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Sant Andreu - Anarchy - "la llibertat de Catalunya!"

Saturday 10/24/2016

I’m in Sant Andreu, a district in Barcelona, and it is my first time away from the city centre. As I traveled here on the metro, gradually I was surrounded by more and more Catalan people. 2 875 mots de plus

Are you in a constant food fight with your Kids?

One of the topics that concern parents the most is the daily fight to get their kids to eat. We are constantly battling with our kids about how much they eat, what they eat, and when they eat, and this can be exhausting. 1 169 mots de plus


Why You're Too Good for Him

Rejection is a normal part of life. You will experience a fair amount of this, as well as dishing it out a few times.

So, when you’re rejected, ignored or blocked out, it should be normal that you brush it off. 610 mots de plus


A Jouyous Cry

The sun was really bright. Or maybe it was just him. It felt itchy on his skin for a while. Like a million tiny needles pressing against his skin, struggling to find their way to the revolting turbulence beneath. 726 mots de plus


Starting University

Going to university and moving out has always been something I looked forward to whether it was to escape college, for the independence or merely to go to bed whenever I want (if not at all!), I have looked forward to it for as long as I can remember…. 463 mots de plus

Second guess (a poem about not settling)

You’ll miss him

You’ll want to die, but you won’t.

You’ll want to call him, but you won’t.
His smile will stain the corners of your mind… 110 mots de plus

Break Up

La rélation entre "Moi" et les cultures étrangères

Quelquefois les personnes voyagent afin de trouver eux-mêmes. Je comprende cela. Souvent, voyage est survivre. On peut découvrir ce qu’on peut faire seul et ce qu’on devrait développer plus pour nous rendre plus efficace grâce aux circonstances plus robustes. 374 mots de plus