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My mind in another body

The other day I did not feel like myself

It was a particularly odd occurrence. If you do not know me (which is in all likely hood) I have reasonable long hair for a guy. 436 mots de plus


Episode 69 - Battle of the Network Stars Part II: Who's the Boss Edition

Welcome to week two of our four week long Battle of the Network Stars competition. This week, we’re looking at…Who’s the Boss. Our competitors are Danny Pintauro ( 81 mots de plus

Podcast Episodes

Episode 057 - Castle of Heroes

In which He-Man goes up against Hannibal. Not Hannibal Lector though. That would be weird.

This episode opens with an absolutely bizarre sequence – the sort of thing that if you half-remembered it from childhood, you’d convince yourself couldn’t possibly haven’t actually happened in He-Man. 946 mots de plus


Hannibal (TV 2013 - 2015)

In light of the new film project, and the decision to include a high intensity drama as part of our groups, I decided to take a close look and one of the most highly regarded television shows from recently. 272 mots de plus


Just Visiting the Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane!

Here’s a little bit of shameless self promotion, as I’ve submitted my first artwork onto the platform provided by Redbubble, so that you can get the ID badge that I recreated for the… 74 mots de plus


An Intro to the Blog

Greetings Future Audience!

So this is a joint blog between myself (Katelyn) and my boyfriend Zach. We are a couple of exceedingly nerdy and poor college grads who decided that we were both too damn funny to NOT have an audience. 144 mots de plus

A Game Of Thrones

Afternoon with the doctor

​Today i saw the only doctor that i’m glad to encounter, Dottor Strange, at the cinema. Well, Sherlock and Hannibal in the same film is really the top for me. 16 mots de plus