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Help us renovate a Children's Shelter.

Submissions are now open for writers for the eBook for this project. Click to learn more.

In the heart of Binalonan lies a tiny little village of rice farmers. 422 mots de plus

Charitable Projects

Weather Review

Weather Review


Objective:  To review weather.


  • Find pictures or drawings of weather in books, magazines, internet, or old calendars.
  • Have crayons, pencils or markers to finish the books.
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Where To Turn For Peace

The more I hear about what is going on in the world, all over our country, and locally, the more concerned I become about the state of things.  334 mots de plus

Build A Better Life

Let's All Try To Make A Difference . . .

This is awesome! There are so many children out there who need help, not just those battling horrible things like cancer, but those in abusive homes, those in extreme poverty, those with no real family support. 32 mots de plus

Current Events

My story of Livingston and Celso Nery

This page is about my trip to Livingston, Guatemala in 2013. I recently (2016) updated it. I am going back this year and am hoping people will read this and learn about my trip and want to give some money for the cause. 2 902 mots de plus

How to Use Music to Teach Anything!

How to Use Music to Teach Anything!

 Music is the best memory aid.  When we look back at the things we remember from our childhood, much of it is associated with music.  114 mots de plus


Math Lesson Ideas for the Number 1 (One)

Math Lesson for the Number 1 (One)

Objective:  Help children recognize the number 1, the word “one”, numbers are used for counting, count 1 object, and learn to write “l” and “one”. 358 mots de plus