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7 Tools to Find and Keep Your Motivation

I’m often asked where my motivation comes from.

My short answer: it comes from my deep desire to make my art business successful. I daydreamed about becoming a full-time artist for so long, and once I had the opportunity I wanted it to work out so badly. 1 561 mots de plus


There’s now a book lover’s version of the Kama Sutra – and it was created by a cat

Illustrator Olena Pavlova has an imaginary cat called Inzhyr.

And while Olena is making it clear that she realises six-year-old Inzhyr isn’t real and that he is actually just an art project, she still gives him a full personality a busy schedule. 122 mots de plus


Wyrmweaver Interior Art WIPs Part 2

Heya folks! Another weekend has nearly bit the dust. After playing way too much Pillars of Eternity, I finally got around to working on the Wyrmweaver: Black Clouds interior art. 93 mots de plus