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Mark Twain Statue 

This memorial statue of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens) is located along the Mississippi River at Hannibal, Missouri.
(photo 6/9/17)

Tom Conboy


A Blast of the Past #102: Hannibal

On the way back from our meeting with family in Ohio, and tour of the parks, we stopped to see some sights in Hannibal.  We always prefer going across Missouri on Route 36 (eventually Interstate I-72?) through Hannibal rather than I-70 to St. 85 mots de plus


Hannibal, Simpsons-style

Playing around with different styles is so much fun – as long as you accept the fact that you’ll mess things up a bunch of times before you get it right. 129 mots de plus


'When is it not too soon?' Should mass shooting TV episodes be pulled?

After Wednesdays shootings, NBC postponed a Carmichael Show incident that handled handgun violence. But are TV structures doing America a disservice?

In an interview with Chelsea Handler, Jerrod Carmichael, the perform of NBCs The Carmichael Show, had some option messages for the network, which attracted an escapade of his show that dealt with a mass shooting on the heels of… 789 mots de plus


Another drawing from NBC’s Hannibal – I definitely tried to capture the creepy vibe here, with Will imprisoned in season 2. They even had him wearing Dr. 15 mots de plus


Ennius, Hannibal, and the United States Endgame in the War on Terror

Hannibal had done the impossible. He had crossed the alps with an entire army, he had entered mainland Italy, and within 20 months of his crossing the alps, he had killed a fifth of Rome’s adult male population, and utterly destroyed almost all of Rome’s legions. 1 411 mots de plus


During its run, I was absolutely obsessed with NBC’s Hannibal.

Like, dangerously so.

I drew so much Hannibal fan art that if someone found my sketchbook, they probably would have carted me away somewhere. 170 mots de plus