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Stuck In Traffic

Was stuck in a humongous jam earlier this week – so I’m back back on my favourite « unfavourite » topic …

I am Sing it girl Mum

Mini-Me has taken to making up her own songs.

It’s adorable and Mammy is generally quite chuffled that she seems to have a tolerable voice and that she can rhyme off the top of her head. 90 mots de plus

Rest stop

This weekend, I rest, not in the backyard treehouse but at a lake lodge not far from home.

I rest amongst friends who dance.

I rest, away from commercialised college sports, away from political social media posts, away from much-needed house repair work. 55 mots de plus


'Soaked Again'

Ok, you’re getting the hang of it now, Brits really do talk about the weather constantly. This is because it is generally neither insipid nor deeply traumatic but impactful in that must-find-something-that-doesn’t-go-transparent-when-wet sort of way.  300 mots de plus


Birthday poem last year & this year.

This one was from last year where I had loads of kinder egg toys all over my computer screen. This one was for this year.

Claws For The Weekend: Weather Bomb

I’ve just heard about the ‘Weather Bomb’ that is heading our way. The official term is ‘explosive cyclohenesis’.

Here in Manchester we know it as ‘typical weekend’. 17 mots de plus