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Misogyny and manacles: Wonder Woman's surprising origin story

Like any superhero, Wonder Woman has a pretty complicated origin story.

Born in both feminism and misogyny, Diana Prince was the creation of psychologist Dr. William Moulton Marston. 1 229 mots de plus


A True History of The Isles (the ones off the west coast of France, that is) Volume 2 (or Vol. II)


Whereas the 2016 vote by the citizenry of the UK to leave the European Union was a pretty spectacular bit of business, it almost pales (sic) into the mediocre when compared with the potential Hoo-Ahh released by the results of the 2017 General Election. 1 121 mots de plus

Meme - The Laughing Phenomenon

Memes is worldwide social phenomenon that is usually an image or a piece of text, which is often humorous in nature. The majority of memes are captioned photos that intended to be funny, often as a way to publicly ridicule human behaviour. 528 mots de plus



(yesterday, tea time)

At the end of the drive the cat had positioned himself at the side of the road looking east, then west then east again, as if expecting the arrival of a favourite cousin or an ice-cream van.

(saw me watching, walked away)


Beware a Woman Scorned

Madhatters would like to issue the following PSA to all guys . . . think very carefully before rejecting a marriage proposal from a woman… 12 mots de plus


Gumma Reserve

On our way to the Macksville Pub we call in at the Gumma Reserve a freedom camp on a branch of the Nambucca River in northern NSW. 77 mots de plus