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The debate over the depiction of Hannibal by the History Channel

The travesty that is the History Channel deserves its own dedicated discussion where historical accuracy seems to be reduced at the expense of Hollywood computer generated images, celebrity hosts and reality television. 983 mots de plus

Hannibal Search Leads To Two In Custody

The Hannibal Police Department’s Anti-Crime Enforcement Squad executed a search warrant yesterday in the 1200 block of Valley Street based on an on-going narcotics investigation. 40 mots de plus

Einem Meisterwerk

Just to let people know that there will be a German edition of the Deep Purple book Wait For The Ricochet later this year. Published by Hannibal, it will look very similar to the original, with the same illustrations and format.   104 mots de plus

Deep Purple

Umbria Blog | Hannibal and the Romans at Lake Trasimeno

At Lake Trasimeno an important historical event took place in the year 217 before Christ, during the second Punic war: Hannibal won from the Romans in a short but fierce battle in which the Roman Consul Caio Flaminio lost his life. 333 mots de plus

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Why We Have Fallen For Killing Eve

No doubts. No questions. No debates. Killing Eve is the best new show! The BBC America show has been compared to other serial killer shows: … 553 mots de plus

Television Review

June 10, 2018

The Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA

I looked all over for some small sign of my friend. He was nowhere to be found. The places were still there, but there was no trace of him. 229 mots de plus

Public Diary

Senator McCaskill Stops in Hannibal on Claire Tour

Senator Claire McCaskill is continuing to make stops around Missouri as part of her Veterans and Military Families for Claire tour.

Yesterday (Thursday) Senator McCaskill stopped in Hannibal at Finn’s Food and Spirits and told a group of veterans and supporters there is still work to be done. 42 mots de plus