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A consistant minute hum at the back of the head.
A sharp stingy monotone.
Innumerable questions.
Proportionate failures.
Disease for the mind,
Seizures for the soul. 23 mots de plus


Judex (1963) & Nuits Rouges (1974)

First published by Film International

At first glance Judex (1963) and Nuits rouges (1974) might seem like chalk and cheese. One is in black and white with a marked interest in orthochromatic effects, the other is in vivid seventies colour. 1 221 mots de plus

"Bridge II" and "Construction Site" May 2015

Two paintings just finished. My work is split between the nature stuff and my local suburban/rural surroundings. I’m about to begin two large ones, on of a railroad crossing and another of a local intersection on US 41 here in Ruskin. 41 mots de plus

God Gave Me a Mountain

Walking towards my house in the flat state of Illinois this evening, I thought I saw a mountain peaking over the trees. Struck by the beauty, I halted. 462 mots de plus


On the path of your lies

On the path of your lies,

Your promises gave only birth to illusion,

Letting tears and ashes behind.

When the time came for the Storm, 27 mots de plus


All Our Blood On All Our Hands - A Poem for Charleston and Humanity

All our blood on all our hands. 

It’s all our deed,  I understand.  

We condemn and question and berate  

The same ugliness we co-create. 


We let you part us with your lies.  204 mots de plus