

Collecting cans on Montreal's streets: A day in the life

Evens generally starts his rounds around 5 a.m. when the streets are quiet, scouring the garbage cans and recycling bins of downtown Montreal.

In the summer months, when the pickings are plentiful, he might only work two or three days a week collecting. 612 mots de plus

Local News

Haiti: In 5 Maps

New places demand that we gain our bearings (both geographically and metaphorically) in order to operate successfully – I think that when it comes to working in Haiti, the maps below might help you do both. 500 mots de plus


Nou Renmen Ayiti

It is week 5 of English Camp and we have been here for 6 weeks so far! Time is flying by and it is incredible to reflect on all of the things that we have done here. 686 mots de plus

Hillary the Hawk: A History

Whoever is elected on Nov. 8 will be a war president on day one, with the power and autonomy to undertake destabilizing shows of force, drone strikes, special operations raids and ever-deepening military interventions. 1 564 mots de plus

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