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How to go in Pontypridd?

Unfortunatly there is not airport to Pontypridd, so impossible to
make a direct by plane.  Let’s list the different ways to go in Pontypridd : 51 mots de plus


Pub in Pontypridd

Brains beer

Pick & Shovel bar

The Pick and Shovel

Address : Fothergill Street, Treforest, Pontypridd, CF37 1SG



More Infos... Amaranthe

Amaranthe is a Swedish band of Melodic Metal formed in 2008, their actual line-up is made with:


Accommodation in Pontypridd

Short or meddium stay :

There is much option to find a place to live in Pontygridd, you can buy a house or a flat if you want to live a part of your life there. 226 mots de plus


Common transport in Treforest :

In Treforest, it exist different kind of transport in this city:

  • Train Travel
  • Bus Travel
  • Cycling and Walking
  • Car Parking and Car Sharing

Train Travel: 349 mots de plus


Pontypridd Campus

The Campus


During our Erasmus exchange we will be send to the University of South Wales situated in Treforest. This University tot up more than 25 000 students in the three campus which are in : 199 mots de plus


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