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ReBath - So Much To Love

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Digital Art & Design

For cool things to happen, you have to get out of your comfort zone.
—Rony Abovitz—

Morning sneaks up, and I open my shade to find a layer of moody fog clinging to the window.

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1323: Thanks, Obama

I know we’re all divided, and the constant bombings and certain parts of the ACA really bothered me, but this guy was pretty great. I spent the last 8 years worrying less about my LGBQT+ and PoC friends. 54 mots de plus


Winter Rose

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Winter rose under snowy sky
Gorgeous shining girl smiles in crystal wind
Secret song with vibrant flowers
Graceful heart always finds undying spiritual joy… 7 mots de plus


It's Me

I started this portrait before the holiday break, forgot about it for some time, then revisited it for a moment just now before finally deciding I’ve had enough of looking at myself– and here I am ! Enjoy my sloppy self portrait.


First kiss

« We are all mortal until the first kiss and the second glass of wine ».

I drew this rough and quick in 2014. Never published it because I didn’t think it deserved to be seen. 6 mots de plus