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Whatever you want Pie (Cherry in this case)

Alright? Hows your week been? I’ve actually had a whole week where I have been ok and not sad! Go me! This does not mean I am cured now as much as I wish it was. 789 mots de plus

The Life and Death of Stars

Stars, so far as we understand them today, are not « alive ».

Now and again we saw a binary and a third star approach one another so closely that one or other of the group reached out a filament of its substance toward its partner.

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A quick chatty Post

Hmm a question, is Sam Johnson one of the sexiest men alive? I wish :( .

You have to enjoy and remember days like these. Today’s been the hottest day of the year, I visited my mother’s, we watched England beat Panama six one and easily Mum likes her footy, then sit in the garden enjoying the sun again, AND what a welcome change to qualify to the next round early without having to get the calculator out! 325 mots de plus


Jake has no underarm hair – 10th & 11th August 2000

Thursday 10th to Friday 11th Abby got back from Portugal today. She’s gone all brown. She brought me back a bottle of peach vodka which is nice so I’m not so jealous now! 322 mots de plus


Book Review: Bleeding Empire by CL Raven

Bleeding Empire rocked! It was funny, C L Raven have a great sense of humour and it translated well to this story and the characters in it. 89 mots de plus