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A little bit of Art in Church...

I started my studies in theology a couple of weeks ago. The classes are really interesting and I already have some great new friends. But I also am keeping up the art side of things, even if I’d like to do more. 176 mots de plus

Ink brush pen freestyle

​​​so my laptop was updating and I had time to kill while I waited for it start up.

Thought I’d do a little brushpen freestylin’.



Sometimes I just don’t know what I’m going to make. I just let my hand do the work!!!


Response to Tutor's feedback

Feedback on Section 1

The overall comments were that the work was ok but I hadn’t put enough of my workings on the blog. This was a comment I had all the way through Level 1 and yet again I am falling into this bad habit. 180 mots de plus


Yes, I have decided to put on a winter sale of my artwork on


but it isn’t open to everyone… Nope it is just for you lovely readers and viewers. 85 mots de plus



As I teased about earlier, I’m proud to present a new project! This is my first stab at a graphic novel, which I intend to make into a full length series some day. 43 mots de plus