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24/30 Days of Illustration - Camping in the Early Morning Sunshine

Whenever I go camping, I always get so cold and tired, but for some reason I keep going. I love camping. The experience of being out in nature, with nothing else around you for miles is wonderfully refreshing. 141 mots de plus


Encontros Poéticos - estudo em gouache

Usando os mesmos materiais dos Encontros Poéticos, mas tendo fotos como referência: um pouco de treino e uma imagem a mais de apresentação

pincel e gouache sobre papel Rénaud creme, 42 x 29,7 cm aprox.


Alice on canvas

Mirror mirror don’t you see

Alice’s stepping through

right into the void,

not knowing what she’s about to meet, too


It’s about mirrors and attached symbolism and the… 57 mots de plus



Four years ago,  I began my journey back into drawing.  It was a long process muddled with frustration, impatience, loss of confidence and laziness. I finally reached that point where, no matter what the outcome, drawing has become a part of my every day. 16 mots de plus

Sunday Post

It used to be quite common for me to do a weekly blog post way back when, but somewhere along the way it kind of ceased. 645 mots de plus


Pretty Hurts

This piece I titled « Pretty Hurts » is based on a piece by Leonardo da Vinci. I wanted to emphasize the idea in media and in a society that women only hold true value if they are beautiful. 106 mots de plus