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Tragedy - Fury

I wasn’t expecting a new release from Tragedy any time soon. The reclusive nature of the band (no interviews, no social media presence) has paid dividends here. 291 mots de plus

Crust Punk

The Keep Times Podcast Episode 20: Rob Naugle

This week I talked with the local metal band Rob Naugle. We discussed tunes, Muppets, venues, feces, and much more. Enjoy : ]


Audio: 18 mots de plus


How Defiant could shake up the Hardcore Division

A common thought I hear regarding Defiant is surrounding the Hardcore title, and from people wishing to see it used more often. While I wouldn’t expect to see the Hardcore Championship used in every show, it would be nice to see more of it. 1 078 mots de plus


Album Review: The Legacy of Shi by Rise Of The Northstar

Rise Of The Northstar’s long awaited second album, The Legacy of Shi, is finally out. That’s right. ‘Watch your back, the dope boys are back’ and they’re bringing their unique blend of NYHC, crossover thrash, rap and Shonen manga with them. 596 mots de plus


Thank You Trina (Blue Magic edition)

Thank You Trina (Blue Magic edition)

by Dan-O

Thank you Trina for being there at a very weird time in my life. In 1999 I heard Trina’s voice for the first time on one of the most outlandishly sexual verses by any female MC. 930 mots de plus

Artist Bio: Ghost Key

Ghost Key band. Photo Credit: Band Facebook

Artist: Ghost Key

Genre(s): Metalcore

Hometown: Peoria, Illinois

Formation: Dec 19th, 2011


Austin O’Brien – Vocals

Chris Bayless – Guitar… 79 mots de plus


Artist Bio: Bloodbather

Bloodbather band. Photo Credit: Band Facebook

Artist: Bloodbather

Genre(s): Metalcore

Hometown: Broward, FL

Formation: 2016


Jeffrey Georges

Matt Stokes

Sam Elliott

General Managers: 

Jason Mageau  at… 25 mots de plus