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Review: BOUNDARIES - "My Body in Bloom"

Boundaries deliver a merciless metallic beating on their newest EP release, My Body in Bloom. 417 mots de plus


Artist Interview: Glass Hands

Glass Hands

Glass Hands is a group who absolutely took us and the rest of a country by surprise with their crushing album, ‘Dive’, released in June 2018. 2 266 mots de plus


Artist Interview: Bloodline


Bloodline is an incredibly talented act who joined us this month for Issue #7! These guys were signed by Stay Sick Recordings at the beginning of February 2019, at which point they debuted a track from their upcoming album, ‘Better View’, due out March 29th, 2019. 2 369 mots de plus


“We ain’t supposed to”

« How much time do we have? » Cesar asked, as he took his coat off and sat on the couch. Noelle looked at the cable box for the time « we have about an hour and a half, don’t get comfortable on the couch lets take this in the room » she suggested. 1 043 mots de plus

Short Story

Minors - Abject Bodies (Review)

Minors are a hardcore/sludge band from Canada. This is their second album.

It only seems like yesterday that 2017’s Atrophy was unleashed on an unsuspecting world, providing those in the know with a visceral, harsh hit of aggressive hardcore/sludge that left a firm mark. 225 mots de plus


Bad Brains interview by United Rights fanzine

Bad Brains interview originally published in United Rights fanzine, issue 2. (Click the picture for bigger size.) Picture by Glen E Friedman.

BAD BRAINS Live at Wabash Hall San Diego 10.11.1985.      8 mots de plus


Show review: Supertouch, Token Entry, Murphy's Law, Bad Brains at the Ritz

The New York Times:
« Bad Brains, a reggae and hardcore rock group, is to appear tonight at the Ritz, 11th Street between Third and Fourth Avenues (254-2800). 37 mots de plus