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Hybrid Worlds

I really enjoyed this project as it allowed me to fuse my observational drawing skills with my imagination. I found drawing from memory to be the biggest challenge in the project as I prefer to work very detailed and it’s hard to remember the small details of a place. 172 mots de plus


Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!

Howdy Friends!
Step right up! Step right up!!! What we have here is a fantastic set of 10, COUNT’EM TEN,  Halloween masks!!! Perfect for the office, school yard, or just for walking around the house in your underwear. 71 mots de plus

Surprise Reunion

I enjoy watching those surprise reunions between military personnel and their family members after they have been separated for a long time. A typical scheme is to have the returning enlisted person pretend to be the catcher at a baseball game where the unsuspecting spouse or child is asked to throw out the ceremonial first pitch. 145 mots de plus

Christian Living

Accept the Mistery

Sometimes you don’t know where writing will take you or where ideas come from (actually, I recommend Elizabeth’s Gilbert Big Magic. The first chapter has some interesting ideas on where creativity comes from.) 16 mots de plus



Our Bodies are our own Homes
and if there is no
“Welcome” or
otherwise stated –
Not sure why you kept knocking

Did I need to collect evidence? 77 mots de plus

My Poems Explained