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Red Death in Mustard Gas

Masked smoke bomber unknown.
Photo by: CinemAesthetiX



This is a short film of the #WeOwnTheNightLA Photo Meet in DTLA. Watch in 1080p!

Created by: CinemAesthetiX


Kahuna Mō'aukala

Hello my lovelies! I hope that your month of May has been magnificent. Are you ready for June? Well if you are in Maui on the 18th, come on over to Lahaina. 590 mots de plus


Time and Tide...

Nature blooms in death

Time slips by on hallowed ground

Earth reveals in time

From death beauty flows

Life asumes a shroud of new

The old feed the new… 35 mots de plus

My Poetry

Delta over Delta (Infinity)

Euphoria seizes the calculator
As he seizes the numbers, similarly
With precision the world becomes
A mobile experiment
What the eye falls upon,
The eye investigates on… 95 mots de plus

Murphy's law

When something is bad, don’t worry. It might be worse. Everybody has one of that days, when everything is going wrong.

You get up and spill hot coffee on your white dress and then you must clean mess and get late at work. 465 mots de plus