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Nameless people

Its time for these

nameless people

faces we can’t name

to come bothering us again

knocking the door

ringing the bell 55 mots de plus


A Trip to Dundee

Dundee, ‘the sunniest city in Scotland’, was not so sunny. As I left Kirkaldy and entered the city by train, I saw clouds gloomily hovering over Dundee. 70 mots de plus


Spring is here

I think spring has arrived although it’s quite hard to tell as one day it’s sunny and then the next day it hails. We’ve even had snow recently. 746 mots de plus


Hàng to, bắn sớm - Chương 15 - Part 4

Hàng to, bắn sớm

Chương 15 – Part 4

Tác giả: Calanthe

Người dịch: Hip (づ ̄3 ̄)づ❤

Ngày lễ nên tớ cũng chơi tít mít luôn, giờ mới ngoi lên post bài : »> 5 386 mots de plus


The unfolding drama...

Oh, Harry, what have you gone and gotten yourself into now?

When last we’d seen Harry, aka Arraetrikos, we’d beaten him almost to death in Phase 5 of Shroud. 554 mots de plus

Heads Together

On the 24th of April 2016, Kensington Palace released a video starring, Kate and  William, along with brother Harry, focusing on Mental Health and showing the charities that Kate, William and Harry will support to take place in the London Marathon 2017. 35 mots de plus


John Early

So. Next year I am going to be changing schools to a new one called John Early. I’m leaving Litton with Jamie and Isaac, and Maz will be joining us in 8th grade. 59 mots de plus