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Become a Food Connoisseur Like Dr. Lecter

One of the many highlights of NBC’s Hannibal was the exquisite meals that Hannibal Lecter would prepare for his dinner guests occasionally made from the same guests. 166 mots de plus


Fanfiction: Touch (A Taste of Belladonna #2) - the Night Phoenix


Estrela da manhã.

Algumas vezes, quando ela o encarava os olhos avermelhados, Bedelia não via um homem, não via apenas, via apenas o monstro, via o canibal por dentro, o wendigo… O próprio diabo. 1 398 mots de plus

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2036 AD. 30 mots de plus


What's on My List?

I’m not going to lie to you, my heads not feeling very inspired at the moment. Whether it’s because I drained my creative energy today on writing a… 558 mots de plus


Death is not defeat but a cure

Hannibal , Rome's greatest nightmare

Once upon a time the word map looked quite differently than it does now . Italy wasn’t Italy, Germany wasn’t Germany and the boundaries of Europe , even if only in a cultural sense, were less defined than today’s . 3 145 mots de plus

A Short Review of Hannibal Season 1 (spoilers, obviously)

Bryan Fuller’s Hannibal is a ritualistically insane mosaic of the human mind, filtered through the trappings of a classic procedural. It is centered around the relationship between Will Graham and Hannibal Lecter and is set before the events of  1 031 mots de plus

Bryan Fuller