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Growth and Self-Understanding

This is my final week of Quebec living.

In all honestly, I thought I would be more home sick. I thought I would be craving the attention of those close to me. 584 mots de plus



I have read and heard people state that going though visual impairment and blindness is the same as Elisabeth Kubler-Ross’s Five Stages of Loss: Denial and Isolation, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.   259 mots de plus


Misindependant - 7/10/15 

What you need;

I’ll be it,

I am.

Flailed, but now

I’m stilled,

on the table.

"I Don't Need Feminism Because..." No, You Do.

The trend isn’t new since feminism existed many women were against it even if the movement was fighting for their rights. People are now posting on social media pictures of them with a poster saying… 978 mots de plus


Change the Fucking Radio Station.

learn to face the monsters who

decided that you should be this way or

the people who tried to

h e l p

you but only failed in their attempt to




Independance Day.

I arrived in Tucuman about 5 days ago, after having finally got a ride out of Cafayate after a dissapointing finish to the Copa America.  It took me four hours to find that ride, but when I did, it was in the back of a pickup truck right next to a motorcycle being delivered.   499 mots de plus

South America