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Verloren in einer Illusion

Verloren in einer Illusion

Ich habe in einer Illusion gelebt

In einem magischen Moment den es so nicht gibt

Aber so wie es immer ist… 80 mots de plus


The body follows the actual intention of the mind

Questioner: In some books, it is written that body does not lie. If you are thinking of something, body shows some messages, some signs. Body is telling the truth. 418 mots de plus


3D Hands - Lines

Here’s a fun way to introduce lines to your students. I’ve found kids up to 7th grade love making these Optical Illusion Hands. Simple and looks fantastic. 25 mots de plus



how many times can we dance
around one another,
yet never see that we create the magnetic force
that attracts and repels,
i realize now that i am not the only one… 182 mots de plus


The other day during  a lesson I gave it suddenly hit me:
my student laughs at my subtle jests out of habit and courtesy
not because he truly enjoys my customary antics… 314 mots de plus

Universal Dream

Are we awake right now, living in the minute

or we just dreaming, just thinking we’re in it

is all of this an illusion, created by our minds… 57 mots de plus