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Musings of an Ordinary Sea Pebble

Me and my mates, we rub together
swell. We’ve been here forever, fretting.
Different shapes and colors,
we jigsaw, see-saw on the front line.

We rise and fall, small tectonic shifts, 117 mots de plus


Cartoon for Today - 19/02/2018

— Bryce Edwards (@bryce_edwards) February 16, 2018

Just one more bite!

Being Single: Tips and Tricks

Fuck me and fuck my love life! Valentine’s Day was last week and nothing has changed. It’s still commercial bullshit, made for stupid couples trying to convince themselves that they actually met « the one » at high school! 548 mots de plus


Random Gyan #13: Grouch

Miserable people are grouchy.

If you are a grouch, find something that makes you happy.

If you aren’t, find something that makes the grouch happy. 27 mots de plus


Poor Biff's Almanac -- Throwing Out the World

I have spoken many times here on my blog about how Sunday nights appear so suddenly out of nowhere.  If they were bears, we would have all been mauled by now.  559 mots de plus


A limerick or two.

I believe that the limerick form can cheer up even the most horrid of subjects. What do you reckon?

Once a fellow from Afghanistan…

Okay so I have failed tonight.  219 mots de plus