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Fear of Dying? This New Bestselling Book Will Help

The Mind Loops Blog: « Fear of Dying? This New Bestselling Book Will Help » – Nov 2017

Exciting news! I am a contributing author to a new, fascinating book: …

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Help FHA while you shop...

Did you know you can help Future Hope Africa just by shopping online through Amazon Smile?

Let’s face it, most of us shop online these days and it’s super easy to help FHA when you shop through… 215 mots de plus

Math Lesson Ideas for the Number 1 (One)

Math Lesson for the Number 1 (One)

Objective:  Help children recognize the number 1, the word “one”, numbers are used for counting, count 1 object, and learn to write “l” and “one”. 358 mots de plus


Have a Routine.

Routine is one of the keys to successful discipline.

It is a new school year which is a great time to set your routine.  Everything will go smoother with a routine. 99 mots de plus


During a recent traveling adventure, as I was making my way to the gate to catch my flight I had the opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life. 434 mots de plus

Daily IN-spiration

Help us renovate a Children's Shelter.

Submissions are now open for writers for the eBook for this project. Click to learn more.

In the heart of Binalonan lies a tiny little village of rice farmers. 422 mots de plus

Charitable Projects

Weather Review

Weather Review


Objective:  To review weather.


  • Find pictures or drawings of weather in books, magazines, internet, or old calendars.
  • Have crayons, pencils or markers to finish the books.
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