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Harry Styles, or a Harry with Style?

By: Leah Phillips

These days the term ‘Style Icon’ gets thrown around like candy at a parade, but there is no truer example of the term than Deborah Harry, the lead singer from the 1970s and 80s-era hit punk and new wave band, Blondie. 571 mots de plus

Monday 30.03.15

Had a very restless nights sleep and it didn’t help Ruby waking me up at 3am and then she would not settle down, Cycled to the farm and turned out Skye for the day, poor horse was the first one out this morning and was not very happy about it, had a very busy day in work and I could not wait to get finished and get home, we are looking after Harry tonight Lynne’s sister is very heavily pregnant and due any day and Harry had been a bit of a handful as two year old’s are, but I think we wore him out enough and he had fun day with Lynne I think he will sleep tonight (I hope) we had a lovely family dinner and it was so nice to see Harry eating properly and trying new foods, 39 mots de plus

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Love To Die For 6/27 OLD MACDONALD

Holly wriggled, settling her naked butt on Harry’s lap, her head on his shoulder. ‘What would your fiancée think?’

The crickets started up again. The moon looked away.   1 444 mots de plus

Better Sex


Harry är som många redan vet mitt äldsta barn. Han föddes den 18 augusti 2010 och jag var 18 år. Harry har en biopappa som bor kvar uppe i luleå men de träffas bara några gr per år. 317 mots de plus


MN - Police asking for help locating missing man | KIMT 3

ROCHESTER, Minn. – Police are asking for the public’s help locating a local man who was last heard from before going on a run.

William “Harry” Harrison Hempy, 21 was last heard from on March 25 at 4:59 p.m. 26 mots de plus