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Wild Rose

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Wild rose swings with sunshine
Flowery vivid girl sings by graceful dream
Infinite joy in spring magic
Glorious immortal stars know beautiful secret fantasy… 7 mots de plus


John Lennon: Sgt. Pepper Album Sketch

This ink drawing by John Lennon for what would become the 1967 album cover of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band was found in a sketchbook left behind at Kenwood, the home where the famous Beatle once lived in Surrey. 164 mots de plus


Mario Birthday Card

Subject: Mario
Time used: 8 hours
Technique: Digital (Clip Studio Paint)
Size: 1450×1000 px
Source: random pictures on google and my own ideas

I made this as a birthday card for a friend last month and now that he finally receved the card I can upload it. 108 mots de plus


Libération - Restaurant tables

Here’s a little illustration that came out in Libération today, for an article about people not turning up for their restaurant reservations (a curse for the restaurants!), and an app that hopes to solve that problem. 19 mots de plus


Male model 1

So I wanted to illustrate some male models, I have been illustrating female models a lot…made this with the app Procreate on iPad Pro.



Nothing better than a long weekend in (almost) Winter embracing the nanna-lyf.

This iteration of such a lifestyle, was done on denim with white pen base illustration as a marker. 29 mots de plus


Oh the places your imagination can take you....


A quick 15 minute sketch of last night’s monkey boy now dressed up a a pirate sailing the high seas with his trusty companion, Buster. 31 mots de plus