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Harsh Hair Critic

Here’s that second part I was supposed to post yesterday:

I actually redrew it from scratch this morning, as last night’s drawing was way too stiff. 108 mots de plus


To Comment, or not to Comment. That is the question :)

I’m not sure if I have set the comment settings up correctly. So please feel free to respond to any of the posts, even if its only just to ask me to translate some of my ‘Yorkshire’ dialect. :)  Have a great day.

I get asked some strange things, but being asked if I was a Dinosaur !!

Now this was my opportunity to learn how to become ambidextrous. After all I was starting to become a little frustrated and having two huge bandages on two fingers was quite embarrassing as it could have looked to some, that I was making some kind of rude gesture. 478 mots de plus


If you’ve got an idea for world peace, send it to us here!


Entry #17 - Rusty

In the midst of my finals I decided to nick a bit of time to draw these.Well, guess its back to work for me ;3