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Ten things I learned from living alone in Tunis

Ten things I learned from living alone in Tunis

This month I celebrate my fifth year living solo in Tunis. I left my parent’s house when I was 18 for school and by the age of 23 I was already living by myself and having a full-time job in a city that is anything but like home. 830 mots de plus

The Guaranteed Method for Getting Your Kids out the Door on Time

The very first thing I lost, when I became a mother, was my time. I tried to hold onto vague memories of sitting with a book for hours, and wandering the shops for an afternoon, but I was soon overwhelmed by how much time it actually took to take care of just one tiny baby. 804 mots de plus


May tells Sturgeon to **** off! & stop asking for another referendum

In 2 day’s Daily Squirrel Poo, Prime Minister Theresa May has apparently told Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to « **** off » and « stop asking for a second referendum on Scottish independence. 263 mots de plus

How Ignoring Your Child Can Improve Their Happiness

The best thing I did today was ignore my son.

Yes, it’s true that he’s unable to fix his own meals, true that he can’t manage to dress himself, and true that he can’t even go to the toilet on his own. 809 mots de plus


Perspective Shift - Careers..of all Things

Well this one came somewhat out of the blue. I have never thought I could be shown the career path I should choose through a dream, though I think it just happened! 398 mots de plus


Why I'm pro Scots Independence.

I think it was around 1990, I was sat in my parents house on my own watching The SNP conference. This was unusual in that my family are a couple of generations  of natural Labour supporters, as was I at the time. 532 mots de plus