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Don't stand between them

Conflicts are not desirable, but life is impossible without it. Lot of things came out on surface when we get angry or if someone provokes us. 603 mots de plus


Schrodinger Cat ψ

It’s all so surreal

The walls around me blur,

the sky is falling down,

I am standing all still

in the middle of an ocean… 240 mots de plus


Descent into Hell and Illusion

Near the end of Descent into Hell, Hugh Prescott and Adela discuss daydreams. Hugh only barely daydreams, whereas Adela does so often, and her defense of this calls the temptress Lily Sammile to her side. 1 268 mots de plus

cringing at the thought of missing out on the sunny side of the road.
what if it is all an illusion?
what if commitment to it’s path leads to waiting disappointment? 32 mots de plus
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