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NBC's Hannibal ends bathed in all its glory

« Who holds the Devil, let him hold him well. He will hardly be caught a second time »

Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal gave TV the love story it had never expected to need, but desperately did. 1 439 mots de plus


Siouxsie Sioux releases first new music in 8 years

Siouxsie Sioux has released her first new material in 8 years.

« Love Crime » was recorded for US TV show Hannibal and was co-written by Brian Reitzell. 313 mots de plus


10 Best Season Finales Of A Drama Series

While these shows got another season after this finale, these episodes sent their season out with a bang, making you very hyped for the next season, whenever that may be. 1 419 mots de plus


Hannibal: A Feast for the Eye and Soul... Not the Mind

(spoilers alert)

The number of I-hate-you-then-I-love-you moments I have had during watching NBC’s Hannibal since it started in 2013 until it sadly (for us viewers) ended last Saturday is too great to count. 1 312 mots de plus

A Film a Day: Reflections on July and August

Tonight, we watched the Norwegian adaptation of Jo Nesbø’s Headhunters. It was outstanding. My New Year one-film-a-day, last night, finally caught up with itself. 633 mots de plus