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Curled Flower French

Sorry about the lack of posting yesterday! This weekend was hectic, between a wedding and two easter events, in different states! I didn’t have time to edit any nail art…but I got some done last night so here you go! 160 mots de plus

Nail Art

Glam Gradient

*Products in this post were purchased by me*

Hi everyone

I just wanted to start this post by saying that my pics really don’t do this mani justice. 322 mots de plus

Still loving Nfu Oh 63!

Kaley is finally starting to be able to nap by herself in the day, so I was able to paint my nails!
Maybe I can bring my blog back!

General Polish Yumminess


Blue! And teal! I am sooo glad I wrote down all the names of the polishes that I used when I made this, because there is no way I would remember them now. 209 mots de plus

Nail Art

Spice and Wolf

Hey everyone, it’s Atlas, back again for my second review with Glamour and the A Hatter of the Details team.  First off, thanks for all the kudos, likes and what not on my first review!  533 mots de plus

Anime Review

Magic Leap and the future of augmented reality

During two minutes and seven seconds of footage, the clip from Magic Leap « A New Morning »  offers a sneak peek of the future of augmented reality – which joins holographic technology over the real world – and virtual reality (VR). 45 mots de plus