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Golden Frontier Harry

Harry is the newest Character to come to Golden Frontier with the 7/28/15 « Fishing » update. Harry will give you a fish once every 24 hours! 32 mots de plus


Daily Post - Fourth Wall


I’ve been horridly poorly and still not much better so the motivation for blogging has left me a bit.

The Daily Post email I got this morning though I decided to go with as a fun non-serious subject. 324 mots de plus

Book Review: Harry, A History by Melissa Annelli (4/5)

I had some serious emotional investment in this book. My husband admonished me about it a few times because I’d come in from my car crying because I had childhood flashbacks to midnight book releases and listening to Harry and the Potters. 1 145 mots de plus


Run Don't Walk

Followers of this blog:
Are you enjoying this online serial?  Would you like to see it as a novel?
Let me know in a comment…. 1 315 mots de plus

Monday Quote Of The Day

« Not everyone can understand it, but to that girl or that boy, it might be the most important thing in the world. Just ’cause we don’t understand it doesn’t mean you can say it’s crazy.

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Monday Quote Of The Day

Beyond: Chapter 8 – Ernie

Back at his Riverside Drive Apartment, Harry’s snoring was just starting to shake the picture frames when his cell rang. It was programmed for the ringtone of an old rotary telephone, and rattled him awake, evoking memories of old shows like The Rockford Files. 345 mots de plus