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Part iv of the Jesus Army Saga— Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

Divine wind + cow + Jesus freak = accident

On bicycles: Charlie in hurrying to cure a brother due a rib
crowned with a piebald cow (he got intuitions) 297 mots de plus


Welcome to Saturday

I plan to spend the day recovering from jet lag and doing all the chores I didn’t get done because I was away from home for 12 days. 67 mots de plus


R.I.P. ~ IRON!

Perhaps it’s just resting… 

My iron died yesterday. I had quite a large heap to do, so, rather than feeling sad, I was actually quite annoyed. 512 mots de plus


Sherlock Homophobe: The Anti-Gay and Lesbian Victorian Detective

The scene is a small study at the top of 221B Hetero  Street in the Whitechapel district of East London. The great detective and insufferable bigot, Sherlock Homophobe, is seated in the corner of the room, smoking opium and playing a refrain on a Stradivarius violin. 250 mots de plus


Adversity - A stepping stone to success (Hey, what colour is this..?)

Seemingly, whenever I tell someone I am colour-blind they feel compelled to put me to the test.

“No… really, is that what you see?”

“Can’t be, you sure?” 595 mots de plus

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Grades and Glasses

Today is a good day. Sometimes the good days feel few and far between. Perhaps that’s not the case, perhaps my brain only recognises them on the odd occasion, perhaps my mind isn’t able to celebrate all the beautiful little things in life. 487 mots de plus

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