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Have I mentioned that I’m thinking about going for one?

I have a masters in creative writing and I have found a project that I really want to study. 403 mots de plus

Masters Tales

Secret Spring

☆☆☆ Tanka ☆☆☆

Secret spring in winter air
Bright golden petals shine for gorgeous girl
Quiet blue sky dreams infinity
Cold wind turns into joyful floral song… 8 mots de plus


Another Anatomical Heart

This was something originally started in late 2016. Halfway through, some events happened that I had to put this on hold. Then in very late 2017, discovered this sketch. 113 mots de plus


Out In The Void

While I was making We Can’t Be Alone Out Here, I was playing around with a bunch of ‘eyes in the void of space’ concepts, and I liked this one enough to clean it up into a finished piece! 10 mots de plus