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Steins;Gate is wrong

Hello, TimeEmperor here! There are not many shows or movies that contain time travel to the past. But one of these shows is an anime called Steins;Gate, which I love. 1 437 mots de plus


The Strategy of Illusory Control.

The Buddhist teaching of Dependent Origination states that no being or phenomena exist independently of other beings and phenomena. You would not be where you are today if it were not for the society that supports you with food, transportation, jobs and goods. 702 mots de plus



I’m looking into the mirror. I’m smiling so happily like I haven’t been for months. I look into my eyes. A dark brown color, black pupils. 152 mots de plus



The fight for such a small spark.
The one that started it all.
The need to stay complete;
to stay in control.
When we’ve steered life… 118 mots de plus



She opened up a single empty box
That held her happy memories within,
And saw the mere projection of her hope
That had become more real than earthly him – 58 mots de plus

Original Poems

The Matrix

It surrounds us.

It is everything.

It is the essence.

The world is the matrix.

The existence is it.

We are the matrix.

We construct the matrix. 70 mots de plus


Op Art by 6th Grade

The 6th grade was introduced to the concept of Op Art (Optical Art). In Op Art the images may be geometrical and trick the eye, images may be hidden in images, images my appear to move or be 3D. 125 mots de plus