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In-Hill Battle: A Working Title

Ladies and Gents,

This is a story about ants.

Of all the creatures on this earth, the insect world seems to me to be the one that is the most constantly at war (including humans!) While taking a course at my school called « The Insect World, » I developed a fascination with ants (as apparently have many animation studios) — specifically, how many wars they wage on all fronts daily. 286 mots de plus


Clean 4.0

Today is the day where the skies will be painted yellow.  Check out the evolved version at my portfolio.


WeChat, Vans, Hyacinths

Young Guangzhou is a year-long personal project, attempting to capture a sense of the unique style and vibe of Guangzhou’s vibrant 18-30s.

Lili des Bellons - Neon

Paris based artist and designer Lili des Bellons creates vibrant and whimsical illustrations. In her latest series titled « Neon, » des Bellons takes us through a surreal and futuristic imaginary world.