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From My Hostel: Night #1

This bed smells. I wonder how many other sweaty bodies have laid here night after night?

Do you think it is more popular to take the top bed or the bottom bed? 558 mots de plus



Mrs. Banks baked the most delicious Blueberry Cobbler that an eight-year old boy could be served. Its plump, juicy berries oozed from beneath the lightly golden topping. 516 mots de plus

Engineering/Facilities Services

New in Roseville: Home2 Suites & Hampton Inn

This summer Roseville, MN went from having 9 hotels to 11 hotels! Home2 Suites & Hampton Inn opened in June and we couldn’t be more excited to have visitors stay at the new hotels and see how amazing they turned out. 548 mots de plus


Et tu, lodging industry?

I recently posted some updates about air industry fees and efforts to get those under control. Today I worked on something that drew my attention to the rise in hotels charging « add-on » fees for what were once basic services, such as air conditioning and housekeeping. 203 mots de plus


The 1857 Boutique Hotel

The 1857 Boutique Hotel in Paducah, KY now open.

Visit www.newsleeps.com for more new or newly renovated resorts and hotels.


Africa's Leading Beach Resort 2016 - Diamonds La Gemma dell'Est

Located on the north-western tip of the island and the site of Zanzibar’s most precious beaches,Diamonds La Gemma dell’Est resort features 138 rooms, all with a sea view and surrounded in a luxurious tropical environment. 181 mots de plus