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I miss good Whiskey.  I don’t drink now because of the medication I’m on and mostly it’s fine.  But I do miss good whiskey.  There is something beautiful about sitting up late with really close friends and gently drinking a really good Irish whiskey together. 197 mots de plus


Response to feedback 1

Or Inner Punk Climbs Out Of Closet (and then climbs back in again)

I had an unusual response to my Tutor’s feedback this time. Going back to the Harry Potter analogy, I am usually a bit of an Hermione Grainger, my hand up, homework all done etc, etc. 406 mots de plus

Illustration 2

Nobody Knows Like An Eskimo's Nose Knows

Here’s a preliminary test piece for a handmade book project I’ve started. I’m actually doing real linocuts this time rather than digitally manipulating a drawing to give it that quality. 75 mots de plus