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Investcube a gagné!

Une autre étape vers l’indépendance financière, j’ai vendu mes fonds mutuels et j’ai tout transféré chez Investcube de la Banque Nationale. Je sais, je sais, je paye 0.73% de frais gestion seulement pour un portefeuille de FNB, mais j’ai l’esprit tranquille! 447 mots de plus

Lonely Sailor

« I know my limits, that’s why I’m beyond ». Serge Gainsbourg

When I was 17, sitting in a French class, a teacher barged in and asked out of the blue if anyone with a good level of English would be interested in a French language assisting job in a British school. 1 373 mots de plus


A Life in a Day, or The Case of the Pear-shaped Urn, which was not an Urn, but a Cabinet of Treats, which was in Actual Fact the Soul of Someone's One True Love.

His uncle appeared before him, as if from nowhere, a hazy white light engulfing the courtyard, itself composed of white-washed stone and alabaster walls, marble columns, and pumice, quartz and shell floors. 800 mots de plus

Creative Journal

Driving me round the bend, literally ...


What is it about driving lessons that make you literally lose your shit. I consider myself an intelligent woman, I tend to learn things pretty quickly yet here I am months (erm years) later and I am still a menace on the streets of Derby. 241 mots de plus



This is the life of a typical Indian girl.

All her life, she’s told to be independent. To realise the importance of self-reliance. She is told to follow her instincts, to trust her feelings. 306 mots de plus

Ten things I learned from living alone in Tunis

Ten things I learned from living alone in Tunis

This month I celebrate my fifth year living solo in Tunis. I left my parent’s house when I was 18 for school and by the age of 23 I was already living by myself and having a full-time job in a city that is anything but like home. 830 mots de plus