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Mel Howard | February, 14 2016

Little Things That Make My Life Easier-Part 3


I feel it’s unnecessary to explain the joy that comes with finding the completely returnable treasures of a forgotten post essay midnight binge on your doorstep after an awful day, or a good day, or anytime, ever. 31 mots de plus


Rock Your Handwriting

Writing and doodling and Instagram, OH MY!


I’ve had a pretty busy week this week. So much so when I’d come home from work I felt like I had little to no energy to do much of anything that would require much creative thought. 679 mots de plus

Art Journal

My poor scrawny Viking

He can’t even lift his sword…

I made this for the #CDChallenge. It’s my first time participating and I am sooooooo intimidated by the quality of the other artists out there! 11 mots de plus



This week I had a fun new project from the New Statesman, to illustrate a triple book review (no less!) on the theme of bicycle couriers in London.  59 mots de plus


Exploring water

I saw a few  tutorials on how water is used to create beautiful texture. Well here is my attempt….eeeks! It looks easy but, its so hard! And there were puddles everywhere!


Daily Spitpaint - "Wastelander(s)"

30 minute speedpaint under the topic « Wastelander(s) » … the modern wastelanders … when dinosaurs take back the world after us humans have destroyed it … definitely an accidental Wall-E/Good Dinosaur crossover here … which is odd because I absolutely hate the Good Dinosaur character design and have refused to even go watch the film.