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Secrets of Chapati Movement 1857

The revolt of 1857, or the Sepoy mutiny as we know it, was India’s first war of independence from the British rule. Our soldiers weren’t as well equipped as the British army and yet they fought with all their might and laid down their lives fighting the oppressive British policies. 526 mots de plus


Deceleration of Independence 🤗

Don’t we all grow up hearing this cliche from wise people; « you will never be successful in a relationship until you learn to love yourself or understand yourself. 669 mots de plus


Et un vrai jordaniversaire !

Aujourd’hui j’ai trente ans.

Quelque chose me semble presque dissonant dans le fait d’avoir trente ans. Lorsque j’étais encore adolescente, je m’imaginais dans une toute autre situation. 535 mots de plus


Trans Vision: Cookie Cosmos on Changing Expectations, Advocacy Through Porn, and Coming Out

TransEthics: Your Twitter bio says you’re an « ethical queer porn creator and performer » Exactly what does that mean to you?

Cookie Cosmos… 1 685 mots de plus


'A very big deal': James Comey testifies Donald Trump sought to change Russia probe

Americans watched agog as sacked FBI director James Comey used his forensic legal skills and flashes of anger to inflict significant damage on Donald Trump. 17 mots de plus


An Everlasting Light

An everlasting light shines for me,
Over the rolling hills and running streams
To the edge of the roaring seas
And to a land where I could finally dream. 69 mots de plus