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Akibat Merokok

Tentu Anda telah tidak asing sekali lagi dengan peringatan dilarang merokok. Dua kata itu dapat dengan mudahnya didapati dimana saja. Kelihatannya tidaklah heran bila mengingat bebrapa efek negatif yang diakibatkan karena merokok pada badan Anda. 833 mots de plus


Summer Science: Clothes Keep You Cool, More Or Less

Summer Science: Clothes Keep You Cool, More Or Less
Heard on Morning Edition | Joe Palca

« … When you get hot you sweat — but it’s not enough to just sweat. 112 mots de plus



Hi guys! Welcome to my page! Here you can find my covers with the lyrics.

If you want a colab with me, contact me on gmail: catyortizjoya2015@gmail.com… 27 mots de plus


Day 35 - Paxton to Sidney, Nebraska.

Good morning! Michael and I are both getting an early jump on the day (now that we’re officially in Mountain Time). Looks like we’ll be on the road before 8 a.m. 552 mots de plus


Ciclovation Bar Tape Basic Suede Touch

  • EVA layer incorporates a micro-suede finish surface which is soft to the touch and inherently non-slip for a comfortable, clean aesthetic.
  • Reusable GEL pad prevents adhesive residue.
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Ciclovation Bar Tape Advanced Leather Touch

  • Polyurethane layer is anti-slip with high tensile strength for long-term performance.
  • Reusable Smart GEL is vibration damping and shock absorbing to minimize fatigue and strain due to real-world riding conditions.
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Hasta mañana a las 14:30 en el aeropuerto.

No se os olvide el pasaporte y bocadillo!