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Did Meghan Markle sparkle during tea with the Queen?

Forgive the rhyming…

…but this is kind of a BFD. According to the Daily Mail, Meghan and Harry visited Buckingham palace for private tea with Queen Elizabeth last week. 129 mots de plus

September Morn

I am one of those people who was born in the wrong era for music. Being the oldest child in my family I tend to live in the past with my music preferences and listen to the stuff my parents listened to when they were growing up. 844 mots de plus


Halloween Costumes

Hello again guys! Today’s post is all about costumes; these are costumes that I’ve worn and even a few ideas that I am looking at for this year. 817 mots de plus


William, Kate, and Harry attend the Coach Core Graduation Ceremony

You can’t keep a good Duchess down! Kate made another surprise appearance this week, joining William and Harry for a Coach Core event. Specifically, the graduation ceremony for 150 Coach Core apprentices. 94 mots de plus

21 hilarious 'Harry Potter' jokes that'll make you spit out your Butterbeer

Those of us who grew up alongside Harry Potter tend to be obsessed with anything and everything related to the iconic boy wizard. Whether that be a rather cheeky Harry-themed… 97 mots de plus


At the Harry Potter night last year, we had kids make their wands from start to finish at the « Ollivander’s » booth. As this was a very time consuming activity, it inadvertently created a bottleneck of people in one area. 397 mots de plus


My first child's words

Today Johnny said his first words. They were very cute. They were « I Love You. »