Mots-clés » Illusion

How can I hide behind a shadow of illusion when truth is reality?

On this day I had met with Leo one of my best friends, a wonderful man who has been and continues to me one of my most treasured supports. 405 mots de plus

Journal Entries


Rivers take the toys away from a dog
Mild poison emanates a sense of nonexistence
Like stone butterflies in the early morning
Dog toys would make the best spaghetti on mars but… 31 mots de plus



Another sailor slips the pier
To the swift beyond
No waiting in this queue
Will call when your turn comes up
No use guessing
No use jumping the line… 52 mots de plus


The End

Now I know that the end is upon us,
It is coming so fast I can’t breathe.
But I’m not now afraid of the end of my days, 169 mots de plus


One of our Days

I have no news from him for several days. Looking at the iPhone clock. It is almost midnight. I am opening messages and entering: « hi. 570 mots de plus


Aquarius Moon

Aquarius Moon

The mirror flashes
Too much!
I squint away
Staring at a wound

Then, Abrahadabra!
Treasure falls from the Juggler’s cup.
It is indeed… 10 mots de plus