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Bodies in Chaos

Dance is a chaos of bodies in motion.

A response on Pop My Mind to Double Bill, a dance piece. This piece was part of Pop My Minds  6 mots de plus


President Cat

Introducing President Cat, a new semi-regular comic strip!  Check out episodes 1 & 2 right now on the Comics page!


Monday Morning Post: Close to Home

Hey Guys, Bea here!

Since last month was pretty much dedicated to showing some of the work I’ve done in the area of comics/sketch cards, for the next few weeks I’ll be sharing work that I’ve done locally, not only for the authors I’ve done work for, but also little things I did for friends and family! 433 mots de plus


First Illustration on the new Cintiq!

I got a comission for 10 illustrations and have the priviledge of using my new graphic tablet for the job. I am getting used to the cintiq and can say that I really enjoy it so far. 81 mots de plus

Le Boucher

Here’s another lino print from the growing series I’m working on about French food; observant readers may remember one from the Patisserie a few weeks ago! 58 mots de plus