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« There is no organization large enough for even one human soul. »
{David Whyte}

If you are engaged in a conversation about your development – the arc of your life and where it is leading – you might be tempted to ask something like: 169 mots de plus




Inserting medicine where the sun don’t shine thanks to postpartum swelling down there…

Hating life…

Staying awake to pump soon since a 15 minute nap would make no sense at all right now. 18 mots de plus


Goals for 2019

Alle’s commercial goals for2019

Last year, I joined a number of Facebook groups starring real, publishing writers. Many were focused on commercial publications than literary, especially high-level publications such as… 196 mots de plus



Death gives meaning to ambitions, dreams and to hard work yet death turns everything meaningless. The day you die, your house, wealth, car goes to someone else. 122 mots de plus

Being Human

People walk

People talk

People do define, describe

Draw a line that’s not in sight

Only so we couldn’t step back

And I wonder between trees… 15 mots de plus


Walking Into The Light

She was waiting for my glance

when in the Eastern sky,

a greeting,

a quiet diamond in the evening haze

suggestive in a surreal stare… 46 mots de plus


"Our faith should never matter more than our humanity"

Last Friday I woke up to a text from a friend.

« There was a terrorist attack in New Zealand »

I opened the link he sent me and cried. 277 mots de plus