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Why you're not free

Why do some people seem so free?  Why am I trapped working a job I don’t like?  Why am I saddled with debt?  We’re taught to think that people are free just by virtue of picking a career that makes more money, by obtaining a certain level of education, or simply by luck, and while that may be true in some cases, what you’ll find among many entrepreneurs and people who become independent is that they emancipated themselves from the 9-5 mindset long before they ever saw any money, either by already having a different value system, or simply by changing their value system.  534 mots de plus


Hello world, I think I'm ready for you!

« In the end, its not the years in your life that count, but the life in your years. » Abraham Lincoln

There are so many life quotes that fly around and many don’t make much sense. 226 mots de plus

20 And Counting...

Good things come out of adversity...

Have you ever had things happen to you in your life where you find yourself asking why? Why did it have to happen, and why to me? 288 mots de plus


Old Souls

I recently read an article that my mom had given to me. To say that it altered my thoughts about life would be an understatement… This article was one that entailed a description of what it was or is to be an » OLD SOUL » ultimately meaning that one had lived many previous lives and had done this through reincarnation of their Souls into new physical bodies. 371 mots de plus


Finding yourself again

Sometimes when we’re in relationships we become so caught up in that feeling of euphoria and in the other person that we start to lose touch with parts of ourselves. 256 mots de plus


I belong in a different generation..

Have you ever had that feeling like you don’t belong or you don’t fit in? Lately I find myself looking at society (especially people in my age group) and I can’t help but feel that I don’t fit in with them, but it’s more than that. 144 mots de plus



Do you remember the days when you dreamt of independence? Imagining the day that you didn’t have to rely on your parents for everything and you could do whatever you wanted without having to ask permission to do it! 191 mots de plus