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Sant Francesc Hotel Singular in Palma - Room 302

The Sant Francesc opened in Palma at the end of March and overnight became the smartest place to stay in the Mallorcan capital. There are already quite a few boutique hotels in the old town of Palma, usually in medieval buildings of golden stone – and very lovely they are too. 641 mots de plus



Hotel companies are pumping out new brands by the dozen, and there is something for everyone. But it feels to me like there is something for no one. 449 mots de plus

Alan Philips

Marriott Montreal Chateau Champlain

The view of downtown Montreal from the 26th floor of the Marriott Chateau Champlain was extraordinary, no matter the time of day. We arrived in the late afternoon, under a cloudy sky. 377 mots de plus


This mobile hotel has rooms that come to you

Move over mobile home, you’re about to be put to shame.

Scandic To Go is a mobile hotel from a Nordic hotel chain that brings the hotel room to you. 265 mots de plus


Chiang Khan & The BaanSupichaya Hotel

The town of Chiang Khan, located in Loei province right on the border with Laos, is a big hit with tourists. And after visiting I can see why. 339 mots de plus


Hotel Review - Intercontinental Hotel

The strangest thing happened to me at Intercontinental Hotel. The elevators made me feel local. I simply didn’t know how to ‘work them’. I mean I watched security do it, but yeah I simply didn’t get it. 1 022 mots de plus