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Listen: Iles - 'In Tents'

Tristan Johnston has a lot to answer for. Operating under the moniker Iles (pronounce it like Giles without the ‘G’), Johnston has managed to create an earworm so huge it’s currently burrowing its way through our collective brain and it looks like it’s settling in for the foreseeable future. 121 mots de plus


New Music: Iles

This manages to skirt between being cute and being rocky.


POST n°3 : Le sac à dos

Le sac à dos aura été l’un des choix les plus cruciales pour moi ! J’ai longuement hésité, et je suis parti sur le modèle de chez Intersport : le… 404 mots de plus


Historic Davenport home draws interest from Muscatine buyer

A historic Davenport home that has sat abandon for years could have a potential buyer.

A Muscatine man with a background in restoring old homes has placed a bid for the Lambrite-Iles-Peterson home, according to Jack Haberman, the president of the Gateway Redevelopment Group, a non-for-profit organization that rescues abandon homes. 294 mots de plus


One way compensations develop

We have all had injuries; some acute some chronic. Often times injuries result in damage to the joint or articulation;  when the ligament surrounding a joint becomes injured we call this a “sprain”.  465 mots de plus

[5/5] Three Paradigms of Intercultural Epistemology: Positivist, Relativist and Constructivist

Putting it Together


In this series of posts I’ve been taking a close look at a chapter in a book written by Milton Bennett about the three paradigms of intercultural epistemology: positivism, relativism, and constructivism (Bennett 2013). 1 737 mots de plus

Intercultural Understanding

[4/5] Three Paradigms of Intercultural Epistemology: Positivist, Relativist and Constructivist



Recently I’ve been looking at Milton Bennett’s (2013) three paradigms (positivism, relativism, and constructivism) of intercultural epistemology as a basis for exploring how people share and analyse their intercultural experiences. 1 060 mots de plus

Intercultural Understanding