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No Mail Order Cannabis in Alberta

So you’re an Albertan and you’ve realized that cannabis is coming to your province. There are so many questions, and correctly so, many residents want to know what this new market will look like. 903 mots de plus


Real difference between Quad-core & Octa-core..

I wanted to write this post because I saw many people being mislead that Octa-core is twice as fast as Quad-core, but really its not. You have been mislead.. 613 mots de plus


World Mental Health Day 2017

On Tuesday 10th October, it was World Mental Health Day. Obviously, as a committee, we deemed this perfect timing to have our first campus event and introduce ourselves to people interested in… 600 mots de plus

overload warning

all this
flying in formations
infoblitzing bombardments
bombarding and informing me
yea though I download with thee
your fake news and dark warnings… 18 mots de plus


Update: Cebollitas

As announced one more update of Cebollitas and the brands. Currently, I don’t have the time to check more episodes. I don’t assume more brands anyway. 106 mots de plus


England's bloody badger cull 2017

Still happening in England right now:  The killing of our beautiful UK badgers in a licenced cull.  With this year’s target to kill over 33,000 badgers.  49 mots de plus


Cara Budidaya Artemia Mengunakan Botol

Cara Ternak Artemia Mengunakan Botol adalah membudidayakan makanan alami ikan, pakan tersebut guna untuk memenuhi gizi larva ikan. contohnya pada budidaya ikan bandeng. adapun pakan alami lain yang sejenis artemia yaitu pakan alami kutu air.  378 mots de plus

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