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Doily Flowers

Simple easy work-friendly mani today!

Unfortunately, the sun did not cooperate, so you can’t see how peachy this looks in the light, with its contrasting bright pink flash. 64 mots de plus

Nail Art

Some new Born Pretty nail pretties you'll love

It’s been awhile since I posted for Born Pretty store so today I have three pretty items to share with you. Next week I’ll be sharing a gorgeous stamping plate that also arrived with these. 423 mots de plus

Manis And Lacquers

Smooth Array

I did a series of blue-grey nails while I was wearing scrubs in the fall (since they matched my scrubs). I was thinking of putting them all up over one week, but I think you guys would get bored so I am spreading them out! 133 mots de plus

Nail Art

#watermarblewednesday - Oil Slick Watermarble

This week’s prompt was « oil slick », and it is THE reason I joined the challenge this month! I had NO idea what an oil slick watermarble was, so I did some digging in Instagram, and it is gorgeous. 274 mots de plus


ILNP Happily Ever After + Zoya Pinta

Hi, everyone! I hope you’re all having a great day! We have a snow day today, although so far we have barely a dusting. There’s supposed to be more later though. 163 mots de plus

Nail Art

Jasper Stone

I cannot with this polish. It is too darn pretty. A few months ago, I bought three Enchanted Polish holo multichrome ridiculous polishes. This one was added almost as an afterthought, but I am so so so glad I got it! 250 mots de plus

Nail Art

Hidden Snow

This is actually appropriate! I am posting this today (and another super cool mani on Friday) just so that next week I can post my top 10 polishes of 2016 and include these ones. 353 mots de plus

Nail Art