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Nyaris pagi saat ku tulis kata pertama ini, 00.01 WIB disanalah gerbang untuk terbang luas terbuka, paket malam dengan harga murah yang di tawarkan salah satu provider swasta menjadi kendaraannya, youtube dan situs berita telah membuat beberapa tab di aplikasi browser buatan google yang ku gunakan. 1 043 mots de plus


Winter wreath

I like to follow the change of seasons on a front door wreath. This year summer turned winter quite suddenly but that’s how it was. I didn’t prepare too much for this wreath, used the stuff I had on hand, mostly leftover white yarn from my knitting projects. 222 mots de plus


I don’t know what to do . There’s nothing to do . I live in an insipid, mind-crushing environment

That’s why I’m getting a Green Party T-shirt… 30 mots de plus

Specialist Tips That Will Help You With Your Residence Improvement Endeavours

With a little guidance, tackling house renovation tasks could be a basic, budget friendly, as well as efficient method to boost the worth of your home while making it a more pleasant and reliable place to live. 532 mots de plus


Home Away

If you’ve ever lived away from home for a while, you know the feeling. You walk in the door, excited to be back, but it doesn’t feel right anymore. 161 mots de plus