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To Read or Not To Read?

Well it was assigned for a class so I suppose the answer is To Read! And what pray tell I hear you cry am I reading? 320 mots de plus


Let's talk about Shakespeare || Hamlet

A taste of Jasmine’s literary analysis of Hamlet’s soliloquy « To be, or not to be » 


Hamlet. Perhaps the most discussed tragedy of the great playwright. 1 028 mots de plus

Hello, Satan, Part 4 - Epilogue

They want you to get up and walk right away after the surgery. In the recuperation floor, the nurses’ station stood at the center of the ward, surrounded by patients’ rooms. 695 mots de plus

Oscar Giner

How to Teach Hamlet

Hamlet is arguably Shakespeare’s most complex and perplexing tragic hero. Shakespeare’s nuanced characterization of the young Danish prince, the play’s tangled plot, and the 16th-century language make reading… 754 mots de plus



Two roads To be, or not to be
diverged in a yellow wood,
and both Must give us pause
that morning Dread equally lay.

I could not travel both.  96 mots de plus

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