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Looking Wider: Hannibal 'And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…' (Recap)

If last week’s “The Great Red Dragon” was centered around the two killers who now share the villainous duties on Hannibal, “And the Woman Clothed with the Sun…” has a broader focus. 776 mots de plus



By now you should have heard that NBC have cancelled Hannibal after three seasons, this decision has brought about many negative responses towards NBC from the shows fans and there have also been many rumours circling around that the show may live on in the streaming tv world mostly likely on Amazon Prime.  282 mots de plus


More commentary on Richard Armitage and Hannibal 3.09

Screenrant. Neat discussion about how cinematography and staging construct Francis Dolarhyde.

Paste Magazine. « Undeniably fascinating … »

Richard Armitage

Everybody loved, or at least liked, Richard Richard Armitage: Some more comments on Hannibal 3.09

HitFix. Very complimentary to Armitage.

CutPrintFilm. Gives the Dragon scenes credit for saving the episode. I could not agree more about the Abigail Hobbs material. 72 mots de plus

Richard Armitage

My Psychological Connection to 'Hannibal' (last post about Hannibal I maybe promise)

This will be a slightly self indulgent and fan wanky post about my favourite show (yet again) but I just wanted to record and organise my thoughts about it and how much I relate. 1 166 mots de plus