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Prayer Creates Inner Beauty If Done Properly

That the clothes make the man is not true. The clothes create the illusion not the reality. Where a persons thoughts are daily directed make the person. 28 mots de plus



This is a love poem, of a sort, but to an idealised dream of a person. The person you could never quite meet, or maybe not even entirely visualise, but is always there in dreams, slightly too far away. 352 mots de plus


Assignment #6 - Creating Forced Perspective

Assignment due October 27.

Forced perspective is a photographic optical illusion that takes advantage of depth perception and camera placement to make two or more objects look different than they would in reality. 236 mots de plus


I was thinking of grabbing the eraser,

smearing around the words on this paper

and throwing away all the hard work that I’d slaved over, 88 mots de plus


Fletcher, Daisee: Case no. 007

My name…? Funny they call me by many names here, personally I like Cece. Cece sounds fun don’t you think, she sounds like a cool gal. 587 mots de plus

Short Story