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Love letter not to be sent

I would look at this with sad delight that every time I see journal notebooks I would think of you. Your kind and witty correspondence with me, how you got me all confused with my own feelings, I suppose emotions have a way of disrupting an individual’s rationality. 584 mots de plus


illusion or delusion; she does not know.

Understand that anyone can die at any time in any place. Our sense of concreteness of the life situation, of the solidarity of the waking world of the five senses and their objects, is a complete error. 130 mots de plus


So It Goes

Your vision haunts my tortured mind,
a dizzying hall of mirrors inside
I close my eyes and turn away
As I glance back, you fade to gray… 81 mots de plus

The Council – Illusion - Oracles and Healers

Courtesy of Oracles and Healers

The Council – Illusion

April 27, 2017/Comments Off on The Council – Illusion

The Council – Illusion

We do not often speak here about illusion. 591 mots de plus

The Untouched Truth of Illusion

The reality and the Universe are two separate things contained within one another. The universe, as defined, is made up of space and time, and reality is composed of the logical laws that govern these things. 861 mots de plus