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Saving is boring

it’s a tedious process. It is not very rewarding, only at the end will I be a able to enjoy the benefits. It supports my motivation to go to work because I know now there is a way out. 304 mots de plus


Don't talk about it

Seriously: don’t. All you will end up with is getting people bored, or even jealous. Money is still some sort of a taboo thing I guess; or is it just because you speak about it then people assume you have more than they do. 416 mots de plus


Tips to stay positive \\\ Trucs pour rester positifs

(version française plus bas!)

It’s this time of year again: the winter seems to drag on, Christmas is over, the next holidays are miles away, and everything seems a little bit grey and mush. 1 008 mots de plus

Tips And Tricks

We are all immigrants


So much to say, so much has been said and is still being said on this terrible Muslim ban.

Unlike the “Women’s March”, I did not join the protest in the airports this weekend. 1 361 mots de plus


I cannot believe we still have to do this

What a couple of days it’s been.

On Friday, I was taken over by so many mixed feelings – sadness, nostalgia, incredulity, anger, fear – while watching the inauguration on TV. 1 002 mots de plus


I wish you Love!

Chers tous, après une longue absence (et oui, dans l’hémisphère sud c’était les grandes vacances!), après un périple au Nord et au Sud pour reconnecter avec la famille etc.  553 mots de plus


7 choses que j'adore à propos de Noël - 7 things I like the most about the Christmas Season

D’une certaine façon, je n’ai jamais réellement aimé les fêtes de Noël en France. J’ai commencé à les apprécier lorsque j’ai passé mon premier Noël en vacances aux Etats-Unis. 1 225 mots de plus