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Birth Of Me

Thou slept as my body sizzled,

Smirked at my scald skin,

 Churning my soul again.

My body,


Going numb.

Like ashes float away,

My sanity broke away. 159 mots de plus


What is love?

Love is all these four things: delusion, illusion, deception, and misconception. It is the delusion that one woman differs from another, that all men are not the same, or that blondes are more affable but less affordable than brunettes. 100 mots de plus


saturn-day seeds...

blogging is hard right now, but forcing myself to do.  don’t lose the practice.  yoga feels hard too.  but doing it.  i am in the midst of a deep transformation, and wary to make any sentences that cement in a reality.   495 mots de plus


Floating sidewalk

My flickr contact Ming Thein took this in Hong Kong. It’s looking up at a mirrored ceiling and the image is flipped over. Sort of hurts one’s brain to think about it too much but it’s a great reflection. 19 mots de plus


Consumer Lawsuit Alleges SeaWorld Deceives Public While Its Orcas Suffer

Lawsuit seeks to represent anyone who purchased tickets, memberships or SeaWorld orca experiences.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP is a consumer-rights class-action law firm with offices in nine cities. 638 mots de plus

« Woe the snares of pleasure. What is sweet in place of God proves sweet no longer, but it has stayed sweet just long enough to enslave.

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El Decertor - Illusion

Street artist El Decertor is back in the Miraflores district of Peru where he just finished an incredible new piece entitled « Illusion. » Utilizing his incredible rendering technique and folk-inspired South American imagery, the piece is turning heads on the streets of Lima.