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Stilt man

Got bored….and this happened, trying to start getting back into recording songs, now I have more free time.


The little green men made me not do it

Some days you just have to do the laundry of life, there’s no getting around it. Sometimes that laundry is actual laundry; other times they’re the unglamorous slog through paperwork or forms or other such must-dos that have you checking the date and wondering if they can be put off. 296 mots de plus


To Be or Not to Be--Bitten by a Horse

Something occurred to me the other day: I’ve never been bitten by a horse.

Although I had never contemplated the ramifications of being bitten by a horse, or the ramifications of not being bitten by a horse, my life suddenly seemed vacant and purposeless. 293 mots de plus


Mentors in Hiding

There is immense value in having a mentor. A mentor serves as a coach, friend, teacher and motivator. Recently someone asked, “Hey Barry who is your mentor?” I looked at the questioner with a wide stupefied gaze. 419 mots de plus


Good Afternoon.....Day 33

I started writing a novel today. The title is “The Martians Invaded.” It is the tale of a married couple becoming bank robbers. My wife suggests that the book’s title is misleading. 20 mots de plus