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Glitter Burnish

There’s this thing called glitter burnish in which you take a semi-dry nail polish and you apply loose glitter on it applying some pressure to make sure the glitters are all lying down next to each other making it more reflective and less clumpy. I love the technique!

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Emoji Nails

What are my favorite emojis? Well, these 5 emoji are the ones I use the most! The 👀, 😂, 😘, 😅 and the 🤔 emoji!

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Bee's Knees Lacquer - We All Float // September 2017 IT Collection

Hey everyone! Today’s manicure is another polish from the new indie brand Bee’s Knees Lacquer. This one is from the IT Collection. I have to be honest and whenever I see IT Collection in my Instagram or Facebook feed I automatically think of computers and networks (Information Technology). 803 mots de plus

Indie Brand

Redshift Galaxy

Galaxy day is one of my favorites, because I love making and wearing galaxies! This one was a bit of an oddball though.

I went searching online for other examples of galaxy nail art based in red, since I was curious about light vs dark colors, and glitter amount. 176 mots de plus

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Wonder Woman Nails

Okay, so I’ve never taken much importance of Wonder Woman and I just literally found out she’s Diana the greek goddess and I’m shook! Went to watch the movie with a couple of friends and a set of nails was definitely warranted!

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