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Creative Friends

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’ve been a ghost from this site recently.

To prove I’m still around and thinking about you guys, I’m sharing the work of a few close artist/ designer friends of mine. 66 mots de plus



Day 8. It’s a tradition in our house to decorate gingerbread houses. My kids love it – mostly for the candy. They give me a hard time for trying to out do their decorating. 85 mots de plus



Yeezy⚡ One of the pieces i’ll be showcasing at @10at10calgary ‘s monthly event #artoftheday #illustration #yyc

EJ Negre

Fashion Illustration

Tranquility // pencil, ink & photoshop

Image inspired by fashion photographer, Herb Ritts 📸 #artoftheday

EJ Negre

Inktober // Week 4 Summary

Finally done uploading these! I’ve called this the ‘Week’ 4 summary but October is one of the longer months, so I’ve bunched the last 10 together. 8 mots de plus


AotA Day 7 

Mowgli led the way for miles and as night fall we set up camp. Under a sea of stars everyone was fast asleep from the journey. 235 mots de plus


uncle sidney's library • an original short short story

Jenna quietly slipped unnoticed from the living room, into the kitchen, towards the back stairs, away from the gathering of friends, family. So many friends. So much laughter. 286 mots de plus