Mots-clés » Illusion

You are my heart,
Your presence my time
You are a part,
The treasure of mine

And yet you are still
Yourself and not me…

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you walk in eternity, beloved...

this was taught to me…

every scream arises
from the world’s first sorrow

every wound
every curse
every failing
every torment

is ancient beyond time… 39 mots de plus


Love's Sweet Revenge (Part 1)

(Translated from original Hindi / Urdu: ‘Inteqam Ishq Ka’)

Raghu was sitting in his jail cell. Daydreaming was he, dreaming about his past. Life was grim for him. 418 mots de plus


A bit from my current book: Regarding what's happening...

In the present Iron Age of Man, we have the additional pressure of a subtle evil imposing itself upon any and all vulnerable Souls on Earth. 194 mots de plus

Special Education

Backtracking Blues

My mind treads the same old paths
And each time, I think
It’s something new
Though I know, in sooth, it’s a day-old thought
Au naturale sure, but washed out… 127 mots de plus


Some Sneaky Tricks For Speeding Up Your Comic - A Comic Page Dissection

Before I begin, I should probably point out that – whilst this article will show you a few examples of tricks that you can use to make the art (especially the backgrounds) for your comics more quickly – these tricks… 913 mots de plus