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The Dispatches Of Hira Singh - Hannibal's Cannibal

My old friend, Hira Singh, and I have not spoken together for a very long while.

I did seek him out recently, when I read a few reports in the paper about an incident of child rape in Delhi. 482 mots de plus



It is possible

the historians tell us

to witness first hand

the flattened paths

where Hannibal

his army

the elephants

ground their way over the alps… 48 mots de plus

Brief Review: Manhunter (1986)

Fascinating characters abound in this stark, atmospheric interpretation of Thomas Harris’s Red Dragon. 334 mots de plus


[Hannibal Week] Chef Joel Mahr Tasting Menu

We continue our general theme of the week with another menu (see the first one here) from our good friend and past guest Joel Mahr. 105 mots de plus

The 10 Best TV Shows of the Decade


You’ve put in 1/1000th of the time I’ve put in watching these shows.  Let’s get to the top 10 shows since 2007.

#10: Hannibal… 2 127 mots de plus

Higher plane

A love dark and twisted,

based on crossing—fully aware—the gates of Dante’s Hell

plunging in and emerging out of each other’s minds

finding parallels, like in no one else… 220 mots de plus


[Hannibal Week] Chef Isaiah Renner Prix Fixe Menu

I told you this week that we had something up our sleeves. If you listen regularly, you know I have a background in the restaurant industry, so when we have chefs on the show I usually have to spend a good chunk of the night after recording cutting out large swaths of conversation to get the show under two hours. 173 mots de plus