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Chelsea Flower Show

On the 23rd of May 2016, Kate and William, Along with other members of the family attendee the flower Show in Celebration of the Queens 90th Birthday. 112 mots de plus


Why People Don't Often Like Me

I’m Harry and I try my best, it’s not always good enough but at least I try. I have a genuine heart. I’ve been used, abused & judged for who I am, countless times. 679 mots de plus


Sen. Reid calls for people to 'lay off' Bernie Sanders - The Washington Post

I hope that this does not make me seem like a disloyal Democrat but I see Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell in the same light. Harry Reid is a consummate politician and as such will say and do whatever is expedient. 106 mots de plus

Harry 2

I love feeling like shit. That would be the only real explanation for why I act the way I do. I’m scared to feel happy. It’s not that I get any sympathy for being sad, except from myself. 464 mots de plus


Scared of the Future, but Living in the Present

Sometimes I try to be perfect, I really do, but I know deep down that being perfect is unobtainable. That’s something I’ve realised. I look at the past and understand that I may have made bad decisions and have sometimes let my emotions sway, I know that often there was always a tremendous amount of pressure behind those times that caused me to do that but it’s no excuse and I have to try harder. 397 mots de plus


Holiday time.

I will be away for a week from to-morrow ( Monday ) and I would like to ask the authors if the could make sure they have all the tags, category and name added to all their posts. 12 mots de plus