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Don't Be A Gullible Soldier!

« Run the race with eternity in view. » -David McCasland

American Independance Day, aka, The 4th of July, brings to mind battles of many kinds.

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4 of the best 'Merican Movies to watch on the Fourth of July

Ah, the Fourth of July. The epitome of everything we love about summer. Barbecue, swimsuits, fireworks, and most importantly- ‘Merica. If your like me you like to host or be apart of a nice gathering, but during the whole weekend you may have some downtime. 476 mots de plus


In Dependance:  On His Word

Where we were then…

House Judiciary Committee report on March 27, 1854 « Had the (founding fathers), during the revolution, a suspicion of any attempt to war against Christianity, that Revolution would have been strangled in its cradle….At the time of the adoption of the constitution and its amendments, the universal sentiment was that Christianity should be encouraged, but not any one sect (denomination). 527 mots de plus


Discours du 30 Juin 1960 de Patrice Lumumba

Congolais et Congolaises,

Combattants de l’Indépendance aujourd’hui victorieux,

Je vous salue au nom du gouvernement congolais.

À vous tous, mes amis, qui avez lutté sans relâche à nos cotés, je vous demande de faire de ce 30 juin 1960 une date illustre que vous garderez ineffablement gravée dans vos cœurs, une date dont vous enseignerez avec fierté la signification à vos enfants, pour que ceux-ci à leur tour fassent connaître à leurs fils et à leurs petits-fils l’histoire glorieuse de notre lutte pour la liberté. 1 157 mots de plus

Pà Kongo|About Congo

Sacrifice and Principle

On July 4th we in the U.S.A celebrate the independence of our country. Although, this is unique to America, the themes of « the fourth, » are universal. 332 mots de plus


Miss Independant

It’s been a really long, tiresome week. With hubby being off work due to a back injury he’s been pretty much confined to the couch for the past 6 days. 254 mots de plus

Next year, I'm moving out!

Yes, Emily said that over the weekend.

She was upset about something and informed us that she was planning on moving out.

I moved away for school when I was 17 so technically, she could be moving out next year. 429 mots de plus

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