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Prince Harry can not wait to see niece

Prince Harry would love to see his new niece. That twitters Kensington Palace Sunday on behalf of Britain’s Prince: « She’s really nice, I can not wait to meet her. 47 mots de plus

Koningshuis Van Great Brittian


New born into the world

her world is that of a princess

my she fulfil it well.


Pictures around the art gallery.

We were looking around the gallery by ourselves. We saw lots of pictures and they were really,really nice!Here are some of the pictures that we saw.My favourite picture was the clockwork it’s really cool!Logan liked every single one of them!

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Harry's Back In Action...

Harry may have been gone for a while, but he’s back. He has given two new sub-chapters of Radar Love to make up for lost time and promises to get all caught up now that work is a little more rewarding outside of his writing. 169 mots de plus

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#EngTalk: King’s Cross Station

Hi fellas :) How was your Saturday been?

So I am in King’s Cross today, anyone know what this place is? :)

It’s in London, UK and a boy usually gets his train here to his magnificent school, do you know who he is? 601 mots de plus