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Brian: Vocal Tracking

Vocal tracking should only occur within the most precise atmosphere: secured with a single bulb. And tea of course. #GrandmasterStudios pic.twitter.com/bvlQK5oh1M

— Brian Buckley Band (@followBBB) February 24, 2017

Brian Buckley

Few Years Back In Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

At the @WahWahBeachBar awhile ago. Brian and Mike @MikeMcGuitar acoustic show in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Such a lovely night. :-)) pic.twitter.com/mREJFw9pYd

— Brian Buckley Band (@followBBB) February 23, 2017

Brian Buckley

Sri Lanka Events

Satsang, 26,27,Feb, 01 March. De-stress & Energize Workshop, 02 March, Prana Lounge. Self Realization Retreat, 3-5th March.


Spaceprobes in the Solar System

The diagram above (click to zoom) and list below show currently active spacecraft in the Solar System, not including those operating close to the Earth (and I’ve probably missed a few): 229 mots de plus



Please do not. 😅

#9gag #DoNotAnimals