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4 books - same trend

I wasted like 15 minutes for this research and found nothing, so probably I‘m the first one noticing this.
And it all began with „Gone Girl“.  413 mots de plus

Ben Affleck

Word warrior Wednesday 

Today’s wisdom comes from my barre studio, where I started to workout again. I will be honest- I hated the first few times I went. Because aside from being put of shape, there is all the IBD baggage. 75 mots de plus

Channel Zero's Tooth Child was almost on 'Hannibal'

By Paul Downey

We’ve raved before about the SyFy channel’s surprise hit Channel Zero: Candle Cove, but did you know its nightmarish villain the tooth child was almost on ‘Hannibal’? 203 mots de plus

I Will Always Cosplay Freddie Lounds

Alex Kingston (2016)

William Shatner (2016)

I will always cosplay Freddie Lounds from Hannibal. This is my only cosplay (to date). I am not opposed to attempting other cosplays but Freddie Lounds is someone I am very passionate about. 343 mots de plus

Freddie Lounds

November 2016 Wrap Up!

November was a funny oul month! It flew in like most months these days. I know a lot happened for me, but as I sit here and write this wrap up I’m finding it difficult to actually remember most of it! 503 mots de plus

Jessica Gadziala

Hannibal Fans Are Psyched To See Mads Mikkelsen In Death Stranding

(Source: kotaku.com)

Hideo Kojima’s new best friend, Mads Mikkelsen, features heavily in the new trailer for Death Stranding. To most people, Mikkelsen is best known as the villain in the Doctor Strange movie, if he’s known at all. 554 mots de plus


Hannibal (season one) Review

This will not be a spoiler-free review. it is a review of the entire season so it will be long. What I can say is that this is the ONE season of Hannibal I would recommend. 3 166 mots de plus