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I was a little bit worried about not knowing what to post. This blog was started about 15 minutes ago after the great idea of broadcasting the pastries (and cakes) I make. 188 mots de plus


SDWebImage: UIImageView + efficient image downloading, processing, and caching

SDWebImage is a popular image library that handle the following for us:

  • Download image from a URL, and cache it;
  • Various performance tricks to make images show up smoothly.
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Let Her Live

Among various nationalities, the level of abortion is growing day by day, and especially the sex-selective abortions weigh out in them. In spite of the development of civil rights and spread of the ideology that the discrimination on the basis of gender is severely unjust, the phenomena are still permitted and implemented via the vast majority of the world. 789 mots de plus

Phoenix artist brings Arizona wonders to life in her studio

I meet so many interesting people in my travels around Arizona that I’ve come to expect it. However, I would have never expected to meet an award-winning artist at the trailhead in my own neighborhood. 792 mots de plus