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A Christmas Tree For Christmas Dinner

Apparently the needles of a Christmas (pine) tree are rich in vitamin C and can be boiled down into a new-car-smell flavoured soup, additionally giving your bathroom and the things you do in it a festive whiff. 503 mots de plus


Eleven children and one TV! The Loud House S1 Ep1: Left in the Dark

I’d heard good things about Nickelodeon’s ‘The Loud House’ – the animated adventures of eleven-year-old Lincoln Loud, the only boy in a house with ten sisters. 557 mots de plus


My mental health melt down is reducing my carbon footprint and here is why...

Being stuck in bed with a relapse is not ideal, nor fun. I have experienced a minor bump in the road….or is it a big fucking pothole! 549 mots de plus

10 Things Only People Who Read Ebooks Understand

I’m not here to get into the eBook vs. print books debate, but let’s face it: EBooks are incredibly convenient. There are so many great reasons to love them… but I’m the first to admit that people who read eBooks do have a very interesting set of new-age problems, starting with these hilarious situations below! 145 mots de plus