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oh, that first embrace
last embrace yet sole embrace
how teacups reverse 


Ab Urbe Condita XXII - Kathagon Hannibal Rooman porteilla

Ab Urbe Condita XXII continues, unsurprisingly, where Ab Urbe Condita XXI left: Hannibal has crossed Alps and is in his winter camp close to Apennine mountains. 305 mots de plus

Day 21: One of your favorite shows.

I have a lot, and I’m not gonna write only one, but at least 4 or 5. Fuck it.

1. Supernatural.

This is the second show that made me watch Western TV shows. 497 mots de plus

30 Day Challenge

'Red Dragon' by Thomas Harris

Red Dragon

In the first of the Hannibal Lecter books, Thomas Harris introduces his infamous psychiatrist in this tale of a murderous psychopath caught in the grip of a demonic delusion. 175 mots de plus


Shower Thoughts

Hai! 🤚

Well, idk about you but the previous two weeks have been long for me.😪

You know, juu ya this election fiasco that will go on till we have the next one. 551 mots de plus

Historic Findings: Carthaginian Silver Floods Rome

Roman Theatre in Dougga – the former capital of Numidia, Tunisia

sergxfq / 123RF Stock Photo

By analyzing silver coins from the Roman Republic period scientists were able to determine how the defeat of Hannibal led to the influx of Iberian silver into the republic. 319 mots de plus


Bold and Beautiful Bouchard Finlayson Hannibal

What a luxury to sip on older Hemel-en-Aarde vintages while the rain poured down.  It’s Tuesday, we’re sitting at Open Wine in Cape Town, and the drink is… 100 mots de plus