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Potter Pub Pillage - Check In Information

Hello Potter Pub Pillage Participants,

Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday. If you have friends still looking to join. We still have some spaces left. 434 mots de plus

Bar Crawl

We call him Harry

Meet Harry, we met him on holiday recently (and his friends). He is friendly and doesn’t need much looking after (just as well, as the beach was taking up most of our time).


If I were in Hogwarts..

« Wake up, you git! » Hermione scolded. I woke up and rubbed my eyes. « You came back into my dorm room again?? Who helped you with the password? 1 370 mots de plus


Music Monday #4: Harry Styles Returns to the Music Scene

After a couple of years hiatus Harry Styles returns to the music scene new and improved. In the beginning of April Harry released his first solo single,  120 mots de plus


Harry Potter Fan Theory Masterlist

One of my stranger interests is reading fan theories. I’m not sure what exactly it is about them that draws me in, but it’s probably a mixture of reliving the joy I felt reading the books, the thrill of putting puzzle pieces together and the scary feeling of awe you get when you realize that the sunny, positive stories and characters might have a dark side. 398 mots de plus


As a former member of the « I hate One Direction » club I’m almost ashamed to say I’m in love with Harry Styles’ song « Sign of The Times ». 102 mots de plus