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Here is yarrow.  I have grown yarrow in my yard before.  I love the tiny little sub-flowers and the lacy whitish-green leaves.  It is also a member of the sunflower family. 248 mots de plus


Lantern Light

aw last day of art it up with friends!!! Todays prompt was latern light and here is my little punk rock babe hanging out with a cool lantern


Wanting to incorporate airbrushing in my art

In my college years, I studied airbrushing and was really impressed with what can be accomplished with using this tool in my art. I’ve seen the art done on surfboards and skateboards even on firearms but it is a tedious process and as an illustrator, I was more interested in being precise and wanted to use my small paintbrushes to add minute detail. 57 mots de plus

Shit We Think but Won't Say

Two Birds of a Feather; Literal abstract interpretation of the famous saying ‘two birds of a feather’

*Warning, you may be offended by the following content* 332 mots de plus