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November 30th - Draft of Treaty of Paris 1782

The Treaty of Paris, signed in Paris by representatives of George III and representatives of America ended the American Revolutionary War. This treaty, along with the separate peace treaties between Great Britain and the nations that supported the American cause: France, Spain and the Dutch Republic, are known collectively as the Peace of Paris. 196 mots de plus


L’après Maidan. Quel avenir pour l’Ukraine ?

Deux ans déjà. Le 21 novembre 2013, la place Maidan de Kiev se voyait investie par la colère. Celle de la foule des manifestants qui, après le refus du président Victor Ianoukovitch de signer l’accord économique avec l’Union Européenne, malgré ses multiples déclarations pro-européenne, s’est sentie bafouée par un gouvernement qui n’a fait que les piller. 810 mots de plus

A Cedar's Tale

I hear about a land which every King would seek, where earth meets the stars, on little mountain peaks. Where rivers roam its soil, passing lake and tree, hearing all their secrets..Casting them to sea. 203 mots de plus

Why poem

Why wait by the phone

when all it does is receive silence

why wait for them to say hello to say

anything…when you usually initiate. 32 mots de plus

Triggers and past tense

I had to wait for money I’d asked for from my ex husband to clear in my account so I could fill up my sluggish car with petrol. 647 mots de plus

The Good, The Bad and Uni in general!


Budgeting your money at university can be one of the hardest things to do while at university. Having to spend money on pretty much everything it soon starts to disappear from your bank account, this is why it’s really important to always keep an eye on what you have left and even plan your money in advance for the next couple of months. 985 mots de plus


Best wishes for Latvia

What can I wish my country on this anniversary? Latvia is celebrating 97 years of independence which was declared on November 18, 1918! My grandmother is almost as old as our republic. 1 108 mots de plus