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Once you’ve been made to feel like second best there’s no coming back from that. No matter what happens next you’re always going to feel like you’re no longer important or a priority. 79 mots de plus

Letters to Myself #4

July 2015

I’ve had an awakening; I need to be happy with who I am in order to be happy with who I end up with.

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I was a single mom.

I worked a lower paying job so I could drop her off at school and pick her up shortly after school. 1 155 mots de plus


spesh needs school

Henry is now into his fourth week at school. He seems to be doing pretty well apart from being super tired and we are starting to settle into our new routine. 371 mots de plus

Additional Needs

October 2nd - Battle of Rancagua 1814

The Battle of Rancagua occurred in October 1814 when the Spanish under Mariano Osorio defeated rebel Chilean forces, putting an end to the independent Chilean Patria Vieja, beginning the Reconquista period of Spanish rule.The rebellion was defeated as the Spanish quickly recaptured Santiago. 79 mots de plus