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Junior Earplug Adventures: Natural Selection (Part 13)

It was Galve Mullion and Torsten Gobbfist who took the lead as the prospectors made their way through a labyrinth of corridors through which the map guided them towards their goal… 333 mots de plus

Digital Photography

Coffee: A Love Letter

Dear Coffee;

We’ve been through a lot together, you and me.

We started our relationship in University, which is late-but I needed a little time to mature (AKA grow out of adolescence).  172 mots de plus

It’s the day after Mother’s Day 2017!

In order to celebrate the occasion, I thought we could go for a lighter topic and have a look at some of video games more…particular mothers, and just for a larff try to estimate what they would want for mother’s day. 1 278 mots de plus

Video Games

Potterous-a bit more humorous

So guys, we are back again at pottering after a long break. Hope u all are doing great potterfans. Coming staright to the point, we all know Harry Potter is a bit serious stuff, right. 129 mots de plus

Harry Potter

Kitchenituspilferous Tips for Beginners

What’s this I hear you ask?
What is kitchenituspilferous?

This is not an original phrase, but I can’t for the life of me remember where I first heard it, but it rules long, hard and fast in our house/ boathold and today was no exception. 316 mots de plus


No single suffers here

It’s amazing at how much our diseases consume us.  There are times when we only can see our own hands in front of our own faces.  350 mots de plus