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Inktober - Day 13

Had something fancier in mind but I was getting kinda sleepy while I was drawing so I simplified the sides of the frame. I really hate the number 13, if I can help it I skip it altogether.


Shohei - Ballpoint Pen Illustrations

Shohei is a Tokyo based illustrator who creates unbelievably well rendered work using strictly a ballpoint pen. In a number of recent pieces, Shohei depicts police officers performing some questionable activities.


My sketchbook

Here are pages from my sketchbook, where I study anatomy. There are also drawing that I do during my lunch break. 9 mots de plus


10 min sketches

Before I start on any artwork, I do a quick 10 min sketch excise. I find this helps me focus, and think clearly on what I am doing, be it drawing, design, photo manipulation. 24 mots de plus