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Optical Illusion

Butterflies in your stomach
Nightmares in your head
Inconsistency in your heart

You lay alone at night, wandering thoughts take control
Your emotions loose control and now you’re confused… 87 mots de plus


Dream no more.

To that which danced in the breath of thy shadow;

Awaiting a dream’s touch, never considered true.

A thought, an idea, a perception held locked, 104 mots de plus

Tania Elizabeth

Darkness and Light are both my home.

I resent being labeled as « good » or « bad. » I loathe being labeled as « of the dark » or « of the light. 396 mots de plus


Creating a new conscious network

I have been born in Preetz, a little town in northern Germany. I have lived overseas for 25 years and have decided to settle back down where my roots are. 1 283 mots de plus

Experience Collective Consciousness

In Miusol Womens Scoop Neck Optical Illusion Gold Belt

If you have a character that’s level seventy or eighty then this should be very easy for you. You can use whatever class you want, just know that the Paladin is the best for WoW… 300 mots de plus

A ROPALIA Women Bodycon Floral Illusion Bandage Two Piece

The bodycon dress, short for “body conscious” has been a great success. These tightly fitted bandage dresses made popular by Herve Léger have had massive growth in the last few years. 344 mots de plus