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The song (at least one of them) says « but i’m only human », but I forgot what does that even mean. I don’t feel anything. 61 mots de plus


A Bit About Me: Blogging Openly

Dear Readers,

It. Is. Thanksgiving time! I personally don’t care for the actual holiday of Thanksgiving very much. However, I love the extra time off with my husband, the no school for my older kids, and the Black Friday shopping! 666 mots de plus

Mom Life

Truth in my Way

Truth is …

she is with me now

though miles collide

the nature of her


is in my waking morning.

Truth is …

while the world around us… 56 mots de plus


Thought for the Day: There Is Guilt In the Omission of Doing Good

« Every man is guilty of all the good he didn’t do. » – Voltaire, philosopher (21 Nov 1694-1778)

Thought For The Day

meep morp

You know you’re a robot;

You know you can’t feel,

But you try and try;

You want to know

How it is to feel. 325 mots de plus


p r e s s u r e

I’m feeling pressured to do

Everything at once

Somehow inevitable death

Feels looming at the cusp

I need to go on

I need to make sure steps… 41 mots de plus


3.500 years ago the Ancient Egyptians used an effective Pregnancy Test!

At the University of Copenhagen in Denmark there is a unique collection of Ancient Egyptian papyrus manuscripts.
A large part of the collection has not yet been translated and still unpublished. 562 mots de plus