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The Crater/Dome Illusion

One very important aspect of photo interpretation is knowing where the source of light is in the photo. This helps you determine whether an object is a depression like a bowl, or a projection above ground such as a mound or dome. 318 mots de plus



The world is a huge place and there are billions of people living in it and going about their lives making choices for good or bad. 554 mots de plus

Winter's flower

It was a lonely January night where the clock stroke exactly eleven p.m and the storm had engulfed the entire city; leaving her house plain dark. 1 355 mots de plus


Casanova with broken heart


Nobody has an immunity from Cupid arrows. Love can hit as tornado and we are ready to do things which we did not think we will ever do. 431 mots de plus



When I feel I’m worthy
I will tell you who I really am
Express how I truly feel deep down
Instead of hiding behind that phony smile…

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