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Quand Claude Villeneuve fait dire n’importe quoi aux morts (à Jacques Parizeau) -_-

Dans son plus récent article au Journal de Montréal, Claude Villeneuve tente de faire croire aux gens que Jacques Parizeau était un grand défenseur du libre-échange et que pour cette raison il aurait été opposé à la fusion d’ON avec QS. 902 mots de plus


she'll never forgive herself

« she knew she was porcelain.

She laid it all on the line.

she jumped in, and she didn’t know how to swim.

they told her it would be worth it. 288 mots de plus

4 Life Lemons

So today you wake up & decide you want some lemonade!

But you soon realize, life didn’t give you any lemons to make that lemonade. 1 451 mots de plus


time of independence.

I hate doing ANYTHING alone. And that means ANYTHING. I can’t go shopping, movies, gym, walking… honestly I am so needy and self conscious that I just cant be alone. 383 mots de plus


My own delusional had painted a picture so perfect.

So perfect, that I had failed to see it was just a delusion.

I pictured you holding me together… 39 mots de plus


A Man's Job #FridayFotoFiction

Tara looked at the clogged sink and cursed « Damn this had to get jammed today, of all the days. John is out of town and there is a strike, how on earth am I going to call the plumber? 143 mots de plus

Aks Corner

"It's Out Of My Hands"

« And so I stand here
Looking at all that I have made
Fallen in ruins
And it would seem that

It’s out of my hands…

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