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recognition (a quotation from Blaise Pascal)

The last function of reason is to recognize that there are an infinity of things which surpass it. –Blaise Pascal



Never mind, pass on by-

Stick to the sunny side,

ride the waves of time,

Let you hair down and move aside,

Never mind, pass on by- 74 mots de plus

A New Mind

Words like subjective, objective, presence, humility, ego, letting go, attachment and so on are ambiguous in nature but we think we know what they mean or imply in a universal concept. 1 192 mots de plus


The Inverse!

Pigment I myself on a calico canvas, in paled hues
Gray clouds sedate me and chafes me the rainbows.
Gates of spring in me, parades the nameplate of fall; 73 mots de plus

Poetry & Quotes

This is disgustingly annoying,
like scratching your sweated crotch,
or migraine in a traffic where a million fuckers honking at the same time,
this is you and me, us, 95 mots de plus


Life:Slumber :: Death:Awakening

There was a loud thud on the weak wooden door. The inhabitants looked in the direction of the horrifying knock all at once – the father with an expression of angst and worry; the teenage daughter with a look of wonder while her little brother with a pure confused and ignorant look, running away from his Didi’s hand holding the last bite of the chappati of his share, came to a sudden hault. 550 mots de plus