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Watercolor and printer paper aren’t always the best...

Watercolor and printer paper aren’t always the best friends.

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beauty and the beast


So here is one digital paintings from one of my practice pieces.Used some references from pinterest (I don’t know what I have done without pinterest).So the story might be something like the girl is wandering around a forest and there is a lot of snow. 151 mots de plus


Finished paintings

Hello everyone:)

Here are the finished paintings of my family’s and relative’s cats I was working on.

Hope you like them:)

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Moon Witch

Art for Kara Stone game Moon Witch, work in progress

Rejected Sketch:

Final Character Design

Background design for first scene

Gameplay example


Review: The Raven

The Raven by Sylvain Reynard

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I was transported to Florence.

I miss it already and it left me very curious to continue investigating the entire city. 151 mots de plus