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Swatches | Zoya Urban Grunge Metallic Holos Fall 2016 Collection

Today I have my swatches of the second half of the Urban Grunge collection available now from Zoya.com! These 6 shades make up the metallic holos, 3 are more metallic and 3 are more holo. 588 mots de plus


Rectangular Glitter

Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against rectangular glitter, but it does annoy me a bit. My nails are far too curve for this kind of glitter to adhere nicely to my nails, so it always ends up bumpy as hell! 35 mots de plus

Nail Art


So here’s the thing. I was playing around with striping tape, and forgot that I was using a peel off base coat for a second when pulling off the tape. 32 mots de plus

Nail Art

Frills and Foofaraw

I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get the line that Zoe (from Firefly) says out of my head  while painting these « Too much foofaraw. 236 mots de plus

Nail Art

Lovely Chevrons

YOU GUYS. I had SUCH a hard time completing this manicure but i LOVE it. Go figure!

I started with the base of another new-to-me ILNP, Ski Lodge. 295 mots de plus

Nail Art

Julep Pam & Julep Alysha

I’ve got swatches for two Julep August 2016 colors today, Julep Pam and Julep Alysha! These photos show two coats, topped with Essie Good to Go top coat, in outdoor natural light. 113 mots de plus

Nail Polish

"Just like fabric..."

There is a technique called « Dry Brushing » on which you take a nail polish brush, clean it as much as you can and then use whatever polish is left on the brush to create random strokes on your nails. 36 mots de plus

Nail Art