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Casa cu bărci

Ar fi multe de spus despre această casă canadiană, însă totul păleşte după ce observi faptul că are un mini-debarcader lângă camera de zi. Dar, la urma urmei, de ce nu? 10 mots de plus

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Bicycle Storage for your Home

It’s a massive problem as we continue to acquire bikes (n+1) and our shed becomes more full, where are we going to store them.

We also hear that some of you poor people live in cities and have no sheds (we are thinking of setting up a charity to help you). 70 mots de plus


Udah besar, kenapa didoakan?

Siang ini sepulang sekolah, Prema asyik bermain lego sambil mendengarkan lagu anak-anak dari flash disk yang dicolokin ke TV. Salah satu lagunya adalah lagu Tasya jaman masih piyik « Jangan Takut Gelap » 485 mots de plus


Tiny Zen

Happiness is here and now…  and it`s small. ;-)

This tiny Zen garden is dwarfed by the tea-cup.

It comes with an equally small Zen book (behind the garden). 91 mots de plus


Indian Real Estate Business - PropChill

Despite the fact that we have encountered extreme monetary issues in a year ago, still India is a heaven for Real Estate in India. India is an excellent greenish state arranged in southern piece of India. 398 mots de plus

Casă de vacanţă

O fi o casă de vacanţă, dar ce vacanţă…


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