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Custom Puppy Button

This is the last button for a while. I’ve been getting ton of request for portraits, right now I’m working on a paining for a client.I’ll post pics when it’s done obvs.   41 mots de plus


Hello there! I am Mags, nice to meet you.

I am an illustrator (and I take some nice photos too). Some of my work I do directly for clients (if you are interested, do come find me here: … 83 mots de plus


"Queen Birdy" Final Oil Painting

Finally, our King Birdy has his Queen…

Don’t they look happy together? Well, they are keeping up appearances of civility, I suppose. Now that I post this, I think it would be funny to paint a third painting of their heirs…but I need to move on from this! 138 mots de plus


Exercise – An objective drawing – Ex7, part 2, I1

Take an item from the list (shoe, umbrella, pair of trousers, pair of glasses, hat) and explore physical qualities and function.  What is the item for – what does it do?  

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Exercise – Exploring drawing and painting – Ex6, part 2, I1

Create a sketchbook with different kinds of coloured and textured papers.  Use a variety of surfaces including rough textures such as sugar paper and heavy watercolour paper and smooth, shiny surfaces such as brown paper and cheap typing paper.  

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