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Sunday Morning Vibes #1606: Maurice rest in Power

Sunday Morning Vibes #1606: Maurice rest in Power by Bbox_Radio on Mixcloud

Ever wake up on Sunday morning, turn on the radio and say to yourself, “these songs don’t go with a Sunday morning”? 61 mots de plus


His name alone

is riDICKulous!

And so is his dancing steez.

How To Do Stuff

New Mixtape Release - Allan Kingdom "Northern Lights".

 Allan Kingdom is a rapper, producer from Canada. He first came to the scene for some with Kanye’s Track « All Day », or for others (like me) with a feature on… 486 mots de plus


Tupac Amaru Shakur

Tupac was an idol of mine from a young age. I appreciated him as a poet and rapper, but I really appreciated how he personified inner turmoil. 242 mots de plus

Rap: America's Scapegoat

John Nolan joins the podcast to talk about rap’s relationship with American society. What all makes the genre immensely beautiful and a walking contradiction? Does musical talent excuse misogyny? 68 mots de plus

Kick or Twist?

Its an odd transformation really, from pop chart toppers to instrumental jazz tracks, what will the Brighton duo of Jordan and Harley concoct musically in 2016. 461 mots de plus