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Rwanda to host Africa Hotel Investment Forum in 2016

The Government of Rwanda through the Rwanda Development Board, will host the Africa Hotel Investment Forum (AHIF) in 2016 in Kigali.  AHIF brings together the leading international hotel investors in Africa with local operators, ministers, government officials and industry experts, to discuss all aspects of hotel investment and operation in Africa. 614 mots de plus


My favorite hotels in Bali

AYANA Resort and Spa Bali

Back in November, I flew Air Berlin and Etihad Airways Business Class to Jakarta. I reported extensively about my flight experiences with both airlines, but didn’t write yet about the hotels I enjoyed in Bali. 475 mots de plus


South Korea's "love hotels" are becoming less dirty, more trendy

Apparently, sex no longer sells — at least in Seoul, where the city’s infamous « love hotels » are removing their red lights and racks of naughty movies to attract a new breed of clientele. 269 mots de plus

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Convenience intertwined with style and comfort, along with personalized services at your beck and call is what defines O hotel suites in Calgary.  O hotel suites Calgary accommodations undoubtedly are the best choices for staying at Calgary, a major business and global energy center nestled at the foothills of the majestic Canadian Rocky Mountains. 264 mots de plus

Accommodation In Calgary

Insane, Presumptuous, & Hilarious Hotel Reviews by Guests

I have discovered insane, presumptuous, and hilarious hotel reviews by guests and I must share them with you! Thanks to my love for traveling, I usually check out hotel reviews so I can get a sense of the hotel I might want to stay at. 886 mots de plus


Meet the Crowne Plaza's new robot employee

Stephen Hawking may be freaked out by the future of artificial intelligence, but the travel industry definitely isn’t. « Free labor! » seems to be the battle cry, as robots replace humans as… 334 mots de plus

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