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The common theme for sects, cults and law is control. When those who have been brought up in systems of control then have children and bring them up also in this kind of environment, there can be the fireworks of rebellion. 501 mots de plus


The 'S' Word...

Yes, I’m talking about SINGLE! With Valentines Day coming up and things that have happened to me recently, it really got me thinking. Now I have been single for a LONG time, like a long time…but if I’m being completely honest with you, I’m pretty happy about it. 508 mots de plus

More than valentines' day

Valentines’ day, it seems rather piquant thing. The day that lovers clutched their hearts to detain.

Marketers, media and enterprises gaze at them with effusion to grab the opportunity so called, valentines’ day. 166 mots de plus


Il neige sur Central Park [Nora Roberts]

Il neige sur New York et ses lieux magiques.
Central Park, Manhattan : tout l’enchantement de l’hiver est là !

La fantaisie, le caractère, l’humour… Les héroïnes de Nora Roberts possèdent toutes cette qualité propre aux personnages des œuvres de fiction réussies : on aimerait qu’elles franchissent la frontière de l’imaginaire et entrent dans la vraie vie, pour l’illuminer de leur charme. 774 mots de plus


Inside Indira: Normal

She gets up from the bench and looks at her watch. 14:00.. It’s been one hour since she last checked and three hours since her train should have arrived. 660 mots de plus


chains of freedom

Never once shrunk from the choices they slammed into my face,

Never shed tear or plea when I was dragged at their crazed pace,

Never bore the mark of failure, beneath the mask of grace. 228 mots de plus



Mom turns 85 this week. Mom is recovering well from the mild stroke she had back in early December. I’m flying out Tuesday to visit mom to celebrate her birthday this week. 461 mots de plus

Fearsome Thoughts