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Neon Disco Claws - Mark I

Neon, Check. Glitter, Check. Studs, Check. Gloss, Check. Fotxtrot. Alpha. Bravo. You are a go.

As many of you already know – I my  309 mots de plus

Nail Art

The things I used to be able to do on my stomach

Millions of people have survived pregnancy and labor. Some haven’t, but I’m going to focus on the ones who have.

Last night was the first night my full bladder wasn’t the only sleeping issue. 292 mots de plus


Peeking Rainbows

Today I learned three things: (1) my new top coat dulls holo finish, (2) I really need to only dip one finger at a time in a water marble, and (3) Clearwater by Pipe Dream Polish is amazing. 225 mots de plus

Nail Art

Julep Tali

So here’s my next random Stash Swatch.

Julep Tali

It is such a pretty color and the holo makes it quite distracting in the sunlight! The formula on this was…interesting. 70 mots de plus


Mossy Dots

I had been missing my somewhat signature move of curly lines + insane number of dots. So, here we go!

This version was inspired jointly by my own… 118 mots de plus

Nail Art