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BHARAT MY PRIDE (15.08 Precious moments)


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Independence Day is not just about celebrating freedom but a day to be grateful to each and every person who participated in the struggle and sacrificed his/her life. 167 mots de plus


Happy Birthday to our land.

We know we haven’t lived up to your name.


We’re sorry we have abandoned your motto and ideals.

We feel shameful to have forgotten your sacrifices and your fears.

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Happy Independence Day Pakistan!

The 14th of August 2017, Pakistan turns seventy. 

Ever since its creation in 1947, Pakistan has faced its fair share of issues. Ranging from military coups to natural disasters and the mournful fall of Dhaka, Pakistan has experienced it all! 189 mots de plus

Pat Cegan - The Cat — Source of Inspiration - 8-13-17

Cat —

nine lives, sweet purr, sharp claws

soul of independence,

cuddly on its own terms,

mysterious companion

via The Cat — Source of Inspiration

I'm Really Sick Of This Anxiety

For the past 2 weeks I’ve been sitting here worrying about stupid shit every night, always having that voice inside of my mind making it’s own scenarios up for things that will probably never happen. 1 001 mots de plus


The love thats worth talking about

Can we talk about, just for a second, the love that no one talks about?

The love that fucks you over, like nothing before and nothing that ever will again. 360 mots de plus


Today I am me and searching for tomorrow's Purpose 2.

I want to talk about my « Syndrome », which if you read my last post describes my life searching for acceptance of me for who I am. 431 mots de plus