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Digicel, Haiti: Get Bonus 2x + free Intl calls, 07/07/2015

Promotion: Bonus 2x + free Intl calls
Operator: Digicel Haiti
Country: Haiti
Denominations: USD 8 and up
Denominations(local): CAD 10 and up

Terms and Conditions: – All doubled minutes will be applied to a valid Digicel Haiti number in real time, the same day that the top up is made. 74 mots de plus


Live to Tell: a 4 to 8 hour adoption nightmare

It has been so long since I wrote a blog. I have a few saved up but didn’t feel it was the time to share them. 1 509 mots de plus

School Supplies and Shoes Needed for Underprileged Students and Families in Haiti

Hope for Today Outreach is seeking a way to provide school supplies and shoes to underprivileged students and families in Haiti for the next academic school year, 2015-2016. 277 mots de plus


Institutionalized Terrorism and the Dominican Republic.

200, 000 people are about to become refugees, but there has been no famine, flood or war. In fact, the plight of these 200, 000 would- be refugees is entirely the result of a horrifically racist mass deportation and the world is complicit in its silence. 263 mots de plus


DIGITAL: Fictions of the Haitian Revolution

Marlene L. Daut is the founder of the Haitian Revolutionary Fictions Site, an archive and bibliography of texts about the Haitian Revolution:

This website is still under construction, but basically, I want it to to act as a crossroads for literary fictions of the Haitian Revolution.

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#DH Research

2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup: Caribbean Team Guides

With the CONCACAF Gold Cup kicking off on Tuesday, here’s The Home of Caribbean Football‘s mini preview of the Caribbean representatives’ prospects at this year’s tournament… 1 063 mots de plus



Words reference for this story:

Allo = Hello ….Bouche – Lips …Corm = Came….Horme = Home…

Idon-no wè-theyat = I don’t know where they are… 817 mots de plus