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The high points

Strong suits…

It’s not like an actual suit that you can just put on when you feel like it. Some things that I find really rewarding and makes me feel as though I have accomplished something, may be something that another person does on a regular basis. 288 mots de plus


Climb Your Own Mountain

Part of what makes me write is staying on the move. I feel driven to write when I’m in strange places, taking in new sights, sounds, and smells. 587 mots de plus


First post Independence day 

​Everyone fought for independence for the development of india and to be free as a nation

After independence

Everyone started fighting for themselves to be dependent on their religious, caste, Creed, region and instead of developing the nation they started learning to develop themselves but not the Nation. 32 mots de plus

Be wise in your decisions.

»I had the potential to fly, yet I chose to drive.Like flying it didn’t guarantee me with both the sky and the ground.  –a look back- »
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The Social Media Response to Quetta Attack

It has happened again. After a short span of peace, a brutal terrorist attack in Quetta has occurred. On Monday morning, a suicide attack was carried out on lawyers who were gathered outside the casualty of Civil Hospital Quetta to receive the cadaver of their colleague and President of Balochistan Bar Association who was martyred earlier that day. 171 mots de plus



69 years ago, India stood strong and declared its rights to be a free and independent country. The country attained freedom following an Independence Movement which mainly centred nonviolent resistance and civil disobedience. 1 086 mots de plus


Travel- Crete 2016

Friday 5th August 2016

Crete 2016

I recently travelled to Crete with my family for a holiday. I can honestly say that, of all the places I have visited, it is definitely one of my favourites. 194 mots de plus