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Flavors of Homesickness

When I was a child, there was this little wooden wreath that always hung on the wall in our house which proclaimed that « Home is where your heart is… 850 mots de plus


as we get older

Today I needed to clean the oven. I usually give it a deep cleaning once a month. Today was its day. Now we have a simple oven that sits close to the ground. 796 mots de plus

Retiring Soon

Crafty (an acrostic poem)

Cutting out yet another bunny body from a paper plate

Ruth smiled to herself as her plan was coming together so nicely

A… 59 mots de plus

Acrostic Poem


Hye everyone !! So a few months before, chokers had become a piece of jewelry that every girl wore and every girl had or wanted. Eventually I also had to buy one. 38 mots de plus


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