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Binge Watching

As Valentine’s day is creeping closer and closer, I thought it might be a good time to post a good list for those in need of tv therapy. 1 273 mots de plus

How Thinks

Through extensive research and looking through chat transcripts and tweets (as well as Freddie’s first hand account) we have gathered up enough information to see into TC’s head and how she thinks. 488 mots de plus


Love Crime

This is hands down one of the best finale songs ever. You’re forever in my heart, Hannibal. My love for this song amounts the same as your love for Will.

Music And Videos

What HANNIBAL Season 3 Taught Me

In the vast history of all life, there have always been special beings, ideas or manifestations of form that are too beautiful or too transcendent to exist for anything longer than a few moments. 657 mots de plus

Submission 5

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NBCHannibal's Profit Margin

One of the biggest scams that ran and profited from was the gift exchange scam. Sources report that they were told if they sent her gifts she would send some gifts back. 558 mots de plus


Violent Harassment Continues

FannibalMonica keeps accusing people of being Monica. What is really funny to me is that she doesn’t seem to realize how crazy that makes her look. 529 mots de plus