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Y for Year

This year is and has been so crazy for me. School, work, just my life has been changing a lot and that’s really weird.

This schoolyear is my graduation year and this year is quite different from all the previous years. 289 mots de plus

My Life

Dear Ms. Austen, Thank You For Elizabeth

With those lines I was convinced. I just knew that Elizabeth Bennet was a kindred spirit. I have read this book more times than I can count, and I have watched every version of Pride and Prejudice, from BBC to Bollywood! 922 mots de plus

Coming Of Age

All the Single Ladies (not by Beyoncé)

Up until now I’ve tried to avoid writing any type of relationship post. They’re absolutely everywhere, and I didn’t want mine to slip in with the other thousands out there. 1 044 mots de plus


Me, Myself And I

Today, like most Saturday’s, Adam took Nate to soccer as I put Benny down for his nap.
I should realistically be napping and trying to catch up on all of the lost sleep through the week but I find myself restless. 320 mots de plus


Ghana's 58th- How Far?

The great nation of Ghana turned 58 years old on March 6th 2015.  I had the pleasure of writing and sharing a poem for the local event in my city.  410 mots de plus


I scooot therefore I am...

Firstly thanks to Firefly for giving us a Scooot Mobility Rider to try. We have a bit of a crush on them and this hasn’t done anything to dampen it. 799 mots de plus

Additional Needs

« All week at school the sky was so blue. Now it’s my day for fun, this just can’t be true. It’s so stormy outside, the rain’s all I can see…I’ll make my own fun with a homemade costume!

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