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10 things yourماما never taught you

Our beloved parents spent so much time and efforts (and money) to (try) raise us into well-informed, well-formed, well-spoken, well-read, (add anything positive here) adults. And of course they did a wonderful job educating us about this and that and trying to develop in us all of those skills that will help us become a contribution to the generation’s work force. 652 mots de plus


It’s amazing how sometimes an event that is evidently negative puts everything into perspective.

What happened was my brother not being selected for something he wanted to be a part of. 476 mots de plus


July 5th - Algeria gets Independance 1962

Algeria (officially People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria), is a country in North Africa on the Mediterranean coast. Its capital and most populous city is Algiers. … 137 mots de plus


Meet me Halfway

Love becomes a self deficiency
When it grows out of dependency
An obsession to become 2
When you aren’t even 1 with yourself
Needing constant reassurance and attention… 130 mots de plus

High School: Second year, second week.

Besides the regular drone of classes, sports, store visits and school meals, there’s been nothing overly exciting happening in my life. For  Here’s some stuff I’ve learnt so far- 812 mots de plus

My Observations

t'es comme celui qu'on appelle Hiver

Hiver, tout le monde le dis maintenant, c’tun peu ton nouveau surnom pas trop nouveau pour ceux qui t’aime sous ton gros manteau d’fourrure, celui qui cache ton côté … 546 mots de plus

It Didn't Go Like They Said

Reached for the stars,
Landed in a ditch,

Got my dream job,
But with no pay,

Traveled the world,
One click at a time,

Found the love of my life, 30 mots de plus